A look back at the Manchester Derby

A look back at the Manchester Derby

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A look back at the Manchester Derby

Michael Owen (Getty Images)

It was easily one of the most memorable editions of the Manchester Derby ever. Seven goals, including two goals in the final minutes of play, as Manchester United scored a game-winner in the sixth minute of stoppage time to knock off Manchester City, 4-3, on Sunday.

There was plenty of controversy, both about the time-keeping, the pitch invasion and Carlos Tevez's return to Old Trafford, but nothing could take away from the fact that the game was an exciting and highly-skilled display from two of the best teams in England.

Here are the highlights:

What did you think of the match? Think Manchester United was the better team? Still think the referee gave too much stoppage time? Looking forward to the rematch in the spring?

Share your thoughts below (For a funny look at how fans for both teams saw the game, check out the video after the jump).

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