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FIFA: USA/Honduras qualifier will be played in Honduras despite turmoil

USA Crest HondurasCrest

The USA-Honduras World Cup qualifier scheduled for Oct. 10 in San Pedro Sula, Honduras will be played as scheduled, FIFA announced on Tuesday after an executive committee meeting to determine a course of action.

FIFA determined that the political conflict in Honduras had not caused safety concerns that would put the match at risk, but did state that FIFA's stance could change if the situation worsens.

What's our take? By all accounts, the situation in Honduras has remained peaceful, so there appears to be no immediate need to rush into moving or postponing the match. SBI will be in San Pedro Sula for the match so be sure to follow our coverage beginning next Thursday.

What do you think of this development? Planning to make the trip to Honduras? Still trying to figure out how and where you will watch the match?

Share your thoughts below.

  • adam in berkeley

    I spoke to a few people i know living in Honduras and they said that despite the conflict, that the best thing for the Honduran people right now is to continue with this match. Let’s hope that the beautiful game can help bring this country together…despite a US victory:)


  • acj

    It’s a sham that a government can ban public gathering and shut down radio and television stations but still consider their capitol safe for a big event like this.

    (SBI-Moving the match would be punishing the Honduran public as much as the government and up to this point things have remained peaceful. Also, the capital is Tegucigalpa, but your point is well-made.)


  • Kevin

    If you’re planning on going to Honduras, you’re nuts. A friend of mine was just stranded there for weeks.


  • bud

    How exactly does one get ‘stranded’ in a tiny country full of highways connecting to three other countries and ferries to two others?

    This is exactly why the game should go on. People bloviate about political issues for selfish reasons. If FIFA canceled/moved games every time there was unrest in an area, international football would be dead. At last count, there were 60 wars/conflicts on-going right now. Life must go on.


  • poopinthepants

    what the heck is spiderwick ives?!

    did you lie to the agencies about your readers demographic?


  • sandtrout

    I think a big question is, can the USMNT fly in to San Pedro Sula, or must it fly in to Tegucigalpa? If the problems are in Teguc. then they could still be affected by them if they have to fly in there. Roadblocks, demonstrations, airport closures, martial law etc. could get in the way. If they can fly in to SPS, then it seems they should be fine.


  • MakingNews

    OK, Ives, so what are we hearing about TV coverage? Is someone assembling a list of venues? I need to see this game!


  • r.benjamin

    oh damn. i forgot about the blackout.

    ives remember to post some pics of the stadium and surrounding area leading up to the game. I always like to see those and get the feel for the atmosphere.

    This whole scenario feels ominous.


  • Micronesia Justin

    I have a friend there. The whole country is under curfew, the news is censored…they have no idea what is going on with the game (where she is anyway). She got the following email:

    from the US Embassy in Honduras. Goodbye, civil liberties. “Specifically, the following articles of the Honduran Constitution have been suspended for the next 45 days (until November 11, 2009): Article 69: The right to personal freedom Article 72: Freedom of Speech Article 78: Freedom of Association Article 81: Freedom of Movement Article 84: The right to due process”


  • SoccerJohn

    Ives, I hope the trip goes well for you. The fact that you’re willing to go makes me feel somewhat better about our team going. However, I have to say that it seems like a lot to ask of our players. How would you compare the level of danger/threat you think they are likely top experience in this trip to the risk they would normally experience in Honduras, Costa Rica, or Mexico?


  • Portland2011

    “Still trying to figure out how and where you will watch the match?”

    Nope. I’ll be watching it illegally over the Internet. Even if there is a bar showing it near me I will still boycott so that hopefully this doesn’t happen again. As far as I’m concerned shame on any person or bar that pays for this game!


  • euroman

    This is complete (crap). I don’t give a flip about what’s good for Honduras my only certain is for the safety of the US team. We are a terror target throughout the world. I assume there will be no live audience given the suspension of personal liberties which would include public assembly. FIFA is a complete joke for rewarding civil unrest by keeping the match in an unsafe & uncontrolled location. It’s a very sad situation for all concerned.

    (SBI-What about me man? Don’t you care about me? Just kidding. LOL)


  • SoccerJohn

    Go ahead and file this under “If frogs had wings,” but… It’d be really nice if, when someone called soccer a sissy sport, they could be immediately transported to Azteca to take a US corner in front of the bag-o-barf throwing fans of El Tri, or have a couple of weeks to look forward to playing a critical game in a destabilized country. Without even considering the very real physicality of the game, there is nothing in the “major” US sports that compares with what our guys have to go through to get to the World Cup.


  • Scott A

    Ives’ career as a soccer journalist is a sham. He’s flying in to lead another coup

    (SBI-That’s me, Che Galarcep)


  • Blokhin

    it turns out that I’ll be in Little Rock for the game…anyone know of soccer-friendly bars there?


  • Leonardo

    psst Ives – this is juicy material for a book: US soccer and politics – ambassadors of peace through soccer – or how about – “The Ives Experiment – How the US’s most famous Soccer Reporter Conquered the Americas”

    do it! ok seriously though to get back sneak onto the plane with the team!

    tweet ur updates so we know ur ok


  • TBrodie

    Hey, it’s only $256 r/t on Delta from Newark to San Pedro Sula (via Atlanta)! I’m sure you could get a great deal on a hotel room, too.


  • JMart

    Anybody know if Galavision will be carrying the game? Galavision has the US Spanish language rights for the USMNT.

    (SBI-Neither English or Spanish rights were purchased by networks. This is a USA road game, rights only apply to home games.)


  • MVK

    Well the silver lining with not being able to watch it is we will not have to witness the shaft we will likely get from an offical who will favor Honduras out of fear and urge to give “the people” something to cheer about. FIFA leaves politics out the game, but I just dont think officals can, its like trying to find a juror on a big trial that hasnt seen the media reports. Good luck boys, your going to need it.


  • baquito alyeska


    You can ask at Gusano’s down at the Rivermarket (downtown) but I really doubt they’ll be paying for the closed circuit fee. Unfortunately, I fear that Little Rock just isn’t gonna have enough soccer interest to cause anyone to pay the fee. You might also ask at the West End Grill (west little rock) just to cover your bases. Otherwise, I’d just entrench yourself in Razorback football for the day…


  • dnyce

    Ives, my brother and I will be there too. I’m flying from Mexico City, and my brother from NYC. Bringing a pocket camera to capture the atmosphere. It’s going to be much more intense than at Azteca. The nothing else like international football. GO USA!


  • Abraham

    when will the game be going on? i mean specifically what time (Eastern standard)
    I know that in MI we are 2 hours ahead of Honduras so if someone can give the Honduras time I can simply add two hours to it and know. plz and thank you


  • ventura

    does any one know where i can get tix to the game? I will be heading down…was down there a few weeks ago…it is safe and not a problem…there are curfews which happen which close down the country here and then, but it is for all the people’s safety…the crazy zelaya supporters every now and then start to act up and show out…but i was there for a week and soccer fans will be fine..leave politics out of it…need tix please!


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