World Cup Qualifying

Honduras names squad for USA qualifier

DonovanThomas (ISIphotos.com)

                                                                Photo by ISIphotos.com

Now that the USA-Honduras World Cup Qualifier on Oct. 10 will be played in San Pedro Sula, the Hondurans wasted no time calling up the squad they will use to try and secure their place in the 2010 World Cup.

EPL-based starters Wilson Palacios, Hendry Thomas and Maynor Figueroa lead a loaded squad with plenty of European-based talent, as well as current (Amado Guevar) and former (Ramon Nunez, Carlos Pavon) MLS players.

Here is the group called up for Honduras' upcoming qualifiers vs. the USA and El Salvador on Oct. 14.

GOALKEEPERS: Noel Valladares, Donis Escober, Ricardo Canales

DEFENDERS: Víctor Bernárdez (Anderlecht), Osman Chávez, Maynor Figueroa (Wigan), Boniek García, Emilio Izaguirre, Erick Norales, Carlos Palacios, Mauricio Sabillón.

MIDFIELDERS: Edgard Álvarez (Bari), Julio César León (Parma), Ramón Núñez, Amado Guevara (Toronto FC), Wilson Palacios (Tottenham), Hendry Thomas (Wigan), Danilo Turcios, Melvin Valladares.

FORWARDS: Carlos Pavón, Carlo Costly, Walter Martínez, Jerry Palacios y David Suazo (Inter Milan).

Guevara and Turcios, regular starters for Honduras, will miss the USA match due to yellow card suspension.

What do you think of this group? Worried about the U.S. team's chances? Still think the United States can secure qualification for the World Cup in San Pedro Sula?

Share your thoughts below.

  • Jacob A.

    I though Costly played somewhere in Europe…

    Either way, that’s a solid roster that will provide a difficult match, and I’d be very happy with a point.


  • Kobao

    i was already a bit cautious at the idea of qualifying with a win in this game, but with that lineup, as Jacob said, a point is sounding pretty nice. Will be a great game i’m sure.


  • CrispyST3

    Do the players with no teams at the end currently have no team???

    (SBI-Obviously not, but I think you knew that. I provided the teams for players who play at top clubs, as well as an MLS club.)


  • afrim

    glad to see Hondo weakend a bit with the absence of Amado and Turcios. Amado+palacios i feel is pound for pound the best central midfield combo in concacaf.

    have Clark and Bradley mark Palacios out of the game (like they did against Xavi) and everything else should fall in place.

    The loss of Amado is huge, his ability to pass and move out of pressure is still something to be respected


  • CrispyST3

    If the USA can pull their heads out of their asses, and play like they did in the Confeds, i’m not trippin one bit, and if they do play like they did in the Confeds, i expect a 2-0 win, however, if they dont, theeeeennn i’ll atleast want a point


  • Against the Gods

    US team playing soccer just like weather in Seatle, one day sunshine then next day raining.I just hope they have a sunny day that game day, so the result can be pretty like they did with Spain game at Confederation Cup.


  • Leonardo

    hey Ives since ur going u should hire a Blackwater escort just in case Chavez invades to save his buddy. say ur an author and they should let u go.


  • Leonardo

    as for the futbol match, i figure the Wigan dudes are fresh off a major upset and hungry for another.

    im confident in Jozy + Chuck D to overcome this with their usual tenacity and fervor. plus, jozy just has to be hungry after not getting much playing time at dull city


  • CelicaCrazed

    Glad Guevara won’t be playing. TFC is going to need him rested to finish the season strong.


  • Chris

    heres to clint dempsey not playing like his crap dont stink, our D looking solid and with landon not providing the only attacking options!

    ives, castillo is available for this game correct?


  • Brian

    I’m hoping we at least see these names called up:

    GK: Howard, Guzan

    DF: Onyewu, Bocanegra, Spector, Cherundolo, Marshall, Castillo

    MF: LD, Deuce, Bradley, Clark, Torres, Holden, Feilhaber

    FW: Altidore, Davies

    …And whoever else Bob feels necessary to bring like Ching, Bornstein and maybe another center-back like Conrad or Goodson. Leave Casey, Pearce, Beckerman, Findley, Califf, Kljestan, Beasley and Rogers at home. As far as I know Edu and Jones are still recovering from injury. They get added to this roster if either one gets healthy soon.


  • DC Josh

    so we’ll hear Bradley’s roster next week some time I can assume.

    No surprises with this team. They are better than last cycle, and will get better. We have to figure out a way to control the midfield. Clark/Bradley doesn’t cut it anymore. Feilhaber has more skill on the ball. If we can get 1 point from this match, it will be just as good as a victory.


  • Mark

    Howard needs to play well, and we need to finish our chances. If we do that, we can steal a point or 3.

    Our track record in central america is shaky, and they are fielding a very good team even with the absences in midfield. Going to be tough…


  • Zac in Indy

    No surprises, just like our roster will have no surprises. I think the Nats will be focused and ready, not taking anything lightly, they get whats at stake. Tactically I think they (Nats) will be playing for a point anything beyond that is gravy.


  • DJ Barnett

    I was at the qualifier in Chicago. Same Honduras roster, it’s going to be the same USA roster, the crowd will be overwhelmingly pro-Honduran. So the only difference is that the MNT will have to travel to Honduras. Here’s to hoping we get the same result.


  • Dave

    does anyone know the posted odds for the game? (I’m at work, and they really frown at looking at the London bookie sites) I would think Honduras is favored to win, with a US win being 3 or 4 to 1.


  • MG3

    Looking at the Hexagonal it appears that a tie really accomplishes nothing. The US is at 16 pts., with Costa Rica at 12 pts.

    Costa Rica SHOULD beat T&T, putting them at 15 pts. If we tie Honduras we are at 17, meaning we will still need a tie/win to qualify.

    A tie/win against Costa Rica will allow the US to qualify regardless of how we perform in San Pedro Sula.

    With this said, I say BB employs a more aggressive style to go for the W. I’m thinking a 4-3-1-2. Move Clint right behind the strikers – it might encourage him to actually move a little. Then put Holden as the right mid, with Mike Bradley in the middle.


  • GLS

    Honduras gets it done at home and they haven’t lost by more than one goal during all of qualifying. Oh and Suazo may play for Inter but like Gooch he hasn’t seen the field yet for the Serie A team. Still, don’t expect anything other than Honduras being heavy favorites in this games, especially in light of the US’s recent form and the fact that some of our key players are not seeing playing time in Europe. Granted I believe that the US really should be able to steal points on the road against anyone in CONCACAF, including Mexico, but that doesn’t mean it’s going to happen. I’ll remain hopeful however that we can clinch with this game.


  • JSmiley

    Concacaf.com reports that Costa Rica striker Andy Furtado has been banned from all soccer for two years, due to doping.

    Furtado scored both goals against Honduras in their 2-0 win on Matchday 1 of the Hex, but hasn’t played much since.

    No idea how this will affect CR.


  • STX81

    What’s going on with the TV coverage for this game? Is the Honduran political issues keeping this game off the air? Or is money?


  • Adam in Irvine

    Now if we lose to Honduras and Costa Rica lose to T&T, we qualify…but do we celebrate loudly???


  • piperfc

    Looking at the picture link of the stadium, I’m sure the US players will be somewhat relieved that there is a track between the field and the fans


  • kobao

    i haven’t looked into the tv coverage so i may just be out of the loop but i echo STX81’s remark. What is the situation with coverage? Will we be able to watch this match anywhere?


  • nico

    Suazo is injured (again) and will likely not play a much of a part in the game….most likely Honduras hope he can play a few minutes against EL Salvador.


  • Goalscorer24

    A point will probably not do the US much good. The US has to go for a win. Bradley needs to take some risks.


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