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Jones will not have another surgery

JermaineJonesManuelNeuer (AP)

Schalke midfielder and U.S. national team prospect Jermaine Jones' return to Bundesliga action is set to be delayed by up to three weeks, but it appears as though he will not need a new surgery on the shin fracture that has sidelined him for the summer.

This development is good news for Jones, who had been in jeopardy of needing a new surgery after continuing to feel pain in his leg, which had a metal plate inserted in it to help heal a shin fracture. If Jones can recover, he could be back in action in mid to late October, a much better scenario than if he had needed a new surgery, which would have sidelined him for several months.

What does this mean for his U.S. national team chances? In theory, if he does recover by mid-Fall, he could still potentially get a call-up in November (assuming FIFA finalizes his application for changing national teams). If not November, Jones could also get a call-up in January.

What do you think of this news? Anxious to see him with the national team already? Don't think he's going to be the impact player for the USA some think he can be?

Share your thoughts below.

  • Deuce

    @ Brian, Greenwood is 30 minutes away from me…I wonder if I can find out when he comes to visit his dad or granny, maybe i can get his auto… : D


  • Deuce

    @ Ives,

    did you drink one cup o joe too many this morning? You are blogging as ferociously as Jermaine Jones will play D-Mid against Germany in the 2010 final.

    *Buckles in.

    (SBI-Just trying to interact with my readers more. Helps get through the slow news periods. Hopefully more readers enjoy it than hate it.)


  • i like tuesday

    @Advocat: We’ve always used naturalized and dual-citizen players as does pretty much every country in the world. Lots of people have more than one passport and they get to choose. Speaking of which, we should recruit an Army of American girls and send them out to marry the world’s best soccer players and forcing them to play for the US. It would be WORLD DOMINATION!

    As for Jones, he’ll just replace Bob’s wild-card central midfield call-in, most recently a spot held by some bloke with dredlocks. Clark will stay around. Personally, I’d like to see a 4-3-3 with a central midfield 3 of Jones, Edu, Feilhaber and the 3Ds up top Donovan and Dempsey and ‘Dore (Sorry, Davies, you’re the supersub). We need an extra body in center of midfield. Let’s face it though, Junior will always be in the lineup.

    For me, the best news out of Germany is that Junior is spending some time in a time-out for the Foals for bad behavior and looks like he’ll have to win back his spot since they’ve had a good run. Maybe he’ll adjust his attitude and actually realize he has a lot of room to improve. Strikes me it’s been a bit too easy for Junior and it’s meant his development has come to a screeching halt.


  • mwc

    I’d like to see him get a chance with the USMNT. I am concerned about his penchant for reckless fouls. Another Maestroeni ’06 incident would not be helpful.


  • notsweet81

    Lets just be honest here

    1) By all accounts Jones is a top notch Euro player (starts and performs well for a strong club in a strong league). If he isn’t injured and FIFA gets him his papers it is hard to imagine him not playing an integral role for the U.S. in SA (if we make it).

    2) Bradley is not a risk taker and does not play the most attractive offensive style of football.

    To me, these things equal a central midfield of Jones and Bradley/Edu (assuming he returns to form after his injury). While I think those 3 can offer something on offense, none of them are going to dazzle with footwork or passing. But the defense would be stout and we would get a great workrate out of the midfield.

    Does anyone really think Bradley starts Jones with Torres/Feilhaber over Edu/Jr? I have been wanting to see more of Torres for a year (the idea that Sascha played over him drove me insane), but I don’t think it happens


  • Sergio of SF

    So I checked out some Youtube highlights of this guy. Very impressive. I would like to see him get a call up if FIFA ever approves his paperwork.


  • Andrew

    I know this is probably BS, but what came to mind is that if doesn’t get capped Oct 10th or 14th, the next game to lock him down won’t happen until South Africa.

    Do you think it is a coincidence that Castillo filed later and Jones still isn’t approved? Or that FIFA is waiting for the German Football Federation paper work? or that Ohhh, he MAY be ready in 3-4 weeks right after the final game to lock him down. Maybe their hoping we can’t lock him down, then they have 10 months to try to change his mind.

    Many german fans think this guy should be the starting CDM on their national team.

    Maybe we should have our doctors take a look at him too!!!


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