Jones will not have another surgery

Jones will not have another surgery

U.S. Men's National Team

Jones will not have another surgery

JermaineJonesManuelNeuer (AP)

Schalke midfielder and U.S. national team prospect Jermaine Jones' return to Bundesliga action is set to be delayed by up to three weeks, but it appears as though he will not need a new surgery on the shin fracture that has sidelined him for the summer.

This development is good news for Jones, who had been in jeopardy of needing a new surgery after continuing to feel pain in his leg, which had a metal plate inserted in it to help heal a shin fracture. If Jones can recover, he could be back in action in mid to late October, a much better scenario than if he had needed a new surgery, which would have sidelined him for several months.

What does this mean for his U.S. national team chances? In theory, if he does recover by mid-Fall, he could still potentially get a call-up in November (assuming FIFA finalizes his application for changing national teams). If not November, Jones could also get a call-up in January.

What do you think of this news? Anxious to see him with the national team already? Don't think he's going to be the impact player for the USA some think he can be?

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