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MLS Playoff Race (Through Week 28)



The race for the final MLS playoff spots continued to heat up over the past weekend. A number of contending teams failed to grab the appropriate result needed in order to maintain confidence in a late playoff run. The three teams on the outside looking in, Real Salt Lake, D.C. United and Toronto FC all failed to win.

D.C. United in particular shot itself in the foot, losing 2-1 at home to a San Jose team that hadn't won on the road all season. On top of that, D.C. lost starting goalkeeper Josh Wicks for essentially the remainder of the season with a dislocated shoulder and sprained knee.

Their failure was a success for others, as the Seattle Sounders clung to the bottom spot after losing to New England on the road. New England and Chivas still have a game or two in hand on everyone, leaving their destiny in their own hands. Take a look at the breakdown after the jump.


Columbus………..1.77 points per match (ppm); 46 points from 26 matches

Chicago………….1.52 ppm; 41 points from 27 matches


Houston………….1.59 ppm; 43 points from 27 matches

Los Angeles………1.52 ppm; 41 points from 27 matches


Chivas USA……..1.52 ppm; 38 pts from 25 matches

New England…….1.48 ppm; 37 from 25 matches

Colorado………..1.44 ppm; 39 pts from 27 matches

Seattle………….1.41 ppm; 38 pts from 27 matches


D.C. United……..1.33 ppm; 36 points from 27 matches

Toronto…………1.30 ppm; 35 points from 27 matches

Real Salt Lake…..1.26 ppm; 34 points from 27 matches



Columbus Crew vs. Seattle Sounders

Chicago Fire vs. New England


Houston Dynamo vs. Colorado Rapids

Los Angeles Galaxy vs. Chivas USA


No one is all the way out of it quite yet — save for the Red Bulls and the Earthquakes, of course. Even a miraculous finish (combined with miraculous results) could get Kansas City or Dallas in. But realistically, Real Salt Lake, Toronto and D.C. United all need to win out if they hope to snag one of the final spots — or win a couple and hope for one of the above clubs to hit a poor vein of form.

Who do you think will make the playoffs? Can any of the bottom three clubs sneak their way in? Who will join Columbus with a clinched berth over the next weekend?

Share your thoughts below.

  • gj

    That format is stupid. Why do we need an East or West, shouldnt we just have Crew as the Easter conference winner and Dynamo as the Western conference winner?

    oh well.



  • doug

    How ’bout the Sigi derby of Crew v. Sounders. That could be fun.

    Let’s go Fire! Run the table and hit the magic 5-0!


  • BurlingtonChelsea

    Go Crew!!! Does anyone know why the Crew website has them as already clenching a playoff berth?

    (SBI-There are seven teams that can’t catch them, so they are in. I know it was reported that they clinched with their win on Saturday but my research on it had them clinching when D.C. United lost.)


  • lassidawg

    Crew has clinched, because DC in 9th place is 10 points behind them with only 3 games to play, so it would be impossible for them to fall farther than 8th.

    That match up would suck for the Crew to have to travel out West for a game as the division Champ. As a Sounder fan I will be happy to take any spot in the playoffs in the first year.


  • CSD

    The Crew have 46 points. Worst case they finish with 46 which leaves them in the 8th qualifying spot.


  • soccerroo

    Burlington Chelsea

    Because none of the three teams on the out side can catch them. so they have enough points at 46 to have already qualified.


  • FDV

    I don’t think the Crew can be beaten by anyone in the playoffs based on current form. The Crew have one and only one huge weakspot which would be depth at goalkeeping. Hesmer is an amazing keeper but if he were to get a season ending injury, than the Crew will need like 6 guys on defense to cope with Gruenebaum or Schoeni being between the pipes.


  • FDV

    Hopefully Sigi doesn’t try to take Hesmer out of action this weekend since they might be seeing each other in the playoffs.


  • Doug

    “…The Crew have one and only one huge weakspot which would be depth at goalkeeping. Hesmer is an amazing keeper but if he were to get a season ending injury, than the Crew will need like 6 guys on defense to cope with Gruenebaum or Schoeni being between the pipes.”

    Actually, Gruenebaum would be an acceptable stop-gap keeper (he started several games this season), but he’s just had season-ending hip surgery. So, yes, the Crew have great depth, except at keeper where they have none. And Hesmer is nursing a groin strain, though he’ll start tonight vs. Saprissa. Expect Will to get some off time to heal if the Crew win tonight.


  • Adam

    Maybe I’m in the minority here, but the ppm stat just seems kind of weird. I understand its statistical relevance, but it just seems out of place.


  • davidaubudavid

    it is more relevant than just showing the points, because that doesn’t account for people with games in hand. Just because something is new, or different should not make you uncomfortable.


  • I <3 MLS

    Hmmm. The classiest player and the most thug player both get season ending injuries in the same week. Will NE be able to hold onto that spot?


  • Ian

    the way Dallas is playing, i’m not so sure the Sounders are glad to be closing the season against them anymore.


  • Leonardo

    Burlington Chelsea – dude’s in top 3 of SBI EPL fantasy! much respect, mon!

    i really like how Dallas and the Red Bulls improved their play as of late. It’s great to see teams take pride in finishing the season strong no matter what. could make for some intense matches in the future too when you play spoiler for someone else’s playoff chances. i like that!


  • StephenInProv

    I say the Revs hold onto the spot. Doubtful they’ll do anything in the postseason.

    They really need to bring in some established talent next year. Kraft, just overpay someone alraedy. Its bad enough we have to watch the games in the horrid stadium.


  • BurlingtonChelsea

    Thanks for clearing everything up concerning the Crew and clinching a spot int he playoffs. @Leonardo- I would still be in first place too if Torres hadn’t hit a hatrick this week. So is life.


  • Niccollo

    i wish the sesaon ended right now so i could look forward to chicago v new england and chivas vs galaxy!!


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