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A video tribute to Charlie Davies

Charlie Davies 7 (ISIphotos.com) 
                                                           Photo by ISIphotos.com

As U.S. men's national team players and fans continue to cope with the devastating developments of Charlie Davies' car accident, it is still tough for many to deal with the sad state of affairs that now has the young star striker in a Washington D.C. hospital, facing an uncertain future after barely escaping the accident with his life.

Soccer seems trivial to think about considering Davies' condition, and the fact that a young woman died in that same accident, but Davies' fans are holding on to the memories of Davies' sublime skill and magnetic personality as they hold out hope that he will be able to recover and continue a career that was in the midst of so much success.

SBI reader Jay Bell has made a routine of putting together high-quality video tributes with U.S. national team themes and he delivers this beautiful piece dedicated to Charlie Davies that U.S. fans are sure to enjoy.

Here is a video tribute to Charlie Davies:

What do you think of the video? Feeling confident that Davies will make his way back? Would you like to see videos like these become a regular staple on SBI?

Share your thoughts below.

  • fan4usa

    Incredible video. Well done! It would be great to have more videos like this in the future.

    Will Davies come back? I really hope so. No matter what, he will be in the hearts and minds of the US players and fans. Certainly a source of inspiration we need for a fantastic World Cup 2010.


  • Brett

    “i was being chill about it, dnt see why u had to come at me with such a douche way”

    Well, for future reference, when you attack someone’s intelligence they tend to react. Your statement about “paying attention in English class” obviously implies some lack of intellect on my part.

    In any case, you seemed to miss my point altogether. If this game was a “tribute” to Charlie, it was a pretty poor one. A 2-2 draw at home to a team that got spanked by Mexico both home and away. Sure we showed some fight to earn the 2-2 draw, but a fitting “tribute” would have been, oh I dunno, a WIN. This was a game that displayed exactly why Charlie Davies will be so sorely missed. Had the game ended 2-1, would it still have been a “tribute”? I doubt it.

    Moving along, I’m sorry if you felt attacked or offended, but maybe in the future you should just state why you disagree with my opinion instead of taking thinly veiled shots at my, or anyone else’s intelligence.


  • Dave

    Well done with the video. Ives – as long as you can come up with quality videos such as this, then yes, keep the videos coming.


  • Medio Tiempo

    As much as we want Chuck D to make it back, we have to be realistic. He could have died, he broke the largest bone in his body, and what made him so special was his speed. Lets just hope he will be able run again…


  • castroviejo

    too much speculation at this time. until we actually know what injuries he sustained we wont know the post operative progression.
    if his ankle fracture was open and comminuted or if he had nerves or arteries lacerated this could be big trouble.

    he had a femur, tibia ,arm and facial fractures.

    until we know how bad these are we wont know how he will progress.

    if the ankle fracture involved the joint it will cause traumatic arthritis which will decrease the mobility of the joint.

    so we will just have to wait


  • Chosun

    I think everyone is taking the injuries way too seriously. I had originally heard that he broke his tibia and fibula, and the femur is obviously a much larger bone. That being said, he’s only 23, and in top physical shape. I see no reason why he can’t return to 100%. My brother broke his femur at the same time I broke my fibula, and it definitely sucks, but we’re both able to play soccer, skateboard, etc. Granted we’re not playing anywhere near the level of Davies, but we’re also over 12 yrs older than him. I honestly feel that my fibula is damn near indestructible now (I’ve got a metal plate), and my brother’s femur isn’t going to have problems anytime soon (he has a metal rod in the bone).

    I’m not trying to compare my injuries with Charlie’s, but medical treatment is very advanced, and the kid is in amazing shape. He’ll be back, full force, soon enough. Good luck Chuck D!

    By the way, I love the Public Enemy-style poster at the game.


  • Leonardo

    Chuck D is da ish. who cares about his career or anything else – thank God he’s alive. that’s the most important. one step at a time mayn, one step at a time. you’ll get there. we believe in u Charlie Davies!!!


  • Hush

    I was googling some serious injuries regarding x-treme sports such as,biking,snowboarding,skateboarding,air gliding, etc… all with similar injuries to Davies injuries, shoot, some much worse. I was happy to hear that most tibia, fibula, and femur injuries are not 100% career threaning according to the information of players making it back at full force. Some made it back in 7 to 8 months because of their physical fitness and medical attention. Some of these guys were actually in their early 30’s and mid 20’s! YEehaaa! Great news.

    You heard it here first, CHUCK D will be back around June hitting soccer balls!… I know this…


  • OmarVizquel

    All this talk about people recovering from on-the-field broken legs is missing the point. Charlie had massive internal injuries as well (not to mention the mental trauma of being involved in a deadly and horrific car accident) — there’s no telling when he’ll be back to playing form. Even if he does get back on the field, the soccer tragedy for Charlie is that he will have lost several of his prime playing years, and a 100% shot at starting in next year’s World Cup.

    Playing in South Africa would have been a magnificent chance for him to showcase himself for top, top clubs. If and when he actually does get back on the field for Sochaux, he’ll need to retake his spot in the lineup, which will be terribly difficult (b/c one would assume the club would find a replacement for the next few seasons).

    Aside from the tragic real-world elements of this crash (and of course they outweigh any soccer-related minutia), this was a blow to Charlie’s career trajectory that I really don’t think he’ll ever be able to fully recover from.

    I really think he’ll get back on the field at some point, but the missed World Cup and club time will be a huge blow.


  • Victor

    It was a good video but when the game tying goal was scored and the play leading up to it you should have just cut the music to hear the announcers call then and after it went in. Anyways though it was a good video!


  • jimmygreaves

    It is too soon to really know but, if the primary issue is just his broken leg, their is a long history of players with bad leg breaks coming back (most recently Eduardo, Cisse, and most notably, Henrik Larsson). The minuses are obvious but on the plus side is his youth, great condition and presumably, the best medical care available. In addition, Davies is a pretty driven young man and I have to assume he will really want to get back.


  • NOLA soccer fan

    Hey Ives,

    Heres a question…During the whole Gooch incident, AC Milan is raising a huge fuss over his injury

    But with Davies we havent heard anything from France. are they mad, are they sad as all of us are…What is going on in the land of wine and Eiffel Towers


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