Altidore facing heat for tardy tweet

Altidore facing heat for tardy tweet

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Altidore facing heat for tardy tweet

Altidore Hull 1 (Getty Images)

Jozy Altidore's days at Hull City could be numbered, and his chances for playing time in the immediate future seem remote, after he became the latest athlete to get in trouble for posting something revealing via Twitter.

Altidore is being issued an undisclosed fine by Hull for tweeting an apology after arriving late to the club's match vs. Portsmouth on Saturday. Altidore was already punished for arriving late by not dressing for the match, but he drew harsh criticism from Hull manager Phil Brown, who believes the incident never should have been revealed to the public.

While Altidore was wrong for showing up late, do you think Brown was right to make such a big deal about the tweet? Disappointed by Altidore's tardiness? Who do you see leaving Hull first, Brown or Altidore?

Share your thoughts below.

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