FIFA 10 set for USA release today

FIFA 10 set for USA release today


FIFA 10 set for USA release today

FIFA 10 Cover 


The day many American soccer fans have been waiting for has finally arrived, the day FIFA 10 makes it to the United States.

The world reknown EA Sports soccer game hit stores across North America on Tuesday, and United States soccer gamers are now finally able to get their paws on the latest installment in the FIFA series.

The game, which was released in Europe on Oct. 2, features 50 stadiums and has a plethora of new additions, such as 360-degree dribbling, the Russian Premier League and Seattle Sounders FC.

On the international scene, the Netherlands are (finally) fully licensed as is the U.S. national team, whose overall player ratings have seen a boost after a relatively successful year. Mexico, England and Brazil are also among the many other licensed national teams.

FIFA 10, which includes 30 leagues, 500 club teams and 41 national teams, is receiving its fair share of rave reviews from credible gaming outlets, such as Gamespot and Official PS Magazine. Well-respected IGN even went as far as saying, "FIFA 10 is without a doubt the best soccer game yet … that no fan will want to be without."

The game is available on numerous platforms, including Playstation3, Xbox360 and Nintendo Wii, with $60 being the going rate for the game.

If you have yet to see the game, here is a look at it:


Are you getting a copy of FIFA today? Which teams are you most likely to use this year? More of a Pro Evolution Soccer or Football Manager kind of guy/gal? Would you play in an SBI FIFA 10 tournament/league?

Share your thoughts below.

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