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Soccer Sunday: Your Running Commentary

Ronaldinho 1 (Getty)

AC Milan is one of the most prestigious clubs in the world, but this season, things aren't going quite so well.

The Rossoneri sit in 12th place in Serie A and will take on fellow strugglers AS Roma in one of today's marquee match-ups.

With Oguchi Onyewu sidelined for up to three to four months, and with Milan now asking that U.S. Soccer pay Onyewu's wages since he got hurt on national team duty (a request that has no chance of happening), there is even less reason for most American fans to root for Milan. If anything, there is now more reason to hope their struggles continue.

The match of the day for American fans is in Houston, where the Dynamo will play host to the Los Angeles Galaxy in an important Western Conference clash with first place on the line.

If you will be watching today's soccer action, please feel free to share your thoughts, opinions and some play-by-play in the comments section below.

Enjoy the action (Today's TV schedule is after the jump):

Today's Soccer on TV

9am- FSC/FSE- Lazio vs. Sampdoria

11am- FSC/FSC- Wigan vs. Manchester City

1pm- Telemundo- Toluca vs. Tigres (Delayed)

1pm- FSE- Morelia vs. Pachuca (Delayed)

2:45pm- FSC/RAI- AC Milan vs. AS Roma

2:45pm- Setanta USA- Toulouse vs. Paris St. Germain

3pm- GolTV- Osasuna vs. Atletico Madrid

3pm- Telefutura- Houston Dynamo vs. LA Galaxy

5pm- Univision- Club America vs. Puebla

5pm- FSE- Huracan vs. River Plate

5pm- GolTV- Palmeiras vs. Flamengo (Delayed)


Which match are you most looking forward to today?

  • Todd

    if you’re a fan of soccer in the states and don’t turn into telefutura at 3pm you’re silly. Most of the USMNT’s midfield and Beckham. Wooooooo


  • Beckster

    these FSC commentators are really funny. Makes an already enjoyable game even more so.


  • CrispyST3

    So whats going down for today?

    Dinho looks like a straight up thug right there, lol

    Oh, and just to clarify guys when i said JFT would fit in Barca’s style of play, i didnt mean that right now he would start, or even make the bench, i was simply saying that he would fit, and as for Keita’s defensive work, he seemed to be doing alot of defensive vs. Costa Rica when bradley was moving up, so i think he’s capable of doing that


  • Supsam

    @ BrooklynFC

    Awesome! Few thoughts:Its funny how even FIFA rates the “benched” Altidore higher than the starting Ching. These ratings (for the US) are very very accurate. Quality players like Feilhaber, Torres, Holden are all higher rated than clark at the CAM position (since clark is more CDM). But i wonder if they would include Castillo and Jones in the player pool or do you have to do that manually? Maybe id rate Boca a little higher but everything else seems fine.Its a bonus that FIFA has now rated Donovan higher than Beckham.


  • sonicdeathmonkey

    AC Milans defense give up a howler in the opening two minutes. Roma up 1-0. They could really use Gooch right about now.


  • sonicdeathmonkey

    The video feed problems Telefutura is having makes the Dynamo/Galaxy game almost unwatchable. It’s giving me a headache.


  • jtd

    just tuned into la v hou. have they announced the crowd size? it looks like theres a ton of people there.

    oh, holden… so close!


  • jtd

    superchivo- he’s going for the blanco look.

    the stadium looks packed. it’s gotta be a sell out. anyone know?


  • Larry Y

    What? No Michael Bradley bashing? No blaming nepotism for his playing time?

    Ugh, AC Milan is not in a good place right now. And the ball bouncing off the post was compensation for the penalty no-call at the other end.


  • madmax

    One team dropping further, without precedent, is Villarreal. Today they battled Xerez for last place in LaLiga, and Villarreal won last place. They have dropped from 3rd to 20th in one season. Those who didn’t like they way they treated Jozy, or Rossi’s comments about team USA are allowed a big smile today.


  • Fred

    OmarVizquel, sounds like Adu might not have played today — he tweeted that his ankle will be better for their midweek friendly, so maybe that means it was still tweaked this weekend.


  • CrispyST3

    Just got home from alot of stuff that i had to do, i hear the LA vs Houston game is going good, nice, im ready for the second half


  • jtd

    crispy- la v hou is good. although, both teams seem to be having trouble sttling the ball down so far this half. there was some good possession last half.

    amazing sve off the line.. who was that for houston?


  • jonk

    I’m a Dynamo fan but I’m still infuriated that Donavon could miss so badly when in 1v1 with the keeper.


  • Scott A

    madmax, not to get started on a Rossi discussion because I don’t want to, but I’m curious, what did Rossi say about team USA?


  • Pepe

    He definitely clipped him. Why would Berhalter stop and STICK HIS LEG OUT??

    Oh, but the ref was too busy not giving Beckham cards to notice.


  • Josue

    Crispy, i don’t know what game u watching, the replay clearly shows that oduro was fouled


  • madmax

    Scott A, “what did Rossi say about team USA…”
    Good catch on Rossi (whom I admire).

    Should read, those who felt Rossi’s celebration not ‘statement’ disrespected USA, could smile today.


  • advocat

    I will continue to support AC Milan. And especially because the most important MLS player, Beckham, is part of their organization.


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