World Cup Qualifying

USA fans not only ones facing road qualifier viewing woes

EnglandPPV (Reuters)

U.S. national team fans still seething over the fact that the upcoming World Cup qualifier in Honduras is only available via closed circuit, you are not alone.

England national team fans are facing the same issue with England's upcoming qualifier in Ukraine, with English fans being forced to watch the qualifier either by paying for an internet feed, or by watching in select movie theaters showing the match.

As you might expect, England fans aren't happy.

What do you think of this story? Feel a little better than USA fans aren't alone? Hoping England fans raise enough of a stink to force some global changes? Already make your plans on where to watch USA-Honduras on Saturday?

Share your thoughts below.

  • Scott A

    I started thinking about how in the UK, one must pay an annual TV license of around 230 dollars (less if it’s black and white TV), which covers radio and internet as well. If you don’t pay this you can’t receive broadcasts at all and this goes to funding the BBC. So if you watch TV, there’s really no free viewing, even after the hardware. So then maybe a non-mandatory payment to watch a game online is better? But I hate these money-grabbing companies? And also, the license fee also pays for internet, so then even online paid viewing would have an additional cost, but what fraction of the fee? Thinking about economics makes my head hurt.


  • Shonmiguel

    So is there no way to watch the USA vs. Hondouras game on Saturday. DirecTV or internet?? I don’t live in a region where a bar is showing, Arizona.


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