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Chelsea keeps rolling after 3-0 drubbing of Arsenal

DrogbaDidi (Reuters)

Arsenal had high hopes of scoring a much-needed win against Chelsea on Sunday, at least before Didier Drogba got to work.

The Ivorian striker scored a pair of truly stunning goals to help Chelsea record a 3-0 victory over Arsenal in Sunday's London Derby. The victory helped increase Chelsea's led over Manchester United atop the EPL standings to five points.

If you missed the match, here are the highlights:

What did you think of Chelsea's latest victory? Think the Blues will run away with the league title?

Share your thoughts below.

  • DC Josh

    Chelsea with at least a double this year. Too bad Arsenal couldn’t put one away, they dominated the first half. I missed the second half.

    Regardless, Chelsea are by far the best team in the EPL and the world. Blues vs. Catalans in the Champions League final.


  • Mig22

    Pretty scary performance.

    Sad that Wenger’s response was that the ref’s massive mistake cost his team (that was already trailing 2-0). He also implied good fortune on Drogba’s first goal saying “don’t tell me he intended it to go in that way”.

    Both remarks were really sad. His team got beat. Everybody still sympathizes with AW and refers to his team as kids…and they have been doing it for 6 years.


  • K Bone

    As a United fan, I must say I was hoping Chelsea would falter, but they put a hurting on Arsenal. I will never write off United, since they’ve been in this sitation many times before, but Chelsea certainly look like the title winners for now. However, I don’t agree they are the best EPL team by far. They are the best team right now, but United can certainly hang with them, and even though they lost to Chelsea at the Bridge, United deserved a point at the least, so I don’t think Chelsea is head and shoulders above United. Besides, all Chelsea has to do is lose once and it’s crisis time again. And I’m not bashing Chelsea, I’m bashing the media. All I’ve read is how huge a lead Chelsea have at the top (5 points?), blah blah blah, but I mean seriously, how many times has United been in this exact same position or worse this time of the year and won the title? I just don’t understand all the speculation this early in the season. But still, IF Chelsea continue this form they will win the title. Having won the title three years in a row, I guess it won’t be that bad for United to hand it over one year every once in awhile (as long as it isn’t Liverpool)…


  • Mig22

    K-Bone! I was looking for you yesterday to gloat a bit. 🙂 I suppose this answers those questions you had about Chelsea and their being tested.

    You’re right, of course that the league race is not over. Anything can happen from injuries and ANC to a bad run of form or luck. Also, Chelsea is not head and shoulders better. They’re better, that much is clear but the margins between the top teams are usually pretty tight.

    That being said, yesterday was a dominant display. Yes, Arsenal had some possession in the first half but never looked like scoring really. Then two go in for Chelsea and the game was over, Mssr. Whinger’s remarks notwithstanding.


  • BFT

    I never thought I’d say this, but Bendtner can’t come back soon enough.

    With Van Persie out for the majority of the rest of the season, we need his height and physical presence to lead the line. Without Van Persie’s quality or Bendtner’s size, our tiny front three was muscled out of the game.

    It didn’t help that Eduardo totally stunk it up. Awful first touch that killed great build-ups on at least 3 occasions and no link-up play whatsoever.


  • K Bone

    Ha, yes indeed, they passed that test rather easily. It just bothers me when people and the media say things like Chelsea are marching toward the title and it’s theirs already. I mean really, it’s still November for Christ’s sake. If United were ahead five points right now I wouldn’t be thinking to myself that the title is as good as won. In theory, Chelsea will win the title this year. In theory, Chelsea was supposed to dominant the EPL, strolling to titles much like Inter Milan, especially after their first two titles, but United goes ahead and wins three titles in a row. I gaurantee no one thought that would happen, myself included. Obviously I’m not accusing you, Mig22, of thinking this way, but there are so many people that think the EPL is already won, when there are so many more games to play. I mean, Drogba and Terry could have season-ending injuries tomorrow, and voila, everything changes (not that I hope they do). It’s just silly to predict anything right now…


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