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Soccer Saturday: Your Running Commentary

Tim Howard 3 (ISIphotos.com)

Tim Howard faces off against former club Manchester United today in one of the day's marquee match-ups.

The morning EPL matches are already underway, but Everton's showdown against the champions will highlight the afternoon slate of matches.

If you will be watching today's action, or if you watched the early morning action, please feel free to share your thoughts, opinions and some play-by-play in the comments section below.

Enjoy the action (Today's TV schedule is after the jump):

Today's Soccer on TV

  • 10am- Setanta Sports- Chelsea vs. Wolverhampton Wanderers
  • 10am- FSC, FSE- Sunderland vs. Arsenal
  • 10am- ESPN360.com- Barnsley vs. Cardiff City
  • 12pm- ESPN360.com- Deportivo La Coruna vs. Atletico Madrid
  • 12pm- GolTV- CD Tenerife vs. Sevilla
  • 12pm- ESPN360.com- Bologna vs. Inter Milan
  • 12:20pm- Setanta Sports- Ipswich Town vs. Sheffield Wednesday
  • 12:30pm- FSC, FSE- Manchester United vs. Everton
  • 2pm- ESPN360.com- Real Madrid vs. Racing Santander
  • 2:30pm- FSE- Inter Milan vs. Bologna (Delayed)
  • 3pm- Setanta Sports- Auxerre vs. Monaco
  • 4pm- GolTV- Atletico Bilbao vs. Barcelona
  • 4:30pm- FSE- Fiorentina vs. Parma FC
  • 5pm- Setanta Sports- Burnley vs. Aston Villa
  • 5pm- FSC- Inter Milan vs. Bologna (Delayed)
  • 7pm- FSC- Hull City vs. West Ham United
  • 8pm- GolTV- Pereira vs. Medellin
  • 8:30pm- Setanta Sports- Birmingham City vs. Fulham (Delayed)
  • 10:15pm- Setanta Sports- Burnley vs. Aston Villa (Delayed)

  • Isaac

    “Hand ball by a French man that was seen on Clichy”

    I almost spat out my rib-eye steak at this one.


  • afc

    Wycombe beat Millwall 2-0. Their first win since August 29th. Pittman injured in the 22nd minute.


  • forest

    Gota buy a new tv 90 percent will be for watching soccer, any recamendations brands etc. That anyone likes.


  • Spectra

    Vizio is the best of the cheap brands SOny is the best of the pricey brands. Either way try to get LED they’ll last longer than LCD or Plasma.


  • babieca

    Make sure to get one with VGA input so you can hook it up to the computer to watch streams.


  • Adam in Irvine

    LG has good specials going right now. If you’re looking for a tv, check out http://www.dealnews.com. They search the internet for specials.

    By the way, not affiliated with the website, I’m just looking for a tv myself.


  • Tim From Texas

    Frankie Simek is going the full 90 today at Ipswich. I watched from the 50 minute mark but i could never tell where he was on the field. Might of played as left back or center back, but he wasn’t on the right side.


  • forest

    Wow thanks again everyone that was a lot of good info guna be a good hollidays now no matter what with a new tv and all the games on the way.


  • zidanescoresagain

    yeah good info on t.v. selection, now maybe if we can get some info on the actual games.:/ poor showing today by the PBP guys and no, i don’t care to do them myself. that’s why i (used) to come here.


  • Yossarian

    Looks like Jozy had a decent game in 70+ minutes

    Bradley with another 90′ in a nice win. Gladbach looking like a solid mid-table team

    Beas didn’t even dress for RangersđŸ˜¦

    Spector gets splinters, but considering the Hammers shambolic defending, you’d think he’s a good bet for next match


  • jon

    any count on how many goals Tim Howard has let in these past two months??? Don’t get me wrong I love the guy, but all I keep reading is how he is in top form…..but at the same time allowing an average of 2 goals a game??? He is definitely not having a good roll now.


  • Ken

    I would say they are missing Jagielka. Lescott looks good next to him. Now he’s horrible for Man City. Good job by Moyes selling him for 22mil.


  • RNG

    Yes but if you actually watched today’s game, the goals were not his fault. No one would have stopped them….


  • afrim

    the LB West Ham played today was lethal on offense but horrible on defense. no we know why spector provides cover on the left side for them


  • Tim From Texas

    anywho! i hope frankie continues to get this sort of playing time for Sheffield Weds. Cherundolo, Spector, Bornstein, Castillo and Frank Simek in concept seem like the best bunch we could have at the outside back positions heading into the world cup


  • Tim From Texas

    Couple of notes on the Fulham game:

    Dempsey starting as supporting striker behind Bobby Zamora, while Eddie Johnson made the bench. Not to much happened offensively for Fulham in the 1st half, but things definitely picked up in the second half being down a goal. Dempsey had three shots at goal in the second half, with two of them being on target. His best and first attempt would be his excellently stricken header in the 69th minute, which surely would’ve been a goal if not for an excellent reflex save by Birmingham goalie Joe Hart.


  • afc

    Jon Paul Pittman is on crutches. He was carried off during the Millwall game. More info on Sunday or Monday.


  • baquito alyeska

    Jozy had a very decent game for Hull. Was often marked by two men and still played well with the ball at his feet. Prolly the best part was his pass selection to his midfielders running on.


  • bryan

    Samsung is by the far the best quality for price you can get. and the LCD is only like $1000 for a 42″.


  • r.benjamin

    I agree. Jozy played well. I don’t remember any giveaways and he kept posession and played positive balls in a few tight spots where in previous similar situations the ball usually “bricks” off of him.

    I think he showed what kind of player he is and can be. A handful but the type of player that needs supporting midfielders that he can play off and a heady 2nd striker that is alert to his flicks and one touches.

    I would think, at this point he is Hull’s 60-70 min starting striker.


  • Gavelect

    Carl Dickinson put the boot into us at the weekend. Absolutely gutted. Traveled down from Ayrshire for this as one as my mate’s got corporate tickets through his work. Hate to say it but it was a cracking goal. Wee Burky had a great game. Although we travelled down and got beat we still had a ball. Traveled back to Wales in a supporters bus (sang all the way), had a party with the fans which was great and then stayed at the Village Cardiff Hotel. Hopefully be down for a home game after Christmas.


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