Who would you vote into the 2010 Hall of Fame class?

Who would you vote into the 2010 Hall of Fame class?

National Soccer Hall of Fame

Who would you vote into the 2010 Hall of Fame class?

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The voting for the 2010 National Soccer Hall of Fame closed on Thursday evening, and while I was able to squeeze my ballot in just under the deadline, it was far from an easy decision to make.

There were 24 names on the ballot. Twenty four stars, standouts and leaders in the American game of soccer. There were Americans and foreigners, men and women. World Cup heroes and MLS pioneers.

Who did I vote for? I'll leave that for the end. For now, it's your turn to cast your vote.

The task is simple. Select all of the nominees you think deserve to be elected into the Hall of Fame (yes, you can select one, or all 24, but keep in mind that the more names you put on a ballot the more it diminishes the impact of your vote). Under the current Hall of Fame guidelines, all nominees who appear on 66.7 percent of the ballots are inducted. Keep that in mind when you put your list together, or if you only want to vote for one nominee.

Cast your vote after the jump:

So who did I vote for? These were the names on my ballot:

Earnie Stewart
Marco Etcheverry
Peter Vermes
Cindy Parlow

Who did you vote for? Why did you pick the candidates you picked?

Share your thoughts below.

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