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Bradley's assist vs. Bayern Munich

BradleyM (Getty Images)

Borussia Moenchengladbach saw its five-match unbeaten streak ended by Bayern Munich on Friday, but U.S. national team midfielder Michael Bradley did enjoy one of the bright spots of the match for the underdogs, a clever assist on Moenchengladbach's lone goal.

Here is Bradley's assist:


  • JRhode

    Why was he subbed out? Coach didn’t look too pleased with him when he came off either. I thought he was the best player on the pith for ‘Gladbach.


  • Obe

    Rumor was he was losing his cool and he’s on a yellow, so the coach yanked him out. Beautiful assist, by the way. It felt like Bradley was “one” with that ball– such control to get it to his teammate.


  • badabing

    Correct, he was on a yellow and then committed one more foul shortly before he was taken out; he was on the brink of being sent off…

    Bradley has earned his spot after some weaker matches in the beginning of the season.


  • Bradleyis666

    You have reckoned without the Gulati- Bradley axis of evil. They are paying off the Beleneses people (and Lalas as well) to keep Freddy down. Nothing must threaten M. Bradely’s status as a starter. Don’t be surprised if they are found to have connections with the medical staff at Schalke. They are also planning to steal Castillo’s passort, just in case he thinks he can move into the midfield. And who do you suppose is behind Torres’ “personal issues”? Be afraid, be very afraid.


  • Bradleyis666

    That wasn’t M. Bradley. Did you see Slovakia? They have a bunch of guys with shaved heads who look just like him and are way more skilled. The Gulati-Bradley evil axis has been paying them to play for him and build up his rep so that Freddy/Torres/ Jones and the like can’t threaten baby Bradley’s place. Michael is actually on a beach in the Maldives.


  • BCC

    What have Mexico’s vaunted youth actually accomplished? I’m sorry, but El Tri are a pack of paper champions.

    Vela, Dos Santos, Guardado . . . what have they won? What have they accomplished?


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