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European Ticker: Bolton fire Megson, Fulham's Hodgson signs new deal and more

Megson (Getty)


The managerial merry-go-round kicked off in England a couple of weeks ago with the sacking of Mark Hughes, and it continued today as Bolton manager Gary Megson became the next Premier League boss to get the boot.

Bolton have been polar opposites of Manchester City. Instead of striving for a top of the table finish, the club was simply expected to stay alive in the Premier League, something that they have struggled to do. Yesterday's draw against Hull, Bolton blew a 2-0 lead, and it might have been the last straw as Bolton remained mired in the relegation zone.

Early reports have Mark Hughes as one of the favorites to replace Megson, not the worst move Bolton could make. Instead of the pressure of high expectations, he would have to ensure that the club remains afloat in the Premier League.

Here are some more stories for Wednesday:

Fulham's Hodgson signs new deal

One manager who won't have to worry about his coaching future is Fulham boss Roy Hodgson. The London club rewarded Hodgson for a successful first half of the season by extending his contract another 12 months.

Hodgson currently has Fulham sitting in ninth in the Premier League table, and the club qualified for the knockout stages of the Europe League. He's been at Craven Cottage since December 2007, a year that saw Fulham avoid relegation on the final day of the season.

Concerns for Portsmouth's fiscal future

Two takeovers by Middle East investors haven't solved the financial problems at Pompey. The club has struggled to pay players in the past, is now under further scrutiny from Her Majesty's Revenue and Customs — the UK government's tax department.

The club is reported to owe £10 million and on two occasions this season has failed to pay players and staff. A petition was served right before Christmas, but a hearing scheduled for February will determine the club's fate.

Johnson suffers knee injury

While Liverpool's 1-0 win against Aston Villa was a huge boost to the club's league campaign, it may have come at a high cost. Fullback Glen Johnson, who has added an attacking element from his position, left the game with a knee injury and will likely need a scan to determine the severity of the injury. Johnson left Villa Park on crutches and will be re-evaluated this week.


What do you think about Megson getting the sack? Will Hughes replace him? Glad to see Roy Hodgson stick around Fulham? What will happen to Portsmouth?

Share your thoughts below.

  • Josh D

    The managerial merry-go-round actually started with Pompey sacking their manager some months back…


  • Andy in Chicago

    With the way he has turned Fulham around, Fulham fans should more or less never want Hodgson to leave.


  • JavaLavaJoe

    Would really loved to have Jozy score the equalizer, but was sent to the bench before the comeback…bummer.


  • Jason

    Dempsey didn’t score the goal that kept Fulham up when Roy took over. Danny Murphy scored a header from a Jimmy Bullard FK against Pompey to keep us up. Dempsey scored against Liverpool the season before after Lawrie Sanchez had taken over for Chris Coleman, which kept us up.


  • Kevin_amold

    Which goal saved them? There were many saving goals during the Great Escape of 2007-2008. Danny Murphy ended up scoring the goal in the last game against Pompey that kept them up. Diomansy Kamara scored two against Manchester City, which kept them alive. Bullard had some good work. McBride chipped in here and there.

    There isn’t ONE goal that’s saved them.

    Still gives me chills.


  • Erik

    Hope the Hull Manager is next. Watching that game was painful.

    My opinion is that Jozy won’t do well at Hull because they don’t actually play to feet. He sucks as much as I do in the air trying to win headers and that’s all the lump up to him.


  • jmart

    Anybody know the situation with Pantsil’s knee? He’s been great for Fulham and losing him for a long time would be a big blow for the team.


  • JRS

    Jared Jeffrey signs with Mainz 05. He should be eligible for selection when the Bundesliga restarts in January.


  • Charles

    I told myself I would give 1 year to follow the EPL. I dont think I am going to make it.

    In this decade ( and probably a lot further ) there has never been a champ with more than 6 loses. So for 14 of the teams, they are NOT going to win, or they have to go undefeated the second half.

    So virtually every game means nothing for at least one team and probably both.

    Oh yeaaaah relegation. If I want to follow the teams that suck, like the last Hull game, I can root for them to finish not last….YES !

    Counting the days…


  • CG

    If you don’t want to see the same teams win each year, but still want to follow some high stakes, quality English footie, I’d go with the Championship. Forest is a team with a lot of history making a run at promotion this year. The Blades have been in the fight the last several years, but can’t seem to get back over the hump. Swansea and Cardiff have taken their rivalry to the doorstep of the Premiership the last couple years. Four teams go into a an end-of-year playoff for promotion. I wish they showed more of these games on TV here.


  • Beckster

    I think Hughes is a terrific manager and would like to see him land something better than Bolton. Bolton would be a lot like his stint at Blackburn except with slightly less quality. I think he should hold out for Liverpool!


  • Erik

    Wow, El Salvador… I was thinking his better header was against Mexico.

    Do me a favor, watch his game and see how many headers he wins facing away from goal. You will see my point, I promise.


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