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MLS announces list of seniors invited to Draft Combine

Major League Soccer announced its initial list of 62 seniors invited to take part in the MLS Draft Combine next month in Florida.

Connecticut midfielder Toni Stahl, Harvard forward Andre Akpan, UCLA midfielder Michael Stephens and goalkeeper Brian Perk, and Indiana defender Ofori Sarkodie are some of the top players among the invited draft prospects.

The MLS Combine will take place from Jan. 8-12 in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida.

Here is the full list of players:


 Brooks Haggerty (University of North Carolina – Chapel Hill)
 Jovan Bubonja (University of Illinois-Chicago)
 Frederick Hall (Quinnipiac University)
 Brian Perk (University of California – Los Angeles)
 John Moore (Stanford University)

 Kevin Tangney (University of Maryland – College Park)
 Olukorede Aiyegbusi (North Carolina State University)
 Tim Ream (Saint Louis University)
 Kwame Watson-Siriboe (University of Connecticut)
 Phil Edginton (University of Louisville)
 Ben Clack (St. Johns University)
 Justin Morrow (University of Notre Dame)
 Ofori Sarkodie (Indiana University)
 Martin Hadevag (University of California – Santa Barbara)
 Chad Borak (California State University, Northridge)
 Chris Schuler (Creighton University)
 Julien Edwards (Drake University)
 Kris Banghart (University of Denver)
 Nick Cardenas (San Diego State University)
 Tyler Barry (University of California – Berkeley)
 Adam Welch (Lehigh University)
 Steven Kinney (Elon University)
 Ryan Peterman (University of San Diego)

 Samuel Appiah (Boston University)
 Carlos Villa (University of Hartford)
 Zack Schilawski (Wake Forest University)
 Zach Loyd (University of North Carolina – Chapel Hill)
 Austin da Luz (Wake Forest University)
 Drew Yates (University of Maryland – College Park)
 Ronnie Bouemboue (North Carolina State University)
 Ross LaBauex (University of Virginia)
 Joseph Noone (Temple University)
 Isaac Kissi (University of Dayton)
 Mike Seamon (Villanova University)
 Othaniel Yanez (University of Louisville)
 Steffen Vroom (Depaul University)
 Fred Braun (University of Louisville)
 Michael Thomas (University of Notre Dame)
 Toni Stahl (University of Connecticut)
 Mike Pezza (University of Connecticut)
 Nelson Becerra (St. John’s University)
 Bright Dike (University of Notre Dame)
 Jason Yeisley (Penn State University)
 Mauro Fuzetti (University of Michigan)
 Eric Alexander (Indiana University)
 Irving Garcia (University of California – Irvine)
 David Walker (University of California – Santa Barbara)
 Andrew Hoxie (College of William & Mary)
 Nane Joseph (Old Dominion University)
 Two-Boys Gumede (University of Alabama – Birmingham)
 Andre Akpan (Harvard University)
 Craig Henderson (Dartmouth College)
 Nick Elenz-Martin (Brown University)
 Kwaku Nyamekye (Harvard University)
 Seth Sinovic (Creighton University)
 Justin Davis (University of New Mexico)
 Kyle Nakawaza (University of California – Los Angeles)
 Michael Stephens (University of California – Los Angeles)
 David Estrada (University of California – Los Angeles)
 Adam Welch (Lehigh University)
 Conor O’Brien (Bucknell University)
  Collen Warner (University of Portland)
 Conor Chinn (University of San Francisco)


MLS will add its Generation adidas players to the list once it signs them. An announcement on Generation adidas players should come a week before the MLS Player Combine.

What do you think of this group? Any players missing that should be on this list? Who do you think are some of the top seniors on this list?

Share your thoughts below.

  • Colin

    hey ives i think you’re confused with Ofori Sarkodie. is he playing for Indiana or Ohio State?



  • DC josh

    Surprised Drew Yates made the list. He is a big boy with a gritty work ethic. Good to see he was invited.

    Ives, could you give us some background on how these players are selected? Can an under-grad not receive an invite? Do all the MLS teams submit players they want to see, then those make up the list?


  • Aaron in StL

    Names of the Year: Bright Dike, Two-Boys

    Ives, re: the NASL – is it posisble MLS could loan some younger guys to some of those teams to get some experience? Or would NASL be on the hook for their salaries?

    Seems like it’d be a good way to get these kids playing at least.


  • ilovemanu_1999

    Quoting from one of the Cleveland Indians coach in the movie, “Major League”, “Who are these f*&$ing guys?”


  • Biggy

    interesting, only one guy from stanford, pretty surprised michael strickland didn’t get an invite, he was pretty stellar for them at holding mid all year long.


  • Dave

    I’m not sure Justin Morrow should be listed as a defender.

    I’m hopeful but not at all optimistic about Fuzetti’s chances.


  • Sninho

    When you speak about Two-Boys, do you have to use the singular or plural? For example, “Two-Boys is going to have a big game today.” Or “Two-Boys are going to have a big game today.” Very confusing…


  • radwriter12@gmail.com

    Nice to see tyler berry back in action after having to miss the last combine.


  • tj

    Rory McCrea of Hofstra is real quality. MVP for Ocean City Barons PDL in their best ever season.


  • Aquaman


    if you live in Florida and are willing to drive to Ft. Lauderdale to watch these guys play, will they let you (me) in? Florida doesn’t get a whole bunch of soccer besides MNT camps and this MLS combine.

    (SBI-The Combine is open to the public as far as I know. Not a lot of people take advantage of the opportunity to watch.)


  • jumanji

    I am suprised Zach Tierney is not on this list. He was injured maliciously by an Ohio State player, but has recovered. he missed the last portion of the college season. He was on the long Generation Adidas list last year to my knowledge. I find it hard to understand how he was good enough for that list, but not in the combine. Did the injury prevent him from making the list. Very unjust at best! Also understand that MLS changed to manner in which they select the list, and many MLS coaches very upset as they did not know about it. Can anyone confirm this?


  • Bob

    No Andy Stadler?? Past two years he has always been one of the top players in the country for goal/game and pts/game.


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