MLS Draft 2010

SBI MLS Draft Big Board (Version 4.0)

DillyDuka (ISIphotos.com) 

Photo by ISIphotos.com

The New Year is almost here, which means the 2010 MLS Draft is also almost upon is.

Three weeks remain before 16 Major League Soccer teams select reinforcements from the 2010 MLS Draft and the league's success in landing many of its top Generation adidas targets has the draft shaping up to be potentially as strong as the 2009 draft.

The additions of Danny Mwanga, Tony Tchani and Andrew Wiedeman (and the new additions of Ike Opara and Corben Bone) to the draft pool has teams in the first half of the draft excited at the increased value of their draft picks, while teams with multiple picks in the Top 20 suddenly have that much more to be excited about.

Here is this week's MLS Draft Big Board, which will be our next to last Big Board before the MLS Combine takes place in Florida a week from now. These players rankings are based on our own observations and research as well as with input from several coaches, general managers and scouts throughout MLS.

SBI 2010 MLS Draft Big Board

(*Generation adidas signing. For player profiles, click on each player's college)

1. IKE OPARA*, Wake Forest, D

Ike Opara

Has signed a Generation adidas contact. Opara is consider by many scouts to be the top pro prospect in the draft. A prototypical central defender with an impressive combination of speed and size. Would have been a Top Three pick in 2009 draft. Widely-regarded as top talent in draft, but it is starting to look like Philadelphia will look elsewhere with the No. 1 overall pick. Didn't have the best College Cup, but scouts still love him and he's a lock Top Two pick.

2. DANNY MWANGA*, Oregon State, F


Has moved up amid word that Philadelphia is coveting him with the No. 1 overall pick and after his somewhat surprising Generation adidas contract signing. He possesses similar size-speed combination to Bunbury, though he is faster and regarded by some as the more dangerous forward. Produced 14 goals this season. The Congolese-born striker had been linked to a move to Europe, but signed with MLS after a sizeable offer was made.

3. TEAL BUNBURY*, Akron, F

Moves down a notch with the inclusion of Mwanga. Didn't have the College Cup Tournament you would have expected from a star forward, but still showed enough to merit being one of the first players taken in next month's draft. He's got the size-speed (6-foot-2) combo at forward that clubs love, not to mention a nose for goal he clearly inherited from his father, Canadian national team legend Alex Bunbury.

4. TONY TCHANI*, Virginia, M

Didn't dominate the College Cup, but still did more than enough to move up the Big Board. His strength on the ball was impressive, as was his ability to cover ground. Tchani's season started slowly due to injuries, but no player has boosted their stock more in the past month than Tchani. A 6-foot-4 playmaker who combines strength, a deft passing touch and goal-scoring ability, Tchani is at the top of some team's draft boards and could be first midfielder taken.

5. CORBEN BONE*, Wake Forest, M/F

Corben Bone

Has signed a Generation adidas contract. Wasn't the impact player some expected in the College Cup, but he did show flashes of the attacking qualities that have him so highly-rated. The most dangerous attacking player in the draft, Bone is a dynamic playmaker with great vision and a terrific motor. Has played predominantly on the wing for Wake Forest, but he's more likely a central midfielder on the pro level.

6. TONI STAHL,  UConn, M

Strong, smart, tall (6-foot-3) and technically sound, Stahl is widely-regarded as the best defensive midfielder in the draft and potentially someone who can step in and start in year one like Sam Cronin did for Toronto FC. The Finland-born midfielder has signed a deal with MLS and can solidify his place as the most highly-regarded senior with a strong MLS Combine.

7. ANDREW WIEDEMAN*, California, F

Andrew Wiedeman

A productive goal scorer in the mold of Taylor Twellman, Wiedeman is considered polished enough to play minutes in MLS now and could be seen as a year-one contributor at forward. Rated below Mwanga and Bunbury, Wiedeman should still be a Top 10 pick and could be this year's Chris Pontius. He has signed a Generation adidas deal.


Amobi Okugo

The nation's best freshman is also one of the players whose stock has increased the most during the NCAA Tournament. He's still just 18, and could stay in school since he's just a freshman, but MLS teams are already drooling over his box-to-box midfielder tools and upside. He is on the verge of signing a Generation adidas contract.

9. DILLY DUKA*,  Rutgers, M


Regarded by many as the most impressive of the U.S. Under-20 World Cup participants, Duka boasts good skill, touch and a surprising bite. He left Rutgers a year ago, but the U-20 World Cup was enough to shoot him up draft boards across the league. He was a member of the Red Bulls academy program during his Rutgers years, so New York is a good bet to try and move up and take him with a second first-round draft pick.

10. ANDRE AKPAN, Harvard, F


An athletic and polished forward who has been linked with moves to MLS for years, Akpan has the tools to step in and play in year one. A Generation adidas target for the past two years, Akpan recently signed with MLS and should move up draft boards now that it is clear he will be playing in the league (There had been concern he might bolt if he didn't like his draft position or contract).

11. AUSTIN DA LUZ, Wake Forest, M

Austin da Luz

Already a highly-regarded prospect, Da Luz boosted his stock more than any other player at the College Cup. His vision, touch and ability to work the left flank had scouts impressed. Should challenge Andre Akpan as second senior taken after Stahl.

12. LUIS GIL, U.S. Under-17, M


One of the more enticing long-term prospects in the pool. Gil is just 16, but he's a bundle of skill who could blossom into a star if he's groomed properly. The question is where in the draft do you take a young talent who is a few years away from contributing? He has been approached with a considerable offer by MLS but has yet to sign. The last high-profile Generation adidas prospect not to sign.

13. BLAIR GAVIN*, Akron, M


A gifted central midfielder who is adept at sparking attacks from deep in midfield with sharp passes, Gavin didn't exactly dominate in the College Cup but still showed enough flashes to lead MLS to offer him a Generation adidas deal. Gaven has the technical ability, but questions remain about his physical attributes. That won't stop him from going in the mid-to-late first round of the draft.

14. ZACH LOYD, North Carolina, M/D

Zach Loyd

A highly-regarded prospect even before the NCAA Tournament, Loyd's performance in the College Cup semifinals vs. Akron has catapulted him up the rankings and helped make him one of the first seniors signed by MLS. He's natural defensive midfielder who played central defense for UNC this season because the team needed him there. All Loyd did was establish himself as one of the best defenders in the college game. Now scouts see him as a midfielder who can also provide depth in the back, versatility that has boosted his value.

15. JACK McINERNEY*,  U.S. Under-17, F


While Dilly Duka's stock jumped after the Under-20 World Cup, McInerney's dropped. That said, he's still an exciting prospect with a nose for goal and good touch and moves. McInerney has signed with MLS as a Generation adidas player and now we will see just how early he will go in the draft given the fact that he is 17 and isn't going to help right away. There are other more experienced players on the board who could go higher if teams are looking for help right away, but McInerney is still a quality prospect who should go in the first round.

16. OFORI SARKODIE, Indiana, D

Ofori Sarkodie

The best fullback available in the draft, Sarkodie is a left back prospect who should garner serious attention on draft day. Experienced at multiple positions in defense, Sarkodie should be one of the first seniors taken and could wind up going early if a team in need of fullback help bypasses the Generation adidas prospects to draft him.


Kyle Nakazawa

Injuries have plagued Nakazaway throughout his UCLA career, but the former U.S. youth international put together a solid senior season that catapulted him up the rankings. There are still concerns about his health, but he will have a chance to ease some of those concerns at the MLS Combine.

18. ZACH SCHILAWSKI,  Wake Forest, F

Zack Schilawski

Showed some good speed and movement in the College Cup, but he didn't finish chances and lost some ground to teammate Da Luz. Wake Forest's leading goal scorer should still be a popular prospect come draft time and should go in the late-first, early-second round range, though a strong MLS Combine could improve that.


In a draft light on central defenders, Watson-Siriboe is a prototypical big back who has the tools and resume to have teams paying close attention come draft day. Arguably the second-best central defender after Opara, Watson-Siriboe is 6-foot-3, was a three-year starter at UConn and is poised to move into the first-round range with a strong MLS Combine.

20. SEAN JOHNSON*, Central Florida, GK

Sean Johnson

While he isn't an MLS-ready goalkeeper like Stefan Frei was last season, Johnson's physical attributes (a quick 6-foot-4, 220) have goalkeeper coaches in MLS drooling at the thought of being able to work with such a talented young specimen. A back-up on the U.S. Under-20 national team, Johnson has signed a Generation adidas deal according to SBI sources and should be the first goalkeeper off the board come draft day.


A skillful yet small central midfielder, Stephens was very highly-regarded after his junior season, but just missed out on a Generation adidas contract. Unfortunately for him, he is now a senior in a draft class loaded with Generation adidas talent and he's coming off a somewhat subpar season at UCLA. Could wind up being a second-round steal.


Smallish but athletic and brave goalkeeper who has impressed as a U.S. youth international. The success of RSL goalkeeper Nick Rimando, another quick but small goalkeeper from UCLA, should have teams looking past Perk's lack of size and appreciating his potential. He should go somewhere in the second round.

23. COLLEN WARNER, Portland, M/F

Under the radar outside of the Pacific Northwest, Warner's stock is rapidly rising as scouts learn more about this creative, fast and tough midfielder. He didn't play against the best competition in college, but a standout performance at the MLS Combine could catapult him close to the first round.

24. JOVAN BUBOJNA, Illinois-Chicago, GK 

A player who would probably have been the second goalkeeper taken in last year's draft, Bobojna is coming off a disappoint year that raised some questions about his readiness. A strong combine would help ease some concerns and push him toward the first round as arguably the goalkeeper most prepared to step in and play.

25. ROSS LaBAUEX, Virginia, M

A tenacious defensive midfielder, LaBauex didn't show much on the ball to impress scouts, but his athleticism and work rate are impressive. He's also versatile and could wind up being converted into a fullback or central defender.

26. NICK CARDENAS, San Diego State, D

A 6-foot-5 centerback who is dominant in the air and dangerous on set pieces, Cardenas would be ranked much higher if not for question marks about his footwork and touch.

27. CHRIS SCHULER, Creighton, D

Tough and mature, Schuler has intangibles that coaches love and the make-up to be a long-time pro. One of the better defenders available.

28. RONNIE BOUEMBOUE, North Carolina State, F

Speedy forward who could be a game-changer off the bench in year one, Bouemboue stood out in the tough ACC and should be a second-round selection.

29. NELSON BECERRA, St. John’s, M

Skillful playmaker who also saw time on the left wing, Becerra is another player who's stock was much higher a year ago. He will need to serious impress at the Combine if he wants to stay in the first two rounds.

30. PHIL EDGINGTON, Louisville, D

Another tall central defender who could provide depth, Edgington isn't known as the kind of set-piece threat that Cardenas is, but he will have a chance to test himself against the likes of Mwanga and Bunbury at the Combine.


We will extend the SBI MLS Big Board to 40 players next week so stay tuned for that.

For now, feel free to share your thoughts on this week's SBI MLS Draft Big Board in the comments section below.

  • Katatonia

    i wonder how accurate this list will end up being. i remember in 2006 when everyone said Marvell Wynne was far and way the best prospect. and then ny traded up for him. i remember watching him for the first time and thinking how it looked like he had never dribbled with a ball before in his life. embarrassing that so many people rated him so highly.


  • south

    FC Dallas

    5. and 6. looking good

    I like the team loaded with young talent.

    BONE and AKPAN, bring the Dallas boys home!


  • Jerome

    Collen Warner can play and has many weapons. Everthing you want in a Midfielder= Creativity, technique, strong tackle, speed, can score from distance, and can get foward and score.

    Interested to see how he does in the Combine.


  • Emile

    In my opinion, Stephens is way too low. He’s essentially another GenAd type player – a nat selection, Pac 10 POY, and still only 20. Also possesses more versatility than Ives is crediting him for. If he signs with the league before the draft, I could see him being picked in the top 5.

    (SBI-Emile, I like the kid, and rated him VERY highly last year, but the reality is teams covet the Generation adidas kids in this year’s draft more and that will hurt Stephens’ draft place. You say he’s “like” a Generation adidas player. The problem is he isn’t. He’s a senior player who’s value is less than the Gen Adi players because his roster counts against the cap. Could he wind up in the first round? Sure, but probably not until the latter stages of the first round. A Top Five pick? I can’t see that one happening in this year’s draft.)


  • M

    I’m going to laugh when Opara isn’t even taken in the first 10. The guy is the most over hyped piece of crap defender I’ve ever seen.

    Are you Agoos in disguise?

    (SBI-M, let’s bet whatever you want that he’s a Top 10 pick.)


  • WK

    i’ll take Ives’ word for it on the rankings, but wonder if San Jose doesn’t take Da Luz or Bone at #3 since our need for another wide player is so great. also, the holding/attacking MF’s out of college tend to need at least a couple of year’s seasoning before they’re ready to contribute consistently, and our needs are more immediate. that being said, as long as Yallop and Doyle don’t get all stupid on us i’ll be happy if we end up with one or more of these young GA players.

    (SBI-Bone I can see, Da Luz would be a reach at No. 3. Truth be told though, I can’t imagine San Jose passing on Teal Bunbury with the third pick if the first two are Mwanga and Opara. Earthquakes need forwards and Yallop certainly knows Bunbury having played with his father on the Canadian national team.)


  • Pete from Chitown

    If Luis Gil gets signed to a Gen. Adidas contract then this draft will be loaded with young talent. He’s the biggest name along with Bone and Opara yet to sign. I’m very impressed by the MLS not letting a lot of these prospects get away to Europe like in the years past.(Ex. Charlie Davies, Alejandro Bedoya, Mike Grella, Marcus Tracy). Keep it up MLS!


  • Kaiser

    Both those guys would be good additions, but Dallas needs help on the backline more. Trade up to get Opara?


  • brandon

    opara may end up being a bust, his distribution in the college cup and getting beat over the top by ownby! is cause for concern, but as ives said his combo of size and speed cannot be ignored.

    (SBI-The Ownby goal was not Opara’s fault as much as some folks want it to be. Wake’s other centerback was on Ownby and Opara is the one who runs in late to try and help. If anything, he does well to close ground on Ownby but gets there a step late to clear the ball away before Ownby’s clever chip. Not sure why some folks want to pin certain plays on Opara. Much like the one goal vs. Germany in the U-20s where Agbossoumonde keeps a player onside, then the right back is beaten to the back-post. Unfortunately for Opara, he’s the one trying to help at the end and winds up being nearest the goal scorer, which makes some assume he was the one beaten when he wasn’t. He made his mistakes in the Under-20 World Cup, but I think that was due largely to the defense around him being just flat awful. The kid is going to be a top-notch defender.)


  • alex

    Yeah watching him play for TFC these last three years i’d have to agree. Bruce Arena knew what he was doing when he shipped him out.

    He makes great surging runs down the flank, but the end product of his crosses is poor. Also bad defensively.


  • alex

    It looks like MLS took a greater % of the talent this year coming out of college. Some of these guys are beginning to realize that unless you’re getting consistent time in Europe, you’re better off in MLS where you actually play.


  • frank from sf

    “as long as Yallop and Doyle don’t get all stupid on us i’ll be happy “. yea let’s hope 2 yrs. of that is enough. i’d be happy w/ any of the top 5 guys.


  • pete

    In the USA we prefer muscular, speedy player with no regard for technical skill In other it seems that technical ability is king


  • alex

    You guys are ok, but in Canada we learned a long time ago to cut the technical players way earlier. Unless the ball looks square when you dribble it, you’re cut.

    Just get the biggest, strongest, fastest kid you can find and assume that soccer skill is a given. It’s a proven formula!


  • gerald

    Hey M i’ll take a piece of that action as well. Opara will be in the top 10, he may not stay the team that drafts him however


  • Aaron R.

    Like to see Sarkodie at DCU. Even though in the past DC has preferred a 3-5-2 formation; Coach O may change/ tweak that a bit. Sarkodie may be a great fit for a team that needs strong/ quick defenders that may help push numbers forward.


  • DC Josh

    This will certainly get redundant, but how many of the top 10 have the desire to play for the USMNT?

    based on birth place:

    1. US
    2. Congo
    3. Canada
    4. Cameroon
    5. US

    This is great for the MLS but are the US youth falling behind these foreigners who immigrate here?


  • Chris in Belfast

    More important to note would be how far along with their residency requirements of some of the foreign born players. If they could get American citizenship and have the talent to play for the US, why not?


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