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Adu assists on Johnson goal in Aris debut

Freddy Adu (ISIphoto.com) 

Photo by ISIphotos.com

Freddy Adu's Greek adventure has gotten off to a positive start as he managed to set up Eddie Johnson's first goal in Greece with a stoppage time assist in Aris' 2-1 loss to FC Xanthi on Sunday.

Adu came on as a 64th minute sub in his Aris debut and helped give his club a consolation goal in the 90th minute when he floated a long pass to Johnson, who touched the ball past the Xanthi goalkeeper before finishing off his first goal since joining Aris earlier this month.

Here is the goal (at the 2:10 mark):

Aris returns to action on Saturday with a home match against Panthrakikos.

What did you think of the goal? Starting to feel better about Adu and Johnson's move to Greece? Reserving judgment until Adu can find consistent playing time?

Share your thoughts below.

  • bryan

    and it is painfully obvious when you watch Aris home games. In addition to the big boys, Olympiakos and Panathiakos. Even Seattle and Toronto have nothing on Aris games.


  • bryan

    i have to go to an Aris home game. INCREDIBLE atmosphere. everytime i see it i’m blown away.


  • John

    You don’t get extra points for style. The only thing that matters is the ball went in the goal. This is a positive, let’s hope for more. The Freddie and Eddie Show can only improve our chances if they’re in form.


  • Tom

    They came in with Aris two goals down, played about the last 30 min. and were pretty active. Eddie drew a second yellow from a defender, and Adu drew fouls and took at least two free kicks, one a direct shot that missed–he also got a couple decent crosses in. He hustled back and was scrappy, and showed some dribbling skills in the corner. Right at the end they almost got the equalizer. Eddie headed the ball to Adu and the ball stuck in the water. He nailed it across goal and his teammate almost got on the end of it.


  • Dan

    good job, but really not the best placement of that ball. a little shorter would have let johnson settle and wrap it around the keeper. going through his legs was lucky


  • Jose S.

    That is pretty good description of their performance.

    Freddy Adu took most of the teams free kicks and corners.


  • Wow

    Greece is a GREAT league. To see Adu hook up with Eddie Johnson reminds me of former American greats Gus Kartes and Peter Philipakos ripping it up in the great land of Greece.

    Now that Adu and Johnson are Bigsoccer.com phenoms again lets bring them in for a USMNT game and watch as they run aimlessly around the pitch for 90 minutes.

    Any MLS team would ruin the team Adu and Johnson play for. It’s a sad day in America when we are posting and rooting about Freddy Adu and Eddie Johnson hooking up on a goal on a half dirt soccer field with 38 sponors on the teams jersey.

    Sad sad day today…


  • dom

    Nathan Ellington scored in that game. That just about sums up the standard of most of the teams in the Greek league.


  • not really

    great pass by adu but johnson was lucky to score. his first touch went straight to the keeper’s feet. any other time that would have been a wasted chance by johnson. he’s overrated.


  • Jerome

    Umm, Ive seen Bradley play Adu as a Foward much more than Midfielder with his US caps. Adu is a Foward most likely in Bradley’s eyes.


  • Jerome

    And Beckerman and Kjlestan are going Wild!!!!!!!! WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!………….Wild as in giving the ball away and getting spunked by Honduras “B”. MLS = World Class.


  • wildchild

    Adu n Johnson both have them work cout out for them. Turkey is crazy country! Too much raki, too much party, too much trouble…

    they will need to walk straight line… easy I said it than done…


  • Jerome

    You mean the Nathan Ellington whos on loan from watford who has EPL goals to his name and was one of the Top players in the CCC for a season..and is still 28?

    The EPL and CCC are better/stronger leagues than MLS.

    Aris the 4th placed Greek team has players from Marseille, Barcelona, Boca Juniors, Benfica,etc.

    What MLS team can say they have these players, outside of the 32- year old has beens that come to MLS as their retirement. NO MLS team is better than the top 5 in Greece.


  • Isaac

    Did I not say I was getting ahead of my self? why don’t you learn to read the post and pay some freaking attention? reading it twice for you 1st grade level readers…


  • Jank

    Adu’s pass was great, loved it. EJ got alittle lucky with bad goaltending but nevertheless.

    Adu needs to be on WC roster, if not for the fact that he has a bright future and needs to be involved. Don’t be stupid BB, put Adu on the roster!!
    But Adu needs to show he can work his ass off!!

    Also, Can US Soccer be more transparent!!! I know more about Mexican soccers upcoming friendlies than I do about US. That is disappointing. US Soccer needs to find a way to market themselves better with commercials and such.


  • Jorge

    After that piece of information, it is goof to know that they are not in Turkey… đŸ™‚


  • ThaDeuce

    He did nutmeg him, the ball went through the keeper’s legs…awesome. I hope they run the table in that league.


  • Wispy

    That’s true of stadia like Xanthi and Larissa, but not of the teams from Athens (AEK, Olympiakos, Panathinaikos, Atromitros) or Thessaloniki (PAOK, Aris, Iraklis) who all play in nic, big stadia with capacities that are the same or larger than stadia in MLS.

    P.S. Do you like how I used “stadia” three times?


  • r.benjamin

    people can say what they’re going to about adu and about the greek league and whatever.. and lot of it is tough to argue..

    BUT no one else in the pool delivers a ball like THAT (except maybe torres) and that play could have come in any league in the world.

    Here’s hoping the work ethic and everything else besides happens for the kid.


  • r.benjamin

    the keeper was unlucky.. i mean who’s first touch on a ball like that is right at him? keepers will get wide waiting for the striker to take it either way, this one snuck through.

    As for EJ.. it’s just like baseball.. sometimes you lace one right at someone and sometimes you get lucky and broken bat one in.. dont over think it.


  • r.benjamin

    simply. yes the greek league is better than MLS. How much is arguable, but it is better.

    The MLS all star team last week was far from impressive. How many Greek league players feature on their world cup qualifying camapaign and 04 for that matter? I don’t know the number but I’m guessing is fairly high. How far do you think the team that lost last saturday do in competitions?


  • Justin O

    “…but this ranking has the Ukraine league above the Eredivsie and the Portuguese League”

    Yes? And?


  • mwc

    Seriously, dude! I imagine the groundskeeper doing the Bill Murray in Caddyshack trying to blow up that gopher before the game.


  • Eric_the_King

    Nice. I’m happy these two are getting on the pitch (a horrendous one at that) and being influential. Hopefully they can keep working hard and get some consistent minutes. But I will say, however, that EJ’s first touch was about as horrible as the pitch. I don’t think he was really trying to nutmeg the keeper. He was looking to bring it down right in front of him and woefully missed. He just happened to miss it in the right spot.


  • Fus

    I’m starting to get tired of everyone who thinks Adu should be apart of the national team. I like Freddy and think he has great potential but he has not given the elder Bradley a reason to call him up. Depth has been a weakness of the national team but, one of the areas that have improved in recent history is Bradley calls in players who are playing with their club and in relatively decent form. Your name or previous performance history on the team is not enough anymore (i.e. Beasley). Adu couldn’t even find time at Belenenses who is currently sitting at the bottom of the Portuguese Liga standings.


  • Ben

    What did we learn in the Gold Cup and the Honduras friendly? That Jay Heap is not an international fullback? That a team full of backups cannot handle losing a penalty/their captain after 17 minutes against a World Cup squad? I don’t think we learned a lot that we didn’t already know. And I don’t think those national team results say anything negative about the quality of MLS.


  • JayNYC

    Both of these moves come down to one thing… Playing Time Playing Time Playing Time. EJ getting time is unexpected, Adu has had a run of bad luck as of late but He can be brilliant when given the chance. Adu has been written off because of “failures” in Europe, those failures are due to politics and coaching changes. Its unfortunate that the Benifica ordeal cost Adu a chance for this world cup but If he is given the chance to find his form he will.

    So far so good for both.


  • brentmcd

    Yes, we can dream I suppose, but Bradley would never put all this offense on the field. Where’s your second CDM? bleh
    Spector > Castillo
    Feilhaber > Adu


  • Hush

    LOL I guess you didn’t understand my sarcasm, DUDE!

    When I said Champions League, I meant that our MLS teams will “NEVER” play against European futbol clubs, meaning that our teams can’t compared to those of Greece because of the quality of teams they see year after year. So it is stupid to compare our league to theres.


  • dom

    I’m not from America so I know that the Greek League is a lot better than MLS. I was just saying that a lot of the teams in Greece aren’t that good.


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