African Cup of Nations: Your Semifinal Commentary


The African Cup of Nations semifinals kick off today with a pair of matches between familiar rivals that should be both entertaining and tightly-contested encounters.

Ghana takes on Nigeria in the first semifinal (11 a.m.), while Algeria and Egypt (2:30pm) renew one of the world's truly heated rivalries in the other semifinal.

If you will be watching today's matches (which can be seen on internet feeds in the USA) then please feel free to share your thoughts, opinions, feeds and some play-by-play in the comments section below.

Enjoy the action.

  • yankiboy

    Unfortunately I can’t “escape” the office to make it to the soccerbar a few blocks away to see the mathes today.

    I really want to see the Algeria-Egypt match. I hope that the Angolans have actually taken precautions and that the rival fans and delegations can remember that it is actually a sporting event and not really “life of death” or a “war”. But nothing in recent history encourages me to not expect a match with the wrong kind of match and post match drama. I really, really hope that I am pleasantly surprised…Hopefully cooler heads will prevail and the example will start on the field and filter its way back to the stands and respective homelands…


  • Andy in Atlanta

    I think that it is sad that ESPN, FSC or GOLTV did not even consider buying rights… It could not have been that expensive… I mean more proactive commercials or worlds strongest man comps just reign in the views huh… Though I suppose if people in Angola are not even bothering to go…why should people watch.


  • yankiboy

    I have no way of knowing what the pricetag was but I have heard talking heads on FSC & Goltv say that the African Fed wanted a mint for the broadcast rights. If they were asking “too much” and the networks didn’t think that their bottom line was going to work out to make it worth doing then maybe the CAF should revist the price. For as long as I have been paying attention to the tournament (since late 90’s) the only way to see it is to be lucky enough to live near a sports/soccer bar that will show the mathces for a cover charge.


  • moosecat

    after penalty gets Algerian defender his 2nd yellow the Egyptian PK taker fakes one way stops (illegally) and scores going the other way. ref doesn’t stop him. this infuriates the Algerian keeper who head butts the ref and is lucky to get only a yellow.

    u.s. needs to do something dirty to get into these guys heads if they need the points

    egypt 1-0 just before half


  • moosecat

    Zidane scores the 2nd from 15 meters out cutting back on a 2v2 to get to his left foot and putting it out of reach in the upper left corner.

    cradles his boot like a baby in celebration.


  • moosecat

    Zidane was out vs USA wasn’t he in the confed cup. doubt we would have advanced or posted a clean sheet w him in the lineup.


  • moosecat

    Algerians down to 9 just looking to take men out at this point. dirty. Hopefully all their good players will be suspended by the time they get to the USA in the last game of group play in the World Cup.


  • moosecat

    Algeria now down to 8 men as the keeper gets sent off for kicking at an Egyptian player after the whistle had blown for an offside (wasn’t actually offside).


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