Altidore discusses tragedy in Haiti

Jozy Altidore (ISIphotos.com) 

As the world comes together to try and help the people of Haiti deal with the devastation following the recent Earthquake, the situation has impacted few in the soccer world as much as U.S. national team star Jozy Altidore, the son of Haitian immigrants.

Altidore has been at the forefront of efforts to raise awareness and promote contributions in the days since the earthquake and recently spoke to ESPN.com about the situation in Haiti:

International Response Fund

  • Freddie Footballer

    I’ve donated and hope others here donate too. Thoughts and prayers with you, your family and Haitians after this tragedy.


  • Rob Usry

    “JozyAltidore17 Team has been very positive and helpful to me tomorrow is big game for us. I’m going to wear both of my wrist bands in support of Haiti.”

    Sounds like it to me.


  • Adam in Irvine

    From his Twitter it sounds like he’s going to play. I know he has the leave of absence but that was because he was going to fly to Haiti to look for relatives. Haiti is now only allowing Aid and volunteer planes into the country.

    I’ve also donated and think you should give what you can, even if it’s only $5 or $10. The number of casualties could be 10 to 20 times larger than 9/11. Terrible situation.


  • Steve T.

    If each American spares just $1 we’ll have 330 million dollars to give to Haiti…so ….DO JUST DO IT!!!!

    Yele.org is preferrable to the red cross however, as 100% of aid collected by YELE goes to HAITI. This is not necessarily the case with the Red Cross.


  • Josh D

    Terrible tragedy, thoughts and prayers are out to all.

    Hope he has a chance to score one for them.


  • shutupayouface

    i must say i agree with you. he’s caused quite a bit of trouble with his club and national teams. i think brown just wants to see some goals and figure he can ship this locker room cancer out the door at the end of the season.


  • jack

    i feel bad for jozy, but missing a game because of this is insane. i dont want to sound insensitive but other athletes have played after tragedies.


  • twitter.com/BlacknBlueKC

    Praying hard for Haiti as well as Jozy. The kid has had quite a time the past year, not dressing for a second division club in Spain, Charlie’s accident, fighting for minutes w Hull, and now his roots get rocked by an earthquake. His maturity is really shining through. Much Love for Haiti, one of America’s favorite importers of footballing talent.


  • Andy in Atlanta

    Jack… we are talking about his cousins and Uncles potentially being killed in a horrific tragedy… Haitians are very family oriented people… this is not something you can ask him to take lightly… he wants to play and score I am sure… I imagine he will play very inspired… much like he did when Charlie was in the accident.. Imagine if you came from Portugal but grew up in the US… even though you are American.. your parents heritage and homeland potentially being destroyed…not only would you hurt for your roots but would you not hurt for your parents who might have lost siblings and their parents?


  • YO

    I agree! Altidore, accept the things you can’t change and show your pain in the field like the game you played in DC to honor Charlie.


  • Chris in Belfast

    It’s pretty much a guarantee that when someone starts their comment with “I don’t want to sound insensitive…” you’re going to hear something incredibly insensitive.

    The reason we’ve been amazed at other athletes who have performed in the wake of great personal tragedy is that it is an exceptional circumstance. We expect people to take time off to deal with tragedy, and when they don’t we’re amazed. Jozy has (probably) lost family; if he doesn’t feel good to play, then he should get no stick at all from people with no stake in the matter.


  • 911 was an inside job

    Beware making donations through UNICEF. The U.N. tells lies. To your face! The United Nations is the embryonic world government – a communist government – of the New World Order (but they deny that fact). The United Nations “Child Education Fund” is just another propaganda/money laundering tool for the Communists. The U.N. is no more your “friend” than communist China, communist Russia, or the old Soviet Union. THE U.N. IS NOT YOUR FRIEND. Ives, you can’t delete this post b/c you brought up Haiti, not me!


  • Justin O

    Jack – This isn’t “after” a tragedy. This is right in the middle of a tragedy. His relatives may very well be alive right now, but be in grave danger of dying.


  • Jon

    @911–Since you seemed to have just crawled out of your hole, allow me to be the first to inform you: The Cold War is over. We won!

    Now go crawl back into your cave, please, and take your lies with you.

    Good for Jozy for recognizing that there’s more to life than football. His club gave him permission to miss the match, so why would neutral parties (i.e. you and me) object to his actions?


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