MLS Draft 2010

It's Q&A Time (2010 MLS Draft Edition)

2010 MLS Draft 

The 2010 MLS Draft is in the books and while it is easy to see which teams made out on draft day, I'm sure SBI readers have plenty of questions about the selections made on Thursday.

We will provide some in-depth analysis on the draft on Monday, but if you want some breakdowns on how teams did, you can check out my MLS Draft Grades piece on ESPN.com.

In the meantime, it feels like a good time for a draft-themed Q&A. Please submit your draft-related questions in the comments section below and I will post answers next week starting on Monday (though I might post some tonight). If you're wondering when the next regular Q&A will be, I will post one next week.

Wondering about your team's top pick? Still trying to figure out how a certain player didn't even get drafted? Think somebody made a big mistake? Send your draft questions our way.

  • timmy_u

    Will we be seeing the video of Schilawski thanking the wrong team for years to come?

    If you were in the Union’s shoes at #7, having taken youth with #1 and #6, do you still take Jack Mack?

    What does showing up to the draft strong say about a team vs. not showing up to the draft?

    Does MLS make too much of the “Superdraft” and try to make it an event, when most people don’t follow college soccer. I can’t remember extensive coverage of the MLB draft on TV – is MLS trying to compete with the NBA and NFL where their college sports are followed extensively? Reword if this is too messy, but you know what I’m getting at.


  • Sushan

    2 questions

    – which of these players are candidates for 2014 world cup with usmnt?

    – which. Of these will garner serious playing time this comiing season


  • dan

    Ives,if the union and owners do not come to an agreement and there is a lockout…. in your opinion, can the MLS really survive? are owners going to take their “money” and follow some other US owners to the EPL? will it slow the growth of the sport?

    Sorry… I asked more than one question….


  • Jeff in KC

    Can you discuss the Jimmy Conrad trade talk. I know Peter Vermes said he wasn’t shopping Conrad around, but do you think there’s a chance Conrad gets traded?


  • Scotty Mac

    Mwanga has a Resident Green Card and also has political refugee status. So I’m not sure when you can play for the USMNT, but he is not a citizen, just has Permanent Legal Resident status. I don’t see him playing for the Congo, as his father is missing and presumed dead after the overthrow of the previous government. I don’t know if Mwanga will stay long, as he had been negotiating with a couple of French teams (he’s fluent in French) and wants to go there after establishing himself as a player. I don’t know if he leaves the US what that does to his residency status.


  • Joe


    Now that the draft has happened what sort of 4-4-2 starting XI could RBNY run out to open Red Bull Arena?


  • Fred

    Ives, why were so few goalies chosen? It seems they didn’t get much love in the draft this year.


  • Fred

    Ives, which draftees do you predict will be starters this year in MLS, and therefore good fantasy picks?


  • TR

    Compare this years first 4 picks with last years (Zakuani, Cronin, Omar G, and Obrien White) – which group will have had the bigger first year impact? Which group has more potential in the long term?


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