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Revs and Rapids complete major deal involving Gibbs, Larentowicz

Jeff Larentowicz (ISIphotos.com) 

Photo by ISIphotos.com

The biggest trade of the MLS offseason was finalized on Thursday, with Colorado and New England completing a deal that had been rumored for some time.

The Colorado Rapids and New England Revolution have completed a deal that will send defender Cory Gibbs and goalkeeper Preston Burpo to the Revolution in exchange for Wells Thompson and the rights to Jeff Larentowicz will go to the Rapids, the Boston Herald reported on Thursday evening.

The Rapids are also sending New England a partial allocation and 3rd-round draft pick in 2011.

The deal addresses two major needs for New England in central defense and goalkeeper, with starter Matt Reis set to miss the start of the 2010 season after shoulder surgery. Gibbs should step in and start alongside Darrius Barnes in New England's central defense.

Colorado secures arguably the best player in the deal in Larentowicz, but only if the central midfielder re-signs with the Rapids. Given the size of the deal, it would appear Larentowicz is ready to return to MLS rather than explore options in Europe, which he had been expected to do. Larentowicz's arrival in Colorado could mean a move to central defense for captain Pablo Mastroeni. The deal also helps address Colorado's needs on the right wing with Thompson.

What do you think of the deal? Who do you think got the better of the trade?

Share your thoughts below.

  • Franky

    That injury to Cory Gibbs really derailed his career. He was a projected starter in the 2006 World Cup. We could really use an extra CB right now


  • timmy_u

    This is the second team in a week and a half to overpay to fix a starting goalkeeper problem…

    if the Ginger Ninja resigns, and Colorado gets any use out of Thompson, that money, and that pick, I give them the better side of the deal.

    That said, I understand why NE felt they needed to make a move, but I wouldnt have done it.


  • Joe

    So is the Rapids pursuit of Larentowicz a direct acknowledgment that Mehdi Ballouchy is not a preferred option? This would suggest the Rapids organization agrees with fans on the Beckerman trade fiasco. How has Jeff Plush managed to preserve his job? Are the Rapids irrelevant even to their owner Kroenke?


  • Limo

    nahh dude, the Revs get the allocation money and draft pick (along w/ a goalie, who is only meant to fill in until Reis is fit, and a defender who adds depth and competition to the squad)

    Colorado gets a sub-par winger in Thompson, and the rights to Jeff. If he stays w/ MLS, it is a big upside for them. However, this deal definitely isn’t all in Colorado’s favor


  • Ed

    Uhh, New England got the pick and the money dude. And Burpo is hardly coming in to fix a starting goalkeeper problem, he’s just a stopgap for a few games.


  • Jason

    “Are the Rapids irrelevant even to their owner Kroenke?”

    Um yes. Welcome to what Rapids fans figured out years ago.


  • Mark

    Steve Nicol knows what he’s doing, so I usually would side with him on most decisions. You get a solid keeper, a starting centerback with national team experience, a pick and cash? Not too shabby


  • fischy

    The big news is that DC United has signed the kid once called “the next Patrick Viera.” N’Galula has slipped a long way since his hip injury as a teenager in his Manchester United days, but imagine if he recovers some of that potential as he regains form and fitness? In a couple of years, he could be a bigger pick-up than Gibbs.


  • Nathan

    It will be interesting to see how Gibbs knees hold up on the Revs wonderfully cushioned (note: sarcasm) turf.


  • Tim Crawford

    I think the Revs definitely won in the deal, but I’m still not pleased with it. Gibbs does not address a major need as Barnes and Osei were plenty good enough and I don’t see how he starts over either of them. I think I’d like to see Igwe start at LB as well, so I don’t know where Gibbs is going to fit in unless he’s the 3rd choice in the middle. Burpo is a bit too crazy for me. I’m not a big fan. I understand it was a need, but I would’ve preferred a number of other guys. Larentowicz is a Rev through and through and it’s disappointing the club didn’t do enough to keep him here. If he leaves for Europe then we definitely win, but otherwise, I’m just not happy that we didn’t really improve much from this and lost one of our fan favorites (and possible future national teamer).


  • John

    Larentowicz might be too injured to trial to get a contract in Europe. He might have to sign with MLS (his second choice).


  • Chris A.

    “The deal also helps address Colorado’s needs on the right wing with Thompson.”

    HA! How desperate are the cRapids if they feel Thompson is any part of the answer on the wing? Thompson is a nice kid but he plays scared and gives up possession WAY to often. No confidence at all.


  • DC Josh

    I thought Larentowitz was injured, that’s why he left the USMNT camp? And Maestroeni at center half? Get out the paper bag hats…


  • kfly

    Yes. He’s an above average CB in MLS now, but that’s all. Before, he was spectacular. I watched him excel at Brown University, and I could tell then he had the potential to be a star. Unfortunately, that injury just killed his career.


  • Hopper

    Hope this works out OK for Preston Burpo. I used to cover him when I wrote for the USL Seattle Sounders. He was a helleva nice guy, and has had a few great performances in MLS.


  • Eric K

    I’m not too crazy about losing Big Red, not at all, but I kinda expected him to leave for Europe this offseason anyway. I could take or leave Gibbs, he’s been hurt a lot. I’m not a fan of Osei so maybe this is okay. Larentowicz is one of my favorite Revs so that really sticks. Wells worked hard whenever I saw them, he was a pest on that wing, he just never got into a consistent productive rhythym. What this tells me is (a) the Revs weren’t too confident about signing Larentowicz to a deal that worked for them; (b) the Revs aren’t convinced that Badilla or Osei is the answer at center back beside Barnes; and (c) they’re pessimistic that Wells is ever going to become the every-game all around winger they need.


  • Haus

    Thats rough to lose Big Red, and I think best-case scenario would have been to re-sign him. Be that as it may, I can see whats going on here. Gibbs will pair with Barnes at CB, while Osei will jump up to Reds old position, I know he has played there in Europe and his skills are probably best utilized as a hard tackling mid with speed. Overall, Im very wary of the Revs chances this year. Alot of unanswered questions all over the field. Seems like a rebuilding year.


  • Super-Bro

    And you know the Revs are ready to use that partial allocation. (Sarcasm meter blowing up)


  • John

    How the mighty have fallen! I used to follow Gibbs’ career in Holland when he played for ADO den Haag and Feyenoord as well as in the English Championship with Charlton Athletic (though he was injured much of his time there). I thought he would regain his form when he moved back stateside but that lengthy injury spell doomed not only his national team aspirations but his career as a football as well. HE is not even in Bradley’s radar anymore. And to think that he was a projected starter for the WC 2006 team, which he missed because of his injury.


  • Matt in Detroit

    I’m sorry, can someone tell me what a “partial allocation” is?

    Big red is a solid player, the perfect type for the blue collar Rev’s. He’ll be missed. I’m not sure if that kid from wake forest can cover for him in the two defensive midfielder formation. But Joseph would make any partner look good.


  • Seth

    The 2 best professional players to come out of Brown University traded for each other!

    Nice to see them linked in a headline, but would have been great to see them as teammates in MLS.


  • GED Polyglot

    No, Pablo at center BACK. He’s already playing as the holding midfielder for the Rapids.


  • GED Polyglot

    Don’t expect Wells to be a starter for the Rapids. Colorado’s NEED is for reserve wingers. Jamie Smith and Colin Clark will be starting on the outsides.


  • RevA

    Rapids fans will love Wells for about 2 games, then you’ll come to be very frustrated with him. He puts in the effort, but all you’ll really see is a college game out of him. I’ll miss Big Red, but I’m not sure he’s gonna be around anyway. I think he’ll be somewhere in Europe. Hopefully Gibbs can stay healthy.


  • Rory

    Burpo can still play… he started quite a bit for Colorado last year and the year before he edged out the starter (who now starts at NY) for most of the late season games.

    I took my 2 year old son to watch a Rapids practice one time and as Burpo got beat on a goalkeeping drill he (Burpo) yelled MF’r like five times. Luckily my son wasn’t one to repeat things he’d heard or my wife woulda been peed off.


  • Boulder RapidMan

    At least the 5 year old children at our Rapids matches enjoy the 3 colorful mascots we have.

    Plush is starting to get it. Whether he and the rest of the FO make the good moves has yet to be seen. I think this trade is a step in the right direction. The draft wasn’t too bad either.

    I think the success of Seattle and Toronto has made the FO of most of the MLS clubs stand up and pay attention and try to figure out what they are doing wrong.

    Hint, three mascots, hint.

    Sometimes I feel like I’m at a furry convention.


  • RLW2020

    Franz the Fox?? ya f* that stuff.

    i am looking forward to the day we don’t have that junk at our games. good trade tho for both sides.


  • RLW2020

    so is the trade for larentowicz’s contract rights or is Colorado hoping to get a transfer fee for him?, assuming he wants to move to europe.


  • Boulder RapidMan

    According to the Rapids website and an email that went out to season ticket holders, Larentowicz is now signed on for a new five year deal with the Rapids.

    Now it’s almost certain that the Rapids got the better part of the deal.


  • Boulder RapidMan

    I have a feeling Wells wears an I BELONG TO JESUS shirt under his Jersey…

    which is pure Kaka if you ask me!


  • Triby

    Larentoshitz is overrated…These are the players that need to be replaced in MLS fo r the league to get better. Garber should stop being a cheap ass


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