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Ronaldinho nets hat-trick in AC Milan rout

Ronaldinho 1 (Reuters)


Ronaldinho's struggles over the past couple years have been well-documented, but his most recent performance for AC Milan is just the latest example of him returning to his best.

A rejuvenated Ronaldinho starred in Milan's massive victory over lowly Siena on Sunday, scoring a hat-trick in the 4-0 win that kept the Rossoneri within striking distance of first-place Inter Milan.

It took Ronaldinho only 12 minutes to get on the scoresheet, converting a penalty kick over ten-man Siena. The Brazilian attacker then headed home his second (Milan's third) in the second half before capping the scoring with a blast that brought back memories of his glory days at Barcelona.

If you missed any of Ronaldinho's hat-trick or wish to see it again, the goals are after the jump.

What do you think of Ronaldinho's hat-trick? Impressed? Do you see him making the 2010 World Cup team for Brazil?

Share your thoughts below.

  • madmax

    Ronaldinho must be the biggest football turn around I’ve ever seen. Last year he was god-awful and this year an unstoppable dynamo. He surely will get called back to Brasil, especially with Kaka’ off form still.


  • Yossarian

    I’d have him on the bench in case they got down and needed an injection of creativity, but I don’t think he really fits into what Dunga is doing there. In order for him to be effective, you pretty much have to run your whole team through him and that’s not what Dunga wants.


  • MiamiAl

    I don’t think there is anyone in the world that does not want to see Ronaldinho in South Africa in some capacity this summer…


  • Lorenzo

    Agreed. Can see it already, Netherlands-Brazil, quarterfinals, tied at 1-1, 10 minutes before stoppage time legendary Ronaldinho comes on to try and pull something from nothing.


  • grubbsbl

    I know, forget Ronaldinho. Dempsey subbed off with a knee injury. Awaiting more info…..


  • jig

    i disagree, i think with the way he dunga has the team set up, ronaldinho fits perfectly. they play a 4-2-3-1, there’s no reason why ronaldinho couldnt beat out robinho for the starting spot on the left, which is where he operates at club level as well.


  • chupacabra

    Scoring a hat trick against bottom feeders Siena (and a 10-man Siena at that) is about as impressive as that time that Kramer beat all the kids in his karate class. You should call it an urban sombrero trick instead.


  • Adam M.

    And he missed three other goals by inches. Its not just that he scored (5 in the last 2 games). He is running at defenders again, displaying his skill on the ball, and creating general havoc, the things that have missing from his game. Ronny at his best is C. Ronaldo and Messi in one player. He’s not as fast as he used to be, but he is certainly making his argument right now regarding the Selecao.


  • wally

    I say he takes Robinho’s starting spot. Kaka and Ronaldinho, like Gerrard and Lampard, will just have to figure it out.


  • Josh D.

    Not good; they say cruciate knee damage = months out… Typical for us, that’s 3 of our main players out at the moment for the World Cup. Surprised there’s no mention of it here yet…. So pissed…


  • wally

    this dempsey thing is awful.

    really hoping he can come back by the wc with the same kind of fire and athleticism..we really need that guy outworking/jumping folks on set pieces. not sure where the goals come from without a healthy davies or dempsey…


  • Jonathan

    Dunga may be stubborn, but he’s no fool. ronaldhinho will start ahead of robinho… I use to like robinho but his attitude and just sheer lack of ability has shown. He’s not young anymore, there’s no more excuse; he is merely just an above average player. He’s not world class and people need to stop feeding his ego. He really just isn’t that good. Ronnie, Messi, Dinho, Torres, all scoring more goals at his age. Hell I rate joe cole ahead of robinho right now


  • JL

    I know it won’t happen anytime soon but I would love to see him play in the MLS before his career is over.


  • Dominghosa

    He really should have gotten four, his beautiful cut back move around the 75th minute ended with a chip shot that just missed.


  • Mark

    Ronaldinho Gaúcho is sending a notice to the soccer world about South Africa 2010. he is still not in top form but he’s scaring the hell out of defenders. He will be in South Africa 2 times better than he is now.

    Don’t miss any Brazil games it’s going to be special this 2010 cup for Gaúcho.


  • alex

    Amazing what happens when you have a little motivation…

    Good time to take a few months off from clubbing to remind everyone that you’ve been wasting more talent than anyone in the world for the last couple of years.


  • d

    the 2 goals he DIDN’t score were as incredible or more than any of the ones he did.

    watched extended highlights of the game and beckham was excellent


  • Walter Bolombo

    I agree. ‘Dinho is the best player I have ever seen. He has good skills. I think he can make it in SA. If Dunga takes pleasure in not calling Ronaldinho for the 2010 World Cup then there is something hidden behind that decision.


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