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Edu's Old Firm winner

MauriceEdu (Getty Images)

Maurice Edu put his name in the history books of one of the world's oldest and most storied rivalries on Sunday, scoring a stoppage-time game-winning goal to give Glasgow Rangers a 1-0 victory against Glasgow Celtic. The victory likely pushed Rangers closer to another Scottish Premier League title while also signaling Edu's triumphant return from major knee surgery just nine months ago.

If you missed the goal, here it is:

What do you think of Edu's performance? Excited to see him play a part in the U.S. national team's friendly vs. the Netherlands? Think he should get the start?

Share your thoughts below.

  • toropug

    Dont get me wrong I like Edu alot, but Clark plus offense????? what???? He has never scored for the USMNT, and its not like he puts up huge numbers for his club as well. Not saying he does not hustle or do “the little things”, but Rico does as well. I concede Rico has made some bad challenges that turned out red, but he is not coming back from major knee surgery. Edu has plenty of time to get sharp before WC2010 and I think he should make the squad. He is very versatile and has good defensive bite. Clark also deserves a spot. He is very disruptive in the middle and has a cannon for a right foot. I think both deserve a spot and bring strong skills to the team, but Edu is not some major upgrade offensively.


  • Micah King

    Why does everyone wanna put Jozy by himself up top. Have you all seen Hollands roster it is staked they called an roster like they are about to play Brazil, Spain, Germany, or some other high ranked team. If Jozy is up top by himself and if Holden starts I am not watching.


  • BrooklynFC-SBI Mafia since Summer 2008

    Please do not get me wrong, Clark should be on the plane to South Africa…… I just feel that Edu is much more versitile than Clark…. Clark is just a lil less offensively inclined then Edu

    You r def right that it is too early to go gaga over Edu being back to his pre knee injury form (which was amazing, he had two goals and a couple assists while playing a def midfield role……) But if he can get back to that form in time for the world cup (and scoring the winning goal in an old firm game def does wonders for his confidence) we will be in great shape…… I def feel that bradley needs to bring 10 midfielders considering how versitile some of them are
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  • Micah King

    I just don’t want to see USA playing defensively the whole game, and Howard getting shot on left and right 1 billion times.


  • Aosaunders@gmail.com

    Great goal – too bad the Rangers fans are all racists and enjoy vandalizing his and Beasley’s car. No good deed goes unpunished.


  • Raoul Duke

    So reading this on SBI yesterday, I was looking forward to seeing highlights on FSC on the Sunday night show.

    Not only did they not show Edu’s goal. They didn’t even mention the Old Firm.

    Am I missing something?


  • EA Scott

    Thanks for input Ryan; for some of us it’s tough to get the Scottish games… your lucky to live in a country that is so passionate about soccer 🙂


  • Chris

    You have no idea what you are talking about. There might a tiny tiny percentage that are, but most are not. I am a huge Rangers fan and Edu is one of my favorite players; Beasley as well. Go read some forums and see what Rangers fans think of him.


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