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Adu scores winner in Aris victory

Freddy Adu 2 (Getty Images)

Freddy Adu and Eddie Johnson enjoyed their first start together for Aris Salonika in the club's match vs. Ergotelis on Sunday, and the American tandem made quite the impact.

After falling behind early, Johnson and Adu each played a part in helping Aris achieve a comeback victory. Johnson played a part in the Aris equalizer, providing the pass that teammate Sergio Koke buried from distance, while Adu netted the winner in the 2-1 victory by racing in to finish off a low cross just before halftime.

Adu's game-winning goal was not only his first for Aris, but it was his first at the club level since scoring for Benfica during the 2007-2008 season.

Here are all the goals from Aris' victory:

What do you think of Adu's goal? Think either player should be called up to U.S. national team for the Netherlands friendly?

Share your thoughts below.

  • BCC

    I’m sorry, but you cheapen the statistic of assists if you give him one on that play. His pass had very little, if any, bearing on whether the ball went in the net.

    Funny this gets so much resistance. Okay, it’s an assist. Yay, he assisted on a goal for a fifth-place team in a fifth-tier league. Congratulations. And let me save Greek-league fans a calorie and say that I don’t care if you think it is something above a fifth-tier league — no need to argue.


  • Gary

    Stu = squad player. Some upside.
    Freddy = mad talent. Lots of upside. Shown some serious glimpes, but rarely at senior level. Worth trying to cultivate.


  • wichin

    Adu needs to be on the WC roster. There is no other player in the pool that has the ability to create coming off the bench. When we get into a rut like we always do when we play bradley ball, we need people like adu, torres and castillo that have skill, creativity and more importantly, have no fear to go in there and save the day. If they would have gotten in there during the confed cup instead of sasha and beasley…look out…we would won!!!

    Sacha does not belong…


  • JD

    I’m a rabid soccer observer. I agree that our pool isn’t as deep as Argentina or Brazil – all the more reason for being carefully judicious with the selections. The last international match that Adu played, he was pushed off the ball like a second tier player. I won’t disagree that he has shown flashes of brilliance in the past, but I haven’t seen it at the senior National team level in the past 18 months – any more than Holden, Rogers, or Kljestan. They’ve all had “flashes”, some more fleeting than others. International play is a “what have you done for me lately” game. Adu is young and ultimately, he might embrace the promising destiny that he showed as a youth, but let’s see how the Greece Experiment works out before he gets his automatic ticket punched to South Africa. If he keeps the fire going I won’t be disappointed to see him in the roster of 23, but I want serious damned fire.


  • derrick

    what do i think?

    glad to see it. i believe in the kid. simple goal. if he had missed i’d be stunned. And horrendous marking of Adu. Glad to see but i’m not gonna make more of it then it is. Which is one of many positive steps. Hope to see more.


  • Jerome

    Freddy was Excellent Both offensivly and Defensively. On two seperate occasions Adu beat two players on the dribble in a small space. Beat his man many times on his side and on defense had some Donovan stoping Cole moments because Adu actaully hustled his butt off and for once looks possesed like he knows hes only gonna play like this if he works hard and listen to the coach, which is what he is doing and its showing on the field.


  • Jerome

    WHAT? it was a friendly vs a team mad up off mostly teenagers.

    Adu is looking really good ona UEFA League Team.

    Adu> Rolfe.


  • Jose S.

    If all we could see were higlights of the goals scored, guess what? We would think that every league in the world is made up of only bad defenders/goalies.

    Don’t judge a league unless you have seen a few games.


  • Jerome

    The Greek league is avery defensive League, which makes it all the more special that Freddy Adu is having an excellent time out their on the offensive side of the ball. All of Adu’s game so far have come in Rain or when the ground is very poor and choppy because of rain. And despite that Adu has shown to have the best first touch,dribble, and creativity on the field. Imagine when Adu finally plays on a 100% perfect grass field? He would be hard to stop.


  • Jerome

    Not on the first. look at Adu wait and quickly cut in and get in front of his man at the perfect time. Its called Tactical awarness form Adu. And somewhat idiotic posting from people on here who dont know much better.


  • sean

    I’ve gone to MLS games, I’m american and I’ve watched Aris (the team Freddy and Eddie play for). The greek league is not a fifth-tier league. It is more technical and tactical, regardless of a slower pace and less physical battle. Quite a few of the players on these teams are better than the yanks that play in the MLS. Freddy’s coach was incharge of InterMilan, and spent 13 consecutive seasons coaching in serie a and la liga, so tell me that the greek league is 5th rate. Is there any American Coach who has the quality to manage Inter Milan? I rest my case


  • Nicole

    Freddy needs to do a heck of a lot more on a consistent basis before he merits a call up to our national team.


  • Joe B. NYC

    Thanks BCC. I’m an American, I’ll always support MLS teams when they play against European sides, but I think slamming the Greek league—a quality league at that, just to cheapen the achievements of Johnson & Adu are a bit weak…


  • Tom in Chicago

    I think the whole Adu story is one gigantic fish story. Dozens of good American players have played second fiddle to the endless prattling about the Freeddy Adu Show. Adu should be off the radar of US Soccer once and for all. The last time he was called into the national team camp, during the 2009 Gold Cup, he walked out on the team in the middle of the tournament to head to Lisbon, where he had already been told that he was not part of the team’s plans. Adu did the same thing to Salt Lake City, walking out on the team on game day. Adu says he is 5.8 but he is closer to 5.2. He says he is 21 but I think he is 27 and losing his hair. He is not a team player and every club stuck with him figures out very soon what a liability he really is.


  • ETGoodyman

    Well said…I’ve been thinking that the whole time reading these comments. Typically, a goal is the result of a defensive mistake…less often brilliant offensive play. I’m beginning to think there’s a bunch of Jo Jo’s ex boyfriends in this forum;)


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