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Wizards win Luis Gil lottery

Luis Gil 1 (ISIphotos)

The Kansas City Wizards acquired U.S. U-17 national team midfielder Luis Gil through a weighted lottery on Monday, but Gil may not end up playing for them.

According to the Kansas City Wizards, Gil's contract with MLS has special considerations that should accomodate a trade to either Seattle or Real Salt Lake, but the Wizards will attempt to get Gil to reconsider.

What do you think of Kansas City landing Gil? Where would you like to see him wind up?

Share your thoughts below. 

  • fischy

    Not quite. Players who sign a Generation Adidas contract go into the weighted lottery. It has nothing to do with whether they are youth national team players. I was pointing out that there is a rule — the allocation draft — that applies to “national team players”, but none that applies to youth national team players. The crux is whether they’re signing a Gen Adidas deal — or whether they qualify by the other subsection. Was Sheanon Williams a draft eligible player who was offered an MLS contract which he then turned down and skipped the draft? I don’t know about a contract offer, but if he was never invited to the Scouting Combine, he wouldn’t even have been draft-eligible, since he still has college eligibility left.

    So, he probably is not covered by the weighted lottery procedure rules. He could enter the league via allocation, even though he’s not a national team player, if MLS in its discretion thinks he should go by allocation. Otherwise, it seems to me, he’d be free to sign with any team at any time. Per MLS’ guidelines, he could be brought in as a “Discovery signing” or added to the “Developmental roster”.


  • toropug

    Your right, sorry. The only coach we should have is an overpriced Euro-coach. They can come in screw up the team, then take the money and run (like Sven did to Mexico). Oh I got a better idea, why dont we get Arena again.


  • carlos

    if he’s from california why wont he like to play here in california and not seattle or rsl


  • Not Not Ives

    how do you figger Casey beats Ching? i don’t see it. count the championships? or the World Cup experience? or the career goals? curious


  • evan eleven

    Carlos how come wants to play for the Sounders and Real instead of Galaxy and Chivas? is it because he wants to play quality attacking soccer instead of boring L.A. longball?


  • Justin

    Kansas City better get equal value for him. People were saying he would have been a first round draft pick. They must get that or the equivalent in any deal.


  • Justin O

    Hmmm….maybe, just maybe, the people allegedly complaining about signing Gil aren’t the same people who complain about the league not keeping young talent?


  • The Dream

    They could use a keeper now that Hartman is gone (though they got another guy), a quality defender, midfielder, or forward. Other than that, they are set 🙂


  • Idaho Brian

    The Deseret News, (Salt Lake City based), is now reporting that RSL has completed the trade for Gil…Report is RSL sends 2nd round pick in 2011, an International slot, and a portion of any future sale to KC…


  • Sin2r

    I think Jason Kreis would be more likely 2018 or 2022 when Gil will definately be the engine for the USMNT. Good pickup for RSL, but I am not sure whether they gave to much for Gil.


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