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A look back at the Tevez hat-trick

Carlos Tevez 3 (Getty Images) 

Carlos Tevez is on fire.

Just when you thought Lionel Messi was the only Argentine scoring for fun in Europe, Tevez has begun to sizzle and his recent goal-scoring exploits have helped Manchester City make a serious push for a Champions League place.

He scored a hat-trick on Monday vs. Wigan, and if you missed it here it is:

  • Cole Anton

    With the loads of goals messi and higuian are scoring and now with Tevez starting to find some form.. Argentina will have a killer offense.. Messi and Higuain togther have combined for 45+ goals in La Liga alone this season. I must admit the next world cupfor Argentina will be amazing if they fail to impress in this one.


  • Darius

    I cannot figure out what the keeper is doing on that first goal. He sort of flaps at the ball and then falls over once it gets past him. Baffling…


  • Michael Vann

    Tevez might be the hardest working striker in the game. Messi is finesse and Tevez is the muscle. Perfect combo for Argentina. With Carlos it ain’t always pretty but it sure as hell is effective. Don’t get me wrong Carlos has some silky, smooth moves on the ball but much of his work is done off the ball. He knows when to be there and how to get there. Smart, gritty player that I would die to have on my side. Jozy has a little Tevez in him. I just hope he finds it!


  • AJ

    Three very different goals too. The first was poor keeping and hard work. The second was a brilliant team play. The third was all Tevez.

    Higuain, Messi, and Tevez are looking like a very dangerous trio, but the defense looks a bit less convincing in the later rounds. Should be a fun 4-3 match when they get bounced out.


  • Spencer

    Your right Tevez and Messi are doing amazing and should make Argentina a threat. Unfortunately the stats are against that. They rarely do anything for Argentina. It is probably the coaching or something but they rarely score for Argentina when you look at the stats. He started 10 games during the qualifying and only scored twice for Messi and Tevez has 7 starts and 1 goal. Not much to be scared of there for me, unless they bring it like they do for their clubs.


  • afrim

    Why did Manu let him walk again? idiots. just imagine a tevez-rooney strike force (without c.ronaldo hogging)


  • Spencer

    Yeah stupid Ronaldo for scoring 42 goals one year and in the 30s the next. Some of the best games I ever watched was when Tevez, Rooney, and Ronaldo were all on the field together doing like a top striker and 2 withdrawn.


  • Jamie Z.

    When a player ALWAYS seems to be in the right place at the right time, it’s not luck.

    If Collins John or Marlon Harewood had been playing up front for City, you might have seen 1-0 win or maybe a nil-nil draw. Tevez is an animal.


  • Vince Clortho

    The best thing about Tevez and Messi is that, generally, they don’t go to ground to get a call. Love the bullish attitude.


  • Daniel

    Three goals in 10 minutes is impressive, but none of these goals were mind-blowing. Give him credit for putting himself in the right place at the right time.


  • kev

    I have Spain winning the World Cup but a Argentina-Spain final would rock ๐Ÿ˜€


  • britton

    whats the big deal ?

    it’s england what do you expect ? defense ? whats that ?


  • Davie D.

    No love for Bryan Ruiz 4 min hat-trick?

    (SBI-Hook me up with the video and I’ll post it.)


  • seth davey

    Ives… we didn’t think “Messi was the only Argentinian scoring in Europe.” We’ve also been watching Gonzalo Higuain.

    (SBI-When you say WE, do you mean the voices in your head? You might not want to speak for others, unless it’s those voices.

    Besides, Higuain is French. I’m kidding. Well, half kidding.)


  • seth davey

    Dang… you’re good. Only three people in the world know about my, um, problem. But hey, at least the voices speak truth. ๐Ÿ˜‰


  • dza

    Been my favorite player since he saved West Ham from relegation, what a beast! Doesn’t flop just runs all over the pitch like a madman.


  • CadeLBB

    First goal should have been called off due to the exposed cleats of the other M.C. player.


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