SBI Live Q&A

SBI Live Q&A (March 31)

Good afternoon folks. It's time for another SBI Live Q&A, where readers submit questions about soccer (or pop culture) and I try to answer as many as I can in an hour (or two).

There is plenty to discuss, from the new MLS season, to the UEFA Champions League, to the World Cup, to the new TV shows making the rounds this spring.

Let's get to it:

  • Dominghosa

    Comment From philmatt24 philmatt24: ]
    Bullard has seen the pitch in 9 of Hull’s 31 games to date. He has 4 goals, 2 assists, factoring in almost 20% of Hull’s goals 31 on the season (12 of 31 Hull goals came in games he played).

    — All of Bullard’s goals have come via PK. But his assists count (and hockey assist count) though with the amount of games he’s missed is impressive.


  • Dominghosa

    I like the shot at Guevara at the end there.
    The Galarcep-Guevara feud rages on …


  • freelancer

    great question! I thought it was just me, no scrolling capabilities at all. It seems like it should be to the right of the thread but no way to get there.


  • Stephen

    I hope Harkes gets a coaching job…be nice to have somebody good in the booth during US games on ESPN. Sheesh.


  • Rastafari- SBI herbsman

    I hope you make it to Seattle for the game Ives..

    Noonan is gonna score


  • scott47a

    Very disappointed in your comments about Ljungberg, Ives. The guy is visiting the doctor to have fluid drained from his spine because of the blow Stahl delivered to him.

    If you missed that foul you just weren’t paying attention. It was as clear as day in the stadium and just as clear when you watch the replay on TV.

    You don’t have to like that Ljungberg works the officials. Fine. But the stuff that passes for “physical play” in MLS is ridiculous. Name me one tackle in the CL this week that looked anything like the tackles Stahl and Myrie unleashed in Seattle last week.

    It’s not whining if the point you are making is correct.

    (SBI-Stahl’s tackle on Montero was a yellow card. Stahl’s phantom tackle on Ljungberg had no contact. I saw the replay repeatedly. In fact, I will post the video and let viewers decide just how much contact there was.

    If you’re constantly complaining about ticky-tack fouls, then it’s whining. Ljungberg has done that for the better part of the season. Does that mean he’s never been fouled hard? No, there are certainly hard fouls MLS could do without, but I can think if plenty of skilled players who deal with being fouled and didn’t A) dive as much, or B) complained as much.

    As for Ljungberg visiting the doctor to have fluid drained because a “foul committed by Stahl”, excuse me if I don’t buy that one just yet. I’m waiting for the some video that shows me Ljungberg taking such a hard hit. I have yet to see it. If I see such video, I’ll change my mind.)


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