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Jeremy Hall's Player Diary: Week One

Jeremy Hall (ISIphotos.com)

(In 2009, Jeremy Hall embarked on his rookie season in Major League Soccer and it was far from a dream ride. While he got to live out his dream as a professional, he also had to endure the trials and tribulations of a terrible season for the New York Red Bulls.

A year older and wise, Hall has begun his second season in strong fashion, starting as the Red Bulls' right back for a second season. He has experienced an eventful off-season and is now enjoying the benefits of his career, from playing in a brand new stadium to starring in his own commercials.

Hall will write a semi-regular diary for SBI where he will give us some insight into the experiences he has as a professional soccer player for the 2010 New York Red Bulls. Here is his first installment .)


Having gone through my first season in the MLS there were a lot of ups and downs.  Last season was a difficult one for the club, but I think I have learned a lot from it and going to use it as I grow forward in my career. There have been many changes from last season with new coaches and players coming and leaving to help strengthen our team so we can bounce back from a forgettable season.

My first offseason was a busy one but at the same time productive. I was fortunate to go on a number of trips that included Austria, South Africa, and Haiti. A week after our last game, Nick Zimmerman, Luke Sassano, and myself went to Salzburg, Austria to train with the Red Bull team for a couple of weeks.  It was a good experience to play in a European set up with the great young players they have.

The next trip that I attended was to South Africa with the Generation Adidas boys. I had an unbelievable time playing with some of the other up and coming stars of the league and getting to sight see in such a beautiful country.  Not only did we play 3 games but, we were able to go on a safari, where we got to see all the animals out and about roaming around. We got to go to Robben Island where Nelson Mandela was imprisoned. The Apartheid Museum, and also witness the World Cup draw. To see the country with such pride and happiness about hosting the World Cup was awesome to see!

And the last trip was to Haiti with my teammate Seth Stammler for his charity Sporting Chance Foundation. It was a humbling trip and so glad Seth invited me. To see what Seth has done for the kids and the community in Port-au-Prince was truly remarkable to witness!

After an eventful off-season, it was time to leave home (Florida) and come get back to work up to the nasty cold, rain, and snow of New Jersey. We started preseason camp well before all the other teams in the league and I think it has paid off. Heading to Spain and Florida for training, we have done well for ourselves in making winning a habit here. We went undefeated all preseason and its lead to a very confident team heading into the 2010 season in our first season not playing at Giant Stadium.

I would say Red Bull Arena is only a minor upgrade from Giant Stadium. Ha! No, but in all seriousness the stadium is amazing. Knowing that the fans and players have been wanting this stadium for years and being a part of the opening of the stadium is unbelievable. The opening match against Santos was a great way to open Red Bull Arena. Playing such a historic club with a number of great players was a good opponent for us. We won 3-1 with Joel, Petke, and Dane scoring great goals in front of a packed stadium of 25,000 screaming fans. I definitely had goose bumps and butterflies as we ran onto the field for the first time. It was a perfect tuneup for the first kick against the Chicago Fire.

The fans came out again in style for the league opener vs Chicago on a cold Saturday night. It was a special night as we were playing our first competitive match of the season that mattered. I know a lot of the guys had family come into town for the game as well as mine. My family isn’t able to travel for many games, so it was special to me to have them for opening night at RBA. Joel Lindpere scored a bomb first-half goal and we were able to play good team defense the rest of the match to hold on to a 1-0 scoreline.

This week we are now gearing up for a very good Seattle team with a bunch of good players. I feel like as a team, we are all feeling great about how we are playing and the results that we have gotten this year under our belts. We know Seattle is a tough place to play and we are looking forward to the opportunity. Seattle is where I made my debut last year so it’s a place I enjoy playing.

We are 1-0 on the year and are looking to build on our performance last week. If we play the way we have been all preseason, and good defensively like we did last week, we will be a tough team to beat.

Cant wait for Saturday!

  • Cindy

    oh i’m glad this feature is back! I hope Jeremy writes more often and i hope he does real well this season! such a cool guy!


  • seth

    I hope jeremy does well this season.

    jeremy, if you score then you better jump into the esc


  • littlerockant

    I’d like to see Jeremy stay at right back. I know Backe thinks he’ll do well up the field, but why can’t we have our own Brazilian right back. I think that’ll be his best chance to become “world class.” Just like Geoff Cameron in Houston…when a player is excelling in a position why not just leave him there. It’s great to have skillful backs.


  • Hutskizzle

    He is playing great at RB, but that is not his natural position. Albright is coming back and can even be match fit for Saturday against Seattle. No offense to Jeremy but Albright > Hall at RB. Also Backe has constantly said during pre-season that its not fair for Jeremy to play at RB when LM/RM is his natural position


  • adam

    loved watching you play at maryland, jeremy. keep up the hard work and keep writing for us!


  • Allegre

    I would be impressed if just once a game Richards found you, Jeremy, on an overlap. Keep on trying, he’ll get it eventually!


  • Fred

    Jeremy, the “young gun,” is quickly becoming the public face of the team. I can imagine the day when he’ll have the captains armband, Petke’s years under his belt, all in a RB uniform, and be able to look back at how much the league had grown and remember the week it all started, with the perfect opening to this beautiful cathedral to the game in America.


  • agnigrin

    Thanks Jeremy! I also liked your performance in the TV commercial promoting Red Bull Arena. I get goose bumps every time I see it. Now beat those damn Sounders. They need some major shuting up and shuting out!


  • c-dilly

    I’d like to see Jeremy further up the field. We had several crosses come in from the left against Chicago, and I’m certain Hall could have put a couple in the back of the net. Watch out, Dane!


  • littlerockant

    Albright hasn’t played in a long time. Who knows if he’s any good anymore? Yeah, I know what Backe said, but I’m sure Alves can play right mid at a high level, but he excels at RB. Why can’t Hall? (Yes I know Hall is no Alves but still)


  • Tim F.

    Thanks Jeremy! Good fortune on Saturday against the Sounders! Red Bulls should get at least one point but play to get three and hopefully that will happen!

    The Red Bulls games in Seattle last year was a horrible way to begin the season and left a bitter taste in my mouth that never left. Revenge last year’s loss!!!


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