SBI Video Corner

SBI Video Corner: A look at the 2010 Red Bulls

In our ever-growing desire to expand our coverage of American soccer, SBI will be adding a video element to the site.

SBI Video coordinator Michael Nastri will be leading the way in providing SBI readers with some in-depth coverage of the New York Red Bulls, both in written form and with video programming.

Here is our first installment of the SBI Video Corner, with a look at the New York Red Bulls, who will open their new stadium, Red Bull Arena, on Saturday vs. Santos:

  • Bruce

    No Juan Pablo!?? Just got the game notes and it’s got Juan Pablo out for knee surgery for tomorrow’s game! Anybody know anything more… Ives?

    (SBI-Angel won’t play in the game and is questionable for the opener vs. Chicago.)


  • Bruce

    If Agudelo is as good as they say he is, maybe it’s time to sign him up to fill the void while Juan Pablo recovers. He’s on the bench tomorrow as “a non-roster player”. Is this kid still holding out for more money elsewhere?


  • Queso

    Let’s have a season MLS. You got too much to lose for a strike. Have you seen the graveyard of pro soccer leagues right over your shoulder? Its’ gianormous.


  • Smith

    Where did you hear he was having surgery? The game notes say he is sitting out Santos & hoping to play against Chicago.


  • Bruce

    Thanks Smith, I feel better already. It says “Injury” I read “Surgery”. I’ll read more carefully in the future. Glad it’s only temporary!


  • WiscFan

    So I guess their goal is getting into the playoffs, but seriously I like the video feature. Hopefully SBI will have some video interviews with Nats in SA!


  • VictorM

    Excellent start of this new video feature. I like!! Keep it going, guys.

    For non-MLS speaking fans, the Red Bulls say they hope to at least be a middle of the table team. :-p


  • Lee

    Ives why is that Mls taking so long to sign juan Agudelo ? The kid is a young up and coming star do mls hate the redbulls that much?


  • Sean

    I want to be a part of it…

    See y’all tomorrow in the supporters’ section.


  • irishapple21

    I like the positivity coming from the Red Bulls. They seem a lot more confident this season than last and their pre-season has shown that they are much more cohesive and cooperative.


  • roger

    Worst team has the best stadium.. Dynamo are having trouble getting one.. that ain’t right haha


  • Mike C

    So does anyone need a pair of tickets for the Red Bulls vs Santos match tonight?? I am unable to use mine because I live in Ohio. I bought the two game package which included this game and the MLS opener on the 27th. The seats are in Section 223, Row 4, Seats 1 & 2. I can e-mail them to you via a PDF file. The PDF file is legitimate as it was sent to me directly from the NYRB ticket staff. My original plan was to sell the tickets on Craigslist but I didn’t want to post an ad until I had the tickets in my hand. A shipping error occurred with the ticket process and they never came to my door. I called and complained yesterday so they e-mailed them to me instead. The reason I am not charging is because I don’t want you to think this is a scam. I assure you this is legit. After you enjoy the experience today, if you would ever be so kind to throw a couple bucks my way, I’d appreciate it. 🙂 Considering I spent $70 for the two tickets and I am giving them away. E-mail me. foote5252@hotmail.com

    First come, first serve.


  • agnigrin

    I am looking forward to the game and hope the MLS season happens. I think RBNY has finally done a great job with promotion. There are ads, magazine and newspaper stories everywhere! Go Bulls!


  • afrim

    funny how the production of this 3 min clip is better than the entire production of FSC’s mls preview show last night


  • DC Josh

    Since Ives is sleeping in, I’ll post this here: Rico on the bench against Bayern Munich, kickoff in 7 minutes…


  • Mason

    Oh for christ’s sake…Jozy out injured today vs Portsmouth, and a scan scheduled for Monday. Great. Just great.


  • socmin

    Agreed. With SBI’s continued growth, who needs cable. Ives is almost the one stop shop.


  • socmin

    The editing was great and, even though we are talking Red Bulls here, it made me wish the season started tonight.


  • torosrojosfan

    Great feature! Looking forward for the season to start and see more Red Bulls related videos. Good job team SBI!


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