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A salute to Charlie Davies

Charlie Davies 4 (ISIphotos.com)

It doesn't seem like just six months ago since since Charlie Davies' fateful car accident and a moment that shook U.S. national team soccer fans to their cores, but here we are, six months on and that much closer to Davies making a miraculous recovery.

Davies is projected to return to action for Sochaux in early May, which would mark just seven months since the accident. His goal of being back for the 2010 World Cup looks more realistic by the day, as U.S. fans start to realize that what once seemed impossible just might happen.

The fine folks at The Shin Guardian have put together a tribute to Davies today, with a beautiful video clip put together by videographer extraordinaire and SBI Mafia member Jay Bell.

Here is the video:

What do you think of the video? Starting to believe Davies will be on the World Cup team, or did you already believe and have your Davies jersey already?

Share your thoughts below.

  • freelancer

    If Davies returns to even 80% strength, not only would he be as fast as Lennon and Walcott, but he’d certainly be much stronger!


  • Mason

    The woman is dead because she got into the car with her drunk friend behind the wheel. Charlie did the exact same thing.

    Drinking is fine. Call a cab to get you home.


  • Kjesare

    As with Epic heroes of old, they have flaws. Odysseus was prideful and nearly lost his life. Achilles and his weak heel. Sampson and his hair. But among their flaws they have strengths. If they are able to tap into their strengths they succeed and succeed impressively. Davies is our modern day hero because he overcomes the adversity and weakness of a single poor decision to work towards achieving greatness [even his own dream of playing in the World Cup].

    Example: Lance Armstrong. From cancer to winning multiple Tour de France races. We Americans adore him for all the triumphs and always love a great story. I’m not saying Davies is going to live up to Lance’s greatness. But just displaying his ‘epic’ determination is a signal of his potential to be a hero in South Africa in June.


  • sandtrout

    I’m hoping CD can make it back to the USMNT as much as the next fan, but I, for one, am tired of the repeated tributes that, undoubtedly will only multiply in the weeks ahead. Yes, it’s a good story, and yes, his recovery is amazing, even inspiring. But for me the repeated retellings have already reached overkill. They cheapen the story.


  • Ian

    That’s too bad. Your best bet is to avoid the blogs and news sites for a while.


  • KennyLofton

    Probably not though you never know.

    Chicago, the point was England’s defenders have plenty of experience handling forwards as fast as Charlie, such as the aforementioned Walcott and Lennon. I doubt his speed would surprise them.


  • SaintJude

    Davies is great, but as talented as he is individually I think he is more valuable to the team overall than as an individual player. In other words, I think his skill set actually benefits the other forwards and midfielders more than it makes Charlie a threat. Without him stretching the opposing defense our offense has much less room & time to work with. Confused yet? Well it makes sense in my head.


  • Hey

    Which is why saying Gomez is a good sub for him is wide of the mark.

    When Davies is on, the entire US attack is livelier, more energetic. He doesn’t have to score the goal but he makes it more likely that there will be opportunities for the US to score.

    Gomez right now is a hot finisher and that is a rare and wonderful talent but it can also blow hot and cold. For me the big issue with taking Gomez to SA is what happens if he cools off by June, which statistically speaking, is very likely to happen? Then what does he have to offer?

    The best thing would be to start a healthy Charlie with Gomez, holding Altidore in reserve and pushing Dempsey up in the second half.

    But that isn’t going to happen.


  • Bradley is 666

    ” (and implicitly to Bob Bradley’s tactics in that game.)”

    Those are fighting words to many on this site. What do those Brits know about soccer anyway?


  • agnigrin

    I triple it. Thanks for sharing this video with us. CD9 will be back in time for the WC just you wait and see.


  • Brian

    thanks Kenny, I’m just trying to see if there is a difference (price and quality) between a pre-made Davies #9 Jersey, or one that I customize with Davies on the back and #9 on the front and back.


  • tnnelson

    lennon and walcott are just raw speed though. walcott doesn’t really know what to do when he gets down in the final third. he always burns people but then he just loses it or fails to do anything creative. lennon is definitely better than walcott, but he doesn’t have the eye for the goal of the finishing quality that davies has. and, looking at the progress davies has already made, whether he even makes the world cup or not, shows that no one has the heart or desire as davies. thats sick that he can even consider playing again after what happened, much less so soon. truly a badass


  • Idahosa

    I quadruple that. Also thanks Ives for showing us this. This video is very inspiring and I mean I really believe he will be back in time for the world cup. He will score for Sochaux before the end of the season and will be very good


  • Jon

    This would be huge. I know none of us want to miss when CD9 puts in his first goal after returning.


  • Neruda

    Yea, it was a draw with Costa Rica. I thought they played pretty inspired despite missing Davies, having Gooch go down and playing against a hungry Costa Rican team that was fighting for a spot in SA.


  • Aduren

    Nice sentiment but this is the World Cup not high school or college. If the USMNT is NOT fired up beyond recognition, Davies or not, then they don’t belong in South Africa.

    If all Charlie can do is be a glorified cheerleader, which is basically what you are describing, then he has no business being on the roster.

    And I think he would agree with me.

    By the way, I doubt John Terry is the only man in the England team with questionable morals when it comes to women and the like. That scandal is overblown and losing Wayne Bridge, Capello’s efforts notwithstanding, was no big deal.


  • Erasejk

    Yeah, that was a “single poor decision” by Lance to get testiculare cancer.

    Maybe he could have picked some other disease, like a cold or something. But hey, we all make mistakes.


  • S

    chills…chills watching that video…CD9 in South Africa would be amazing to watch!


  • Lelling111@aol.com

    Charlie Davies, I will be wearing your #9 on my USA Shirt in South Africa…….BE THERE!!!!


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