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Bayern knocks out Man United, will face Lyon in UCL semis

Arjen Robben 1 (GettyImages)

Two unimaginable events took place in Manchester on Wednesday. First, Wayne Rooney got the start for Manchester United despite having originally been ruled out for several weeks with a serious ankle sprain. Second, Manchester United blew a two-goal lead at Old Trafford.

Bayern Munich overcame an three-goal blitz from Manchester United with two goals of their own, including a series-clinching beauty from Arjen Robben to help Bayern edge Manchester United on away goals after the two-leg quarterfinal series finished tied at 4-4.

Bayern will face Lyon in the semifinals after Lyon won the all-French quarterfinal vs. Bordeaux. Lyon's 3-1 first-leg victory held up as Bordeaux could only muster a 1-0 victory at home despite Lyon playing without several key players.

In case you missed it, here is Robben's series winner, a true thing of beauty:

What did you think of Wednesday's matches? Still shocked Manchester United lost, or did you see it coming? Starting to believe Lyon could be the surprise winner of this tournament, or are you convinced nobody is stopping Lionel Messi and Barcelona?

Share your thoughts below.

  • Kaiser

    Great goal by Robben…what an addition for Bayern!!!

    Thought Ferguson’s comments afterwards were classless! Understand he’s frustrated about losing, getting a man sent off, and blowing that lead, but his comments were disrespectful…typical scottish (just kidding)


  • derrick

    if having a high work rate and not getting hurt where what mattered most Dirk Kuyt would be World Footballer of the Year. And the U.S. may have won the World Cup already.


  • derrick

    I’m quite glad to see no English teams still standing. As English fans have been very smug about the superiority of English football. Even when their league is full of foreigners. Maybe this will give them some humility. Yeah probably not.


  • Jerome

    My point is, we are trying to get other AMericans involved in the sport. Last years game did not do that when casuals turned in under the influence of ESPN. Americans follow the EPL more than any league. I wonder why. becuase its a high-paced game. It dosent matter that the barca mid-feild squeezed out Man-U with endless passes and control.and it was “Beautiful to watch”…..Americans see that as boring. 4-3 games with back and forth action in American eyes is seen as Exciting.


  • 123

    I’m quite happy that no English teams are in the semis. But then again, they relied that they were so good and didn’t have to improve over the summer. ManU sold Ronaldo. Liverpool sold Xabi and Arbeloa, Arsenal sold Kolo Toure and Adebayor. And they didn’t get worthy replacements. Chelsea just got a year older.

    Now let’s just hope that Inter can really defend and scrape a place in the final. At least they got better defenders than Mikael Silvestre.


  • OmarVizquel

    “We’re trying to get Americans to involved in the sport”?? Maybe you are, but I have actual rooting interests in the Champions League, despise United, and am mightily happy to see them out.

    I could care less if Joe NFL tunes in to watch one minute of the any of these games. Personally, I think United plays pretty dull, and many of their games are “exciting” because of lucky bounces, own goals, or referees swallowing the whistle because of that bully Ferguson.

    Good riddance to them.


  • DC Josh

    Reminiscent of Zidane’s wonder volley for Madrid in the Champions League.

    perfect technique.

    Lyon-Barca final. Lyon has been too hot this season. With a full squad they’ll make it to the finals.


  • siv

    Nobody is talking about Inter but they are going to make Barcelona’s life very difficult.


  • siv

    lyon has actually had a mediocre season. They probably won’t win lique 1. But they could beat bayern.


  • madmax

    I agree, Bayern / Barca final. If Messi gets through the Inter matches in one piece he’ll destroy the Munich back line, think Nani squared.

    I’ve never seen Lahm look so average, and the other three defenders were below him.


  • OmarVizquel

    For some reason I can see Clint attempting a similar shot, and shanking it off to the left into the crowd. As much as I love the guy, he sometimes attempts fancy world-class stuff with head-slapping results (e.g., the Blanco hop video that’s on YouTube).


  • Betinho

    I thought I disliked Man U more than any other team. After reading this I realized…. it’s Bayern.

    Siege Lyon!!!


  • inkedAG

    What a great goal! And it makes me so friggin happy that ManU got knocked out. This made my day!!!


  • Charles

    I hate the away goals rule. Play it out if it is tied…..and not to penalty kicks.

    ps. not a Man U fan, just don’t like it.


  • DCD

    “Sir Alex” is not giving knighthood a good name. Where does “whiny bitch” fit into the equation? (Pardonnez mon francais.)


  • Keith G.

    Way to go Bayern Munchen, my boys have finally made it to the Semi-finals. I tell you it was great to see them move on especially while watching the game with my two Man. United fans. The entire game they where on me, and then Bayern pulled it out. This is Bayern Munchens year to win it all. LETS GO BAYERN!! TREBLE ANYONE?


  • davidaubudavid

    Well i guess that is where you an I differ. I do not want ignorant blind support of soccer in this country. If someone needs a sport to cater to their predisposed needs then i dont want that person to be a fan. the kind of fans that i want are people who have played the game and would just as easily play a pick up game as they would watch an epl match. those are the type of fans that are going to support the mls; have kids that will become professional players; and just help the overall advancement of the sport in the united states.


  • span

    Bayern should have been out to Fiorentina…Klose was offsides! that being said, I’d rather see them than MU. The real final is Inter-Barca. Do not under estimate Eto-Sneijder-Milito.


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