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Clark makes Eintracht debut in 3-3 draw

Ricardo Clark 3 (Getty Images)

Ricardo Clark ended his five-month drought from playing at the club level by making his debut for Eintracht Frankfurt in its 3-3 draw at Mainz on Saturday.

Clark started and played 90 minutes as a central midfielder in a match that saw Eintracht lose its lead on two occasions. The tie was Clark's first match at the club level since playing for the Houston Dynamo in the Western Conference Final on Nov. 13.

Clark now has a performance to build on as he looks to play in Eintracht's final two games of the season before the U.S. national team convenes for its pre-World Cup camp on May 17.

What did you think of Clark's performance? Should he start next to Bradley in the World Cup? Think he's capable of turning in performances like he did in the Confederations Cup?

Share your thoughts below.

  • Luis

    Here’s a thought, ” take a seat JR. ” Mo n Ric can start. Bradley comes in off da bench.


  • rbenjamin

    Rico doesn’t string passes together very well. And he’s a little reckless at times.Maybe in a dump and chase strategy v England he plays otherwise I prefer Edu then Torres.

    Tied with Hercules is a kid that just signed with Man U. The Mexican league is better than MLS a league Ching wasn’t lighting up and won’t be playing in for a few more weeks.


  • Astan

    I just looked at the Frankfurt forum and the fans are happy about Clark’s performance. He should become a regular if he can keep it up.


  • Fireball

    I just think someone should reply to Andrew the Torres Fan (TM) by saying:

    He’s a good, aggressive tackler who is hard to play against (Borussia depend on him for it); he’s fast enough; he’s a very good reader of the game (that’s what made him a goal-scorer in Holland and produce the occasional through-ball in Germany). I see him as a first choice USMNT midfielder.


  • Wayne

    Edu has been hurt a lot, huh? And that’s not relevant?

    80% of life is about showing up.


  • Wayne

    Too bad Bundesliga refs won’t be the same as the ones in SA. The World Cup is always reffed at a different standard.

    The reason US players seem to get so many cards is because they aren’t as skilled as the opposition so they are more often in a position where they have to do things that can more easily be called fouls by neutral refs.


  • Ewan

    Holden would be a better central midfield partner for Bradley than Edu, Clark or Torres. Let him take care of the defensive end of things and let Bradley push up.

    He is a better passer of the ball than Rico or Edu and he is less likely to get overrun that JFT.


  • war

    If you actually read my post, I said that the comparison is irrelevant, it’s unfair, you can’t do it. You can’t compare someone with many caps to someone with only a few.I did not say herc is better, even though I do think that. Next time you bash, make sure you make sense of the little symbols on the page. Still though, if Herc or Buddle can put in a brace in any of the upcoming friendlies they’d show they’re better because the only brace Ching has gotten for the US has been against Barbados. They’d also tie with Ching for the goals he’s scored in 2009 and 2010.


  • Rex

    Clark is a better choice then Edu if he is match fit since sitting on the bench for months. Nobody likes Clark because he is not a pretty player. He can break up any offense and make the game look sloppy. It doesnt look good, but its effective.


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