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Evening Ticker: Beckham's gone till November, Cameron's season over and more

David Beckham 2 (ISIphotos.com) 

David Beckham's return to MLS will have to wait a bit longer than expected.

Beckham told Good Morning America on Monday that he is targeting a November return, which would mean he will miss the entire 2010 MLS regular season, though he still has an outside chance of playing for the Galaxy in the playoffs.

Beckham suffered a ruptured Achilles tendon during a loan stint with AC Milan, an injury that ended his quest to play in a fourth World Cup with England. It now also appears that the injury will cost him the 2010 MLS season.

Here are some other stories to wrap up your Monday:


Houston Dynamo midfielder Geoff Cameron is out for the season after suffering a torn PCL during the Dynamo's 2-0 loss to the Chicago Fire last Saturday.

Cameron joins Brian Ching on the Dynamo's injured list. Houston is already coping with the off-season losses of U.S. national team midfielders Ricardo Clark and Stuart Holden, and will now be in serious trouble without Cameron, who had made the move from central defense into midfield this season.


For as long as anybody cares to remember, Arsenal has been the most frugal of England's power clubs, staying away from over-spending while Arsene Wenger developed top young talent.

Apparently, Wenger has grown tired of being trophyless.

The Arsenal manager revealed that the Gunners will be spending money this summer, news that will come as sweet music for Arsenal fans.

"Our financial situation has greatly improved," Wenger said. "We are finally able to buy the players we think we need."

If true, Arsenal are very likely to be searching for a goalkeeper as well as defenders, while striker Marouane Chamakh is expected to join on a free transfer from Bordeaux.


What do you think of these developments? Disappointed that Beckham won't play this year? Think the Dynamo can overcome all its player losses and still be a threat in the West? Excited to see who Arsenal buys this summer?

Share your thoughts below.

  • mwc

    I could be wrong about this, but I thought a compensation claim was based on injuries occuring during international play? Wasn’t that the whole thing with Michael Owen a few years back? I think that is why there could be a claim for Gooch who was hurt during a USMNT match, but not one for Beckham.


  • DC Josh

    Welcome to the land of the dead Dynamo. There is plenty of room on the DC United boat.

    Sucks for Cameron. As Holden stepped up last year for the Dynamo, Cameron could have done the same this season.

    I can see Wenger making a move for Lloris, especially if he has a good World Cup.


  • Josh D

    Transfer muppet here – you have money to spend but Wenger isn’t bringing anyone big, he’ll find some little orphan in the slopes of the Alps like he usually does.

    Benzema won’t come as you bought Chamakh. Gourcouff is far too good to join Arsenal. Chiellini is way out of your price range. The rest you can have..


  • Giorgio Chinaglia

    I do what I can. I have an obligation to my fanaticos to give them the straight talk and keep them in line. Trust me when I tell you the big names are coming and it’s going to be like 1977, my friends. And Giorgio knows all about 1977.


  • Josh D

    Choo, choo all aboard! Titles are for teams who try too hard, we’re much happier jogging until November!


  • Jimmy Bobo

    Giorgio, you’re still the only one who put Wynalda in his place while you were both in the studio for the World Cup. You made Wynalda shut his piehole and that wasn’t easy to do. Outstanding!


  • Giorgio Chinaglia

    It had to be done. He spends too much time talking. If he had spent more time keeping an eye on his woman, the US would have done better at the World Cup in 1998, you know what I mean, paesan?


  • SaintJude

    Ignore Aristotle, he’s trolling on Beckham. Like him or not he is still an effective player capable of playing at a high level. He is not going to do anything you wouldn’t expect, but what he does he does well. He played in many of England’s qualifiers and frequently won praise for his impact on the game. If you don’t like Beckham, fine. But just because he is a media whore doesn’t mean he can’t still play.


  • Rory

    Gone till Novemeber, Gone till November.

    (Hey, isn’t that Bob Dylan sitting on that bench over there? Why are we listening to this joker when Bob Dylan is sitting on a bench RIGHT THERE!).


  • Rory

    Sucks for Cameron… but boy does that make my trade of Cameron for Pappa look really sweet right now in my fantasy league!


  • Charles

    Sorry Giorgio,

    Red Bulls could be in first place by twenty games it seems and still not sell out the place against a team 3 hours away.


  • JM

    As I’ve felt since the day Becks got hurt, LA should put him on the disabled list (rendering him ineligible for the season), and hire a recently retired mercenary DP to take his roster spot for the rest of the year.

    Would Nedved, Figo, Costa or Vieri take $1-million for playing 6 months in LA? You never know unless you ask.


  • madmax

    Beckham never intended to play more than a handful of games for Galaxy this year, probably less games than last year. Even Beasley plays more, 10 games a year at Rangers.


  • BK

    There is no boubt in my mind that Beckham does not want to return to MLS. Anyone think that his “November” return is purely coincidental?


  • primoone

    I never said that Gomez was not American due to his physical characteristics or any other reason for that matter. You are exactly correct in your John O’Brian example. You cannot say that he is a “dutch” player because he was born in the US and has no “dutch” blood line. However, my point being is that the author is taking credit for MLS developing Gomez while flipping them the bird. You can make a real strong case for the Mexican league taking credit for actually developing Gomez. Imagine that…he develops in Mexico only after being passed up in the states, comes to MLS and enjoys limited success there with the Galaxy. He goes back down to Mexico after being played out of position on 2 different teams and wins a scoring title. Why does herc thrive in Mexico? What are the real reasons why he couldn’t do it in MLS? What does that say about MLS?

    Most of my points from the original post were over your head. Unfortunately you need perspective to see them.

    Cute name by the way “Primo two”


  • SaintJude

    I concede to your well argued points Aristotle. Your eloquent and well thought out post has shamed me from ever constructing a logical reply again. Your moniker was well chosen.

    Seriously, you do realize that everyone knows a retort like yours is an admission of defeat don’t you?

    You’ve had no less than 3 different posters politely counter your statement and all you can do is resort to one line insults? If you can’t handle civil debate over a soccer related post you still have a lot to learn. Good luck.


  • Primo Two


    You are reading way too much into that article.

    No one cares where Gomez was “developed”, if that can even be properly determined. The Mexicans can claim him as theirs for all anyone cares. He can’t play for them so it doesn’t matter.

    And if Charlie Davies had decided to hold to curfew,and Jozy and Ching and all those other forwards were going good, this streak by Gomez might not even be noticed that much. But you have to hand it to Gomez, he has good timing and is taking full advantage of it.

    His story doesn’t tell you much about the MLS. Player does well, then player gets hurt, comes back and doesn’t do so well, bounces around for a while and eventually finds his groove. If you want to say it means the MLS missed out on a good player well, big farging deal. Every league does.

    This story is found in every sport, every year. It is remarkable mostly for the timing ( World Cup year, Davies injury, most other US strikers in bad to indifferent form).

    Your perspective wasn’t so much over my head as beneath my notice. But if you want to view things that way, knock yourself out.


  • BTK

    Ever tear your Achilles? November is pretty optimistic. At his age Beckham may never play again.


  • primoone

    Listen…. Guy…

    The whole purpose of me posting that was to get a conversation going…Thanks for being engaging. Im not sure why I ruffled your feathers, however, I merely pointed out that you missed my viewpoints and that in order to comprehend another person’s view point you have to get some perspective.

    On a different note..you should really try and contribute with your real screen name. Im just saying…


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