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Friday Kickoff: Toronto FC tops Philly, Liverpool up for sale and more

Dwayne DeRosario 1 (ISIphotos.com)

Toronto FC threw out a make-shift lineup for its home opener at BMO Field on Thursday night, and looked in danger of dropping points in front of a sell-out crowd, but one dumb red card and two goalkeeping blunders opened the door for TFC to score its first win of the season.

Dwayne DeRosario scored two goals, including a second-half penalty, to give Toronto a 2-1 win vs. the Philadelphia Union on Thursday night.

Philadelphia controlled the action in the first half before a Danny Califf red card left the Union a man down. DeRosario converted the ensuing free kick with a blast that Union goalkeeper Chris Seitz fumbled into his own net.

The Union responded with a beautiful goal just before halftime, but DeRosario scored the winner when he converted a penalty earned by O'Brian White after being fouled by Seitz in the penalty area.

Here are some other stories to get your Friday going:

Bradley to call more than 23 to USMNT Camp

While it had long been assumed, the U.S. men's national team has confirmed the fact that the team will bring more than 23 players to its pre-World Cup training camp next month.

World Cup participants are required to submit a 30-play preliminary roster to FIFA on May 11, meaning he could have as many as 30 players in the U.S. pre-World Cup training camp.

Hicks and Gillet set to sell Liverpool

After three tumultuous years as owners, Americans Tom Hicks and George Gillet are ready to sell Liverpool FC.

Mounting debt and a growing need to invest more into the team led the Americans to put Liverpool up for sale.

Ferguson squashes Rooney-to-Real rumors

Having already sold Cristiano Ronaldo to Real Madrid, Manchester United manager Alex Ferguson stated emphatically that he has no intention of selling star striker Wayne Rooney to the Spanish powerhouse.

Bayern miffed by Lyon sked shift

Bayern Munich isn't happy at all that Lyon is having its Ligue 1 scheduled shifted around to give the French club more rest time during the semifinal series with the German club.

Bayern manager Louis Van Gaal spoke out on the shifting of Lyon's schedule and called for UEFA to get involved.

"UEFA has got to keep an eye on and regulate things like this," Van Gaal said. "That is no longer fair play."

What did you think of last night's TFC-Philly match? Starting to get excited about the U.S. team's World Cup run-up? Relieved to hear Hicks and Gillet are selling Liverpool?

Share your thoughts below.

  • Fidel Nadal

    MLS should require every team playing TFC to play a man down, just to be fair. Up until the PK, PHI looked like they could have dominated the match with 9 men!


  • Paul

    I guess goin’ all Clint Mathis with his hair didn’t help Califf’s self-control much.


  • Josh D

    Cue for Jose to shout about Moscow changing theirs…

    Bradley would be a fool to only bring 23 into the camp – no new news that he’s bringing 30… Give players like Gomez the opportunity to properly earn a spot.


  • Arkie

    Arkansas sponsoring ads on SBI? Way to go home state of mine!

    (SBI-That’s targeted marketing my friend. Thanks for checking in from Arkansas.)



    Congrats, TFC, you beat an expansion team by one with a man advantage for 67 minutes on a goalie blunder and a PK. You are clearly on the way up.


  • madmax

    Toronto seems to have weak spots all over the pitch. What was management doing this winter? They had one mid fielder who couldn’t turn left with the ball. If he needed to play left he had to do a 270* turn to the right.


  • sread

    Yeah, that and their right and left defenders couldn’t complete a single freaking pass! Seriously, that Hscanovics guy…he was terrible! He completed more passes to PHI than any PHI player out there.He was lucky to not have been sent off, if that’s even a good thing for him. The other back was pretty bad too. Who are these guys and what was Preki thinking?


  • JohnC

    Toronto with ugly football- too many hard fouls in the first half and only by subbing two forwards in and being a man up did they actually show any signs of being able to pass and play actual soccer- kind of pathetic. Cant believe Calif’s foul- just dumb, really really dumb. Would have liked to see the ref give a red to the LB for Toronto for trying to break Arrieta’s leg in the first half- if he doesn’t jump a second before that tackle then he is seriously hurt- just an absolute reckless challenge after the ball had been played. De Guzman has shown a tendency to really take people out- kind of disappointed about that.

    I don’t feel confident with Shaver Thomas in the back line- Union were better off defending by controlling possession in the midfield rather than sub out Torres and really pack in for 30 minutes- does that strategy ever work?

    O’Brian White is a big boy and a handful- Chad Barrett like his days in Chicago is just awful in front of the net.


  • Gary in philly

    My Union played well with 11 men and could be a mid-table sleeper this year. Califf needs to it together if we are gonna have a good season. How does a seasoned, semi-int’l player who’s wearing the armband make such a stupid play? Has to stop now..


  • Tony in Quakeland

    Targeted marketing? All I get are ads for Advil, Viagra and Depends. Now I feel insulted….


  • Rasputin Jones

    Califf deserves crucifying he cost the Union at least a point probably 3. TFC were diabolical even against 10 men, this is going to be a long season for us by the looks of it.

    Mo Johnston needs to put Califf (and Seitz) on his Christmas card list because they got him out of prison, had TFC tied or lost that game the reaction would’ve been very unpleasant. The faithful are sharpening their pitchforks and lighting their torches, based on this performance it won’t be too long before we get to use them.


  • Gary in philly

    Word. Even with seitz playin like a special Olympian we should still be lower mid table.


  • Oog

    It’s funny because when he was at Real Salt Lake, our fans were crying for him to get some playing time. I hope our fans now see that he just doesn’t have the experience yet. Thank goodness we had Rimando. Good luck with Seitz :).


  • jz

    Best news in a while to hear that Hicks and Gillett are selling. Liverpool is really in need of owners willing to invest in the club.


  • Ja Ja James

    I would have to agree. I understand TFC is dealing with some injuries, but so far they have looked bad under Preki. Philly was clearly the better team and was unlucky to not leave with a point.


  • what?

    I’m sorry but Philly worked TFC the whole game. TFC better figure something out because that win shouldn’t even count. Great fans though, good for them. They deserve it.

    BTW, did D-RO really do that dance after a goal like that??? I know that’s his thing but really?? WTF?


  • DL

    Yeah, the dance is a little silly, but as long as he rescues points for us (if I were a Union fan, I’d be REALLY disappointed with how the game turned out), I’ll put up with the “chicken walk”…


  • einar

    TFC werent good but the back was a lot better without garcia and need more chemistry. Also they have to keep De Guzman as a cm or at least a CDM not a CAM. I mean he could be an attacking midfielder but who going to pick up the slack on winning challenges in the midfield since they dont have Robinson anymore. I was impressed by how well barret and White played but u can tell they r not 100% yet. De Rosario makes a great captain for the team.
    All they need is:
    1. chemistry in the back
    2. have White and Barret healthy o produce goals.
    3. keep De Guzman in the center of the field

    and they could be legit for the playoffs


  • Snare

    Yeah as an RSL fan I couldn’t believe that either. “Rimando’s too short! Seitz is so much bigger!” etc. I’m very glad we kept Rimando and I am pretty proud of myself for not being one of those fans calling for Rimando to be benched.


  • Snare

    There were a lot more problems than that… I’m sorry but kicking the ball up-field for 80 minutes and totally ignoring working the midfield won’t help you win in MLS anymore; Plus it’s horribly boring to watch. They really looked outclassed by the Union. Especially by how the Union built up from the back with beautiful passing to earn their goal; while with a man down nonetheless.


  • John

    Jualian De Guzman is almost as bad as Denilson was for Dallas. They need to cut him loose and bring in a real DP from Europe.


  • assocfoot

    Agree TFC looked awful in 1st half. DeRo and DeGuz looked much better playing in their real positions in the second half and White was very good. TFC was lucky to not have a man sent off, but PU was lucky Shavar Thomas was not called for a PK and second yellow, and Orozco has been OK, but below my expectations in my view, so it could be a long season with PU’s CB’s. Califf is and always has been a decent player with way too many moments of brain freeze. Happy to see very few calls recently for Orozco to get USMNT playing time…maybe some day, but definitely not ready now. Upside for PU, Torres looks like a great signing.


  • fischy

    Bayern manager Louis Van Gaal spoke out on the shifting of Lyon’s schedule and called for UEFA to get involved.

    “UEFA has got to keep an eye on and regulate things like this,” Van Gaal said. “That is no longer fair play.”

    Neither was going around the Maginot Line, through the Benelux countries. Live with it.


  • Tony in Quakeland

    DeGuzman was out of position yesterday. He makes plays deeper in the field, as he did a couple times yesterday. I think if they drop him back to his more natural posiiton and replace the crap they have behind him in the center of the back line, he will be very good.


  • twopeasinapod

    OMG fischy!!! When I read that quote I also thought “ummmm, Nazi’s weren’t fair…so a German football team and its Dutch coach can’t complain 60 years later about a questionably fair move”.


  • paul lorinczi

    Totally agree.

    The Hoofing it up the field influence of Carver is still in their game. Preki needs to get that out of them. The TFC fans deserve better.

    Philly is looking like they are going to be a great team. Nowak has them playing attractive Football.

    Tattoo boy looked like an amateur with the forearm to DeGuzman


  • r.benjamin

    The dance looked even more ridiculous because his shot was not a good one. The goal was a howler. Save it for a good goal.

    Definite Red. Questionable PK. I wouldnt have given it. 1-1 was a fair result.


  • Second City

    I’m not even remotely a Nascar fan but while watching SportsCenter, apparently the George Gillete owned ” Richard Petty Motorsports ” company is, ALSO, in dire need of cash and are losing their top drivers.

    Again, not a NASCAR fan but this is only highlighting the ineptitude of their ownership funds, skills and ability.


  • phil

    I’m rooting for Philly but I am simply baffled by Califf’s tomahawk chop red. What the hell was he thinking?

    Seitz is spooked, plain and simple. It happens to keepers of all stripes (it happened to Petr Cesc at the beginning of the season and Chelsea is on the cusp of winning the EPL). Hopefully he’ll settled down soon.

    The buildup for Philly’s goal was really pretty though and makes me very hopeful for a mid table finish as well… provided they can stop being complete chuckleheads on defense.


  • Murphy

    last night’s game was why i was always pissed when califf played for the national team. he is a liability on the field. i like the mean streak but you can’t be that dumb. and he usually goes in late on tackles. i’m glad bob (finally) saw the light on that one and stopped calling him up.


  • roysterer

    Oh please, please Fergie, sell Rooney to Real Madrid.

    Rooney to Madrid = Donovan to Everton

    I can’t remember what percentage of the sale Everton gets, but it’s got to be at least 25%, which should be more than enough to get Donovan.


  • Jim

    Philly wins that game if I could replace Seitz with a well positioned sack of potatoes. Someone needs to tell Califf he does not play for the Broad Street Bullies. That said the Union attack was as fluid as any attack in the league. I love the fast pace, the one touch, the running off the ball and the quick balls into space. I expected an amatuerish team considering they are an expansion team, but with the exception of Seitz, this team is connecting up front like a team that has been together for years.

    I remember watching Seitz play U-20 and he was a nightmare, every shot was a terrible rebound. By the way, if you are upset that two defenders have managed to get themselves red carded in just two games, remember Orozco got himself red carde in a U-20 cup in like five minutes. Will he be the next red-carded defender?


  • bigvic

    actually, MLS refs should allowing elbowing to the neck to be an allowable play in all games.


  • DL

    I think the other possible penalty (the Thomas on White) was probably more legitimate than the one that was called. Referee was maybe trying to make amends.

    From where I was in the stadium I initially thought the red was harsh. Then I saw a replay…


  • AdamFromMich

    All I could think about when I read the news was “what an epic screw-up this was by Hicks and Gillett”. Imagine the (huge pile of) money they gave up by waiting to sell the team this year instead of last year.

    Liverpool went from almost winning the EPL last year to most likely being out of the top 4 this year. Plus the situation with their manager and top players is much worse than last year.

    I guess Hicks and Gillett didn’t make their money by buying low and selling high.


  • the special one

    Funny but I don’t remember MLS handing out style points. TFC won and Philly lost. Get over it.


  • jcrunch

    I’m with you, Oog and Snare. I’ve been defending Rimando ad nauseum on message boards the past 2 years. I always thought whenever Seitz played he had that deer in the headlights look. With experience I think he’ll improve, but right now, RSLs decision to let him go doesn’t look too bad.


  • BrooklynFC

    I would love for TFC to seriously persue Viera as a DP…… TFC can than play a Dutch 4-3-3….

    Viera and DeGuzman as D-Mids and DeRosario playing in front of them with White and Barrett on the wings…….

    That team would be be a serious problem…..


  • Ski Fast!

    Nothing to do with assigning pretend points, everything to do with analyzing what occurred on the field instead of merely looking at the scoreboard. It’s about assessing where these teams are at and where they are potentially going.


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