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Kamara's unbelievable miss

Kei Kamara (BillBarrettISI) 

Photo by Bill Barrett/ISIphotos.com


We have all seen our share of videos of players missing extremely easy goal-scoring opportunities, but few could top the miss by Kansas City Wizards striker Kei Kamara against the Los Angeles Galaxy on Saturday night.

With a rebounded shot having left the ball sitting on the goal-line in an empty net, Kamara raced in alone and managed to miss kicking the ball. He was still able to put the ball in the net though, unfortunately he did so with his hand, thus squandering a golden scoring opportunity in a match that finished 0-0. 

Here is the video of the miss.

At a loss for words? So was Kamara, who had no explanation for how he missed what would have been the easiest of his three goals this year had he scored it.

What do you think? Worst miss you've ever seen in MLS? Worst miss ever? Think he needs a web redemption on Tosh.O?

Share your thoughts below.

  • davidaubudavid

    Are you serious? the conditions were terrible he slipped it wasn’t like he missed the ball. If you want to see the worse miss of all time look up mario gomez in the 2008 euro. I think it was against croatia.


  • Betinho

    Poor guy – lol! Already probably seeing that in his dreams it now gets a post on the best soccer blog in America. DOH!!!


  • Pico

    Hey Ives,

    in a somewhat related topic, the new RB guy Nielsen made a comment about how lite the balls used by MLS feel and how he needs to get used to it.

    After watching games from the EPL, La Liga, and Seria A this past weekend I would tend to agree that the MLS ball seems to bounce more, even on a nice field like the RB Arena.



  • DC Josh

    Cue the Benny Hill music. How can you attempt to argue with the refs after botching that?

    This is almost as funny as the indoor penalty kick 360 trick shot botch.


  • Zoti

    Was just about to post the same thing.
    And Malouda makes in a year probably what about 100 lowest paid MLS players make.


  • scott

    i actually feel horrible for him. i hope his teammates don’t ride him too hard for missing that.


  • Tom

    Yes, that may be the worst miss ever. Maybe he slipped though? The guy below has no excuse.


  • Charles

    That was the worst miss ever, because it would have gone in if he left it alone….instead he fell and stopped the goal.

    If someone has worse than that….I want to see it.


  • Aristotle

    Listening to some of the people here saying it wasn’t that bad makes me think that maybe they didn’t see it replayed. That miss was easily the worst I have ever seen. It’s hard enough understanding how he could possibly have missed it, let alone trying to imagine something worse!


  • Aristotle

    I’m sorry, but as bad as this miss is, it doesn’t even compare with Kamara’s miss.


  • stpauljosh

    all the ref needed to do was watch wolff’s reaction to the shot to get the call right. “oh, shiiii…” and afterward he wanted no part in aiding kamara as he tried to defend his “goal.”


  • Aristotle

    Did you notice Wolf and another player were right there and didn’t even move? It’s like they were transfixed by the absurdity of it.


  • Smirking Tiger

    Wow. Lowlight of his career, doubtlessly. Not as bad as Darcheville’s miss for Rangers, though, since he effectively knocked Rangers out of the Champions League.


  • EA

    Meh. It happens.

    Anyone who’s put one over the crossbar or wide of the goal from the 6 (or closer, and I’ve done both…), knows stuff like that happens now and again.


  • SombraAla

    Kamara was trying to argue that the ball was already over the line before he missed it… I don’t think he was complaining about the handling call at all.


  • Chris in Belfast

    There’s another one that happened earlier in the European season– I can’t find a link to it right now– but it was worse that Kamara’s gaffe. The shot in question was more like a cross that had gone goalward. The keeper had been beaten, and the ball would have gone in. The player didn’t need to touch it at all, and 99.99% of the touches he COULD have taken would have redirected the ball into the net. Instead? His touch stopped the ball on the line and it was cleared.


  • Oog

    This ball wasn’t on the 6, it was on the 3 inches. He completely wiffed the ball and THEN slipped. He did not slip first. Either way, stuff like this doesn’t happen. Awful miss and terribly funny.


  • davidaubudavid

    That miss was quite a bit worse than kamara’s. For one this guy doesn’t even have to touch the ball and it is going in. Second of all the pitch doesn’t look like a giant puddle unlike kc’s pitch this weekend.


  • S.C.

    The good news is that I was reading The Sun (UK paper) and not only did they have a headline news article in the football section but they also had the video to go along with it. That is certainly great exposure for our league at the expense of Kamara…whifff, slip, handball, goal. Malouda had a similar missed golden opportunity against Stoke on Sunday.


  • john

    i think this one is definately worse, he looked like a defender, the ball was going in and he stopped it perfectly to be cleared


  • boludo29

    funny but now it gives a bunch of trolls an excuse to write “MLS sucks” comments on youtube


  • irishapple21

    MLS has had some horrible gaffes so far this season, between Kamara’s fail, Bouna Coundoul’s own goal and Seitz’s idiotic drop at Jaime Moreno’s feet. This really makes MLS look bush league.


  • Aristotle

    Interesting way of looking at it, but I don’t follow your reasoning. First of all, I doubt that Kamara had to touch the ball for it to go in. Second, how can you completely miss a ball that is right in front of you and hardly moving? (The ball was practically teed up for him.) Has that ever been done before, anywhere?

    The other guy’s miss doesn’t even seem that ridiculous when you see what he was trying to do. He was just trying to kick that ball high into the netting like you often see players do when the ball is already in. The problem was he misjudged where the ball was and there was still just enough space before the goal line that he was able to hit the bar when he deliberately hit it straight up.


  • Aristotle

    I don’t think so because at the same time MLS is off to a great start as far as the number of quality goals being scored. Usually you have to wait much longer to be able to make a highlight reel with so many great goals.


  • Chodilicus

    As others on here have said, perhaps the worst part of the whole thing is that he actually argued the call. I mean if you are a ref and a guy argues about that, how can you ever take him seriously again?

    It is bad enough that you missed the easiest goal ever but don’t make yourself look even worse by then arguing the clearest call ever made. I would have loved a reporter to ask what he was arguing with the ref about. I mean what exactly was the injustice that this ref did to him with that call?

    Now I understand why the Wizards fans will make excuses for him. They have those fan goggles on and cannot see reality and I have been there. But that miss was aweful.


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