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Maicon's wonder goal

Maicon (Getty Images)

Inter Milan is locked in a fierce battle for the italian League title and scored a much-needed win against Juventus on Friday.

The moment of the match was delivered by none other than Brazilian defender Maicon, widely regarded as the best right back in the world.

Maicon delivered a  beautiful volley that has to be seen to be appreciated. Here is the goal:


What did you think of the goal? Think Maicon's the best right back in the world? Still see Roma holding off Inter for the Scudetto?

Share your thoughts below.

  • jig

    cant wait for the first idiot to say this somehow wasn’t sick. Incredible.

    (SBI-To be fair, that was pretty terrible defending. Kidding. LOL)


  • BrooklynFC

    Ives, you could not be more right….. the defender should be thrown off the team or at least sent to Mexico where that sort of defending is acceptable…… sheesh

    Maicon schooled home boy


  • BetaMale

    WOW. Its amazing that two of Brazil’s defenders would be the best offensive players in our team’s history if they were American. Maicon and Dani Alves.


  • WhiteHart

    When reading this I can’t help but chuckle.

    The really sad part is you’re right.


  • Warren

    Nothing to be sad about, Brazilians are 5-time world cup winners.

    Their best right back is good. OK, great. : )

    US….has a ways to go. A few light years.


  • DoPe

    The guy he embarrassed is not a defender, he is their awful striker Amauri, who recently got his Italian citizenship (Brazilian born). Anyone see the irony?


  • Betinho

    Ives, it’s true…the defender was at least 7 yards away when he began his run at Maicon. He should have been in a closer position. And Maicon’s first touch was crap. If the defender was where he should have been the play definitely would have been over right there… so Maicon’s second touch that allowed him to side step the out of position defender would have never happened and then his 3rd touch, which was in essence the pass to himself, that he then volleyed with his forth touch into the net – with the ball never touching the ground in the whole scenario(let’s not even get started on the keepers positioning) – would also have never happened. See. It was in fact poor defending (and keeping). I don’t understand your sarcasm one bit Ives.


  • KHJ

    you don’t play this sport do you?

    I really hope you’re just having a laugh with that post.


  • kop of the pops

    well, i am going to bed. not going to see anything better than that today…


  • ?

    Run thru the ball, dont stab at it above your waist while jumping

    great goal however and I do think he is one of the best RBs in the world


  • Kevin


    I mean incredible that Serie A is being talked about on an MLS focus blog, almost shocking in fact. The world of Ives expands…

    Back to Maicon

    The Brazilian is usually all power no finesse. And so, his touch and positioning of the ball couldn’t be any better. Hey Landycakes you taking notes?


  • froboy

    in the confed cup Brasil could beat us b/c in the second half we had guys who play in the MLS coming off the bench and they had Alves, Brazilians just have so much confidence to do crazy things, we need to start playing futsal, that is the key to Brazilian success


  • Adam M.

    The Maicon/Alves debate is tremedously fun. Alves is such a good attacker that Barca pushes him up to midfield against Real Madrid, and Maicon answers with a futsal goal. Best right back in the world. One of ’em.


  • KungFuSoccer

    Ives is just screwing with you guys. That’s a scene from “Mighty Ducks 8: Ducks at the Champions League.”


  • Gman

    Benny Feilhaber’s goal at the Gold Cup against Mexico a couple of years ago was better. And we don’t see him rushing to label him the “Best” midfielder in the world.!!!


  • Dave

    Yeah, I caught that too. So if you ever meet Maicon someday, make sure to call him “Dougie”. Or, better yet, call him “Doogie”!

    He might be the only guy in Brazil named “Douglas”.


  • E

    Benny’s goal was at least as good. Because it was Maicon, whose first touch was terrible, who hit it and because he was playing for Inter and because he’s a Brazilian, well of course y’all think it must be better.


  • e

    i don’t disagree with the goal being as good. but considering Maicon one of the best in the world is not based on one goal, is based on all the things you mentioned (starter for brazil, starter for the current italian champions (4 titles in a row)…remind who does benny play for? how many titles does he have? exactly.


  • DCLee

    I hope you are joking e. So any goal by a player on a top national and club team vs a goal by a player on a decent national and club team or even bad national and team is automatically better even if you agree it is as good.

    What kind of logic is that. Who gives a D%^ if he plays for Brazil or Indonesia. It is about that particular moment by that particular player and has nothing to do with anything else.

    That is the trouble with all these people that think it is only good if it is from the top 4 leagues in the world.

    Newsflash…If a player is a professional in almost any country in the world in a top flight league and scores something is beautiful and amazing as that goal then it is an equally good moment. He doesn’t have to be Brazilian and play for Inter.

    It takes an incredible amount of skill to pull that off and if someone else does it then he has had an equally great moment whether it be Serie A, MLS, J league, etc…

    Did you happen to see Lovell Palmers goal for Houston today. Not as good but a incredible goal nontheless.


  • e

    I didnt say the goal was the best in the world because of all the extra factors. I said the player was. the argument was why maicon is considered one of the best rb in the planet after that goal and when benny did, no one said anything.

    I pointed out that Maicon is one of the best rb in the planet because of all the extra factors not just one goal.


  • DClee

    Thanks for clarifying. I agree with you about Maicon. Incredible player.

    I still hate that attitude of posters that think if it doesn’t comes from England, Spain, Italy or Germany then it stinks.


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