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Monday Kickoff: Rooney set for shock return, an MLS option for Trez and more

Wayne Rooney (Reuters)

Just when you thought Wayne Rooney was injured and Manchester United's hopes of winning the UEFA Champions League were dashed, now comes word that the England star could be set for a shocking recovery from sprained ankle ligaments.

Rooney suffered a sprained right ankle in last week's Champions League loss to Bayern Munich, and while the injury forced him to miss Manchester United's crucial Premier League loss to Chelsea on Saturday, Rooney is reportedly recovering well and could be available for the second leg against Bayern on Wednesday.

Rooney's chances of returning have been put at around 40 percent, though a final word won't be known until Tuesday.

Here are some other stories to get your Monday going:


You can add French striker David Trezeguet to the list of players linked to potential Designated Player moves to MLS this summer.

The Los Angeles Galaxy mentioned as a potential destination for Trezeguet, though the Juventus striker has plenty of other European options ahead of him this summer.

Under the new MLS rules regarding Designated Players, the Galaxy currently have two DPs in David Beckham and Landon Donovan, but can add a third DP. The club's most pressing need is at forward, where adding a striker to partner with Edson Buddle could help the Galaxy move a step closer to a return to an MLS Cup Final.


Juventus, Everton and Atletico Madrid are just some of the teams being mentioned as potential participants in a four-team summer tournament to be played at Red Bull Arena in late July/early August.

According to the Sunday Sun, those clubs, as well as English clubs Newcastle and Bolton, are all possibilities for the new tournament, which could be named the New York Football Challenge.

The New York Red Bulls are expected to take part in the tournament, along with three European clubs. Portuguese sides Sporting and Porto are also possibilities.


What do you think of the above stories? Can you believe Rooney might come back for Wednesday's match, or do you think it's a ploy? Like the idea of Trezeguet joining the Galaxy? Which teams would you like to see playing in the New York Football Challenge?

Share your thoughts below.

  • tnnelson

    im excited for that tournament. should be some good publicity for the sport in America. as thought the World Cup wasn’t enough already i guess, but it should be nice to have a couple quality teams playing on our soil for Americans to go and see first hand, not just on ESPN


  • JCC

    I don’t know. I’m finding it hard to believe that Barca won’t ask for some kind of transfer fee for Henry.


  • bigvic

    Nkufo is not a DP. Nkufo’s salary is 550k, but he’s only playing half of this season ($275K). I’m sure by next year the maximum non-DP salary will be $450k and not the current $375k. The other 100$k will probably be from advertising contract for the team…in some non-DP arrangment that will probably be called the “Nkufo” rule.
    Trust me, Seattle aint using a DP slot for Nkufo.


  • Kevin

    I’m not advocating big players as clearly they won’t come even if the money was there. The prestige is in Europe and great players will always be judged by what they do there.

    What I was advocating was shifting focus from once-great, but now frankly over the hill players to those guys who are bubbling under, or who can come to the MLS and give a good couple of years, or more, of good quality football.

    I’m not sure that signing these guys does anything for the development of US football. I understand the economic argument (they add to the gates, bring sponsorship etc), but I’m not sure they really improve the game and that only stunts the MLS’ development and reinforces the view from much of the rest of the world (esp here in the UK) that MLS is the elephant’s graveyard of football – those too old, or simply not good enough go there to see out what remains of their career.


  • Austin

    ……dddduuuuuuhhhhh….what in the world are you talking about? i never said one word about Nkufo being a DP

    i never said anything about that, i was responding to your point about sattle needing a striker. Unless they will drop Montero along with ljungberg into midfield Seattle wont go after another striker


  • Austin

    i dont know myself, i just said that is the case because in order for him to come this summer that will probably have to happen…..i doubt MLS will dish out that amount for Henry


  • chupacabra

    Fergie is just going to pump him full of codeine and oxy-contin. It worked for Santino Quaranta.


  • guy lafleur: #1 dad

    First of all, Trezequet is still playing?
    Good to know.

    Secondly, portuguese media are saying he might go to Corinthians were Deco will most likely be heading.

    Brazil or MLS? Is there really a choice there?
    Playing against Santos or against Kansas City?

    As for the how good is a team without their top strikers, its not even up to debate.
    Rooney is out and ManU has nothing.
    Messi sits down and they can still put out Zlatan, Bojan, Henry, Pedro.
    Its not even close.


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