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Recommended Reading: April 16th

Freddy Adu 3 (ISIphotos.com)

Photo by ISIphotos.com

The weekend will offer us a plethora of soccer action to enjoy, but if you're looking for a soccer fix, here are some stories that you may or may not have already ready, but that shall surely entertain either way.

Here is this weekend's recommended reading:

Sports Illustrated's Grant Wahl delivers a stellar update on Freddy Adu's career.

The UK Independent with an in-depth look at Marcus Hahnemann.

Yanks Abroad caught up with Maurice Edu.

A few days old, but still a quality piece from the Delco Times on Philly Union playmaker Roger Torres.

The Daily Mail with a very interesting interview with Carlos Tevez.


I will look to make this a regular segment again (with a broader selection) so look out for it each Friday. For now, feel free to share your thoughts on these stories below.

  • jai_brooklyn

    Really enjoyed the article by Wahl on Adu. Gotta feel for the kid. All that attention at 13 obviously did not do him any good. But he’s still got some time left to learn and become a great player. But he will need the help of a good coach who will be patient enough to guide him in the right direction.

    Marcus Hahnnemann a republican? Who would have thunk? Must be the first republican I truly trust 😉


  • Smith

    If Freddy had spent more time working on his game rather than listening to his “handleres” when he was younger, he wouldn’t be in this spot now. He’ll be in the Danish 3rd Diviison in a couple of years…or selling life insurance.


  • Asohgnimod

    Her’s something you and others seem to miss. Yes he’s only 20 but he’s still 5′ nothing and small, weak and slow. He can change the weak part ( if he hasn’t hired a personal strength and fitness coach and taken up some kind of martial art by now, I don’t understand) but he can’t do much about the rest.

    So it’s going to get a lot harder for him from this point on. He’s going to have to be and play a lot smarter than what he has been doing.

    Just because he has finally begun to figure it out doesn’t mean he is going to be able to do anything about it. Unrealistic fans like you are probably the worst thing that ever happened to him.


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