U.S. Men's National Team

USMNT Home Jersey unveiled

The U.S. men's national team's home jersey for the 2010 World Cup was unveiled this morning. Here it is.

What do you think of the jersey? Like it? Miss the old one? Already ordered it?

Share your thoughts below.

  • sjack

    Ok. For all of you complaining about the “sash”–it’s not a sash.

    If you’ve ever watched a beauty pageant, a sash is a band of cloth, etc. draped over the dress. What you see on the jersey is NOT an extra piece of material they wear in addition to the jersey. And it doesn’t have gold piping or silver fringe, for that matter.

    If you want to call it anything, call it a stripe or band of color, but don’t call it a sash because it’s not one. It’s not like it has “Captain USA” written across it.


  • Dominghosa

    I really hope the red one isn’t a fake. I’d love that one. Praying that it comes out. Or I may not actually get one this year. Red or bust.


  • Dominghosa

    Wholeheartedly agree. Idiotic to ask fans to wear red when you don’t even have a red jersey. hoping that red one isn’t a fake.


  • kfly

    Someone’s probably already suggested this, but I think the stripe should be red, like the 1950 team’s. And even disregarding the history, I think that’s a nice look for us; one we could really put our stamp on internationally. I don’t know of many other teams who use the diagonal stripe. T+T comes to mind, but no one else I can think of.


  • kfly

    So, the American flag is not white with red stripes (and red with white, depending on how you look at it)? You have so much knowledge of the UK and English flags, but apparently not much of your own. And besides, why would they make the jerseys for ONE game? That just defies logic; you have to wear them for two whole years…


  • kfly

    “buy a new jersey…”

    The Dutch paid 24 bucks for New York, so New Jersey must be a bargain, albeit a fixer-upper. I’ll bite.


  • kfly

    That’s precisely why I won’t be buying one; they are made in Nike’s sweatshops in Asia.


  • Yoyo

    17 is for sure. I was wondering myself and saw him tell someone on Twitter that he’s going to be wearing 17 at the WC. I already got my away kit with his name and number too.!


  • Dlewis

    Some people I’ve talked to say that they don’t really like the sash look. I for one think it looks very sharp and will be receiving it shortly. However I like the away jersey better, I like colorful better. I don’t think think this jersey is the best one yet I liked 2006 better.


  • nolan

    Is Nike so far out of touch with the US soccer community that they have no idea that we wear red to support our team? WTF? Why can’t we get a red jersey??


  • mike

    Not digging the silvery sash. It’s such a good, clean, simple and timelessly classic design otherwise.

    Standard USNT kit (for men’s and women’s teams):

    Home: Solid white shirt with blue collar and thin horizontal dash of red on the sleeve with white shorts and thin blue side trim.

    Away: Solid blue or red shirt (can alternate) and thin horizontal dash of white and opposite color on the sleeve with matching color shorts with thin white side trim.

    Sign it, seal it, be done with once and for all!


  • scott

    I like it, great idea to do a throwback to the england game. Im ready to order one with Onyewu on the back but his number seems to change all the time.. anyone know if it will be #5 for this cup?


  • scott

    like the new shirt, about to order.. anyone know if onyewu will still be wearing #5?


  • Sergio of SF

    Nah, then they would look like Peru. Not that Peru will be at the cup, but they’ve had that red stripe for as long as I can remember.


  • Chris

    at least I just saved myself $70 by not buying this jersey. Hopefully Nike will make us a new one for the 2011 Gold Cup but I doubt it.


  • Mark from LA

    white one ain’t great…blue one is good.

    I think the diagonal stripe proved to be the downfall, there was no good solution for the white shirt.

    Would love to see a design that works that includes stars, maybe the blue shirt with 50 stars, small, say around the chest area where club shirts put a logo, and red trim.

    No need for symmetry, the white shirt can have small red stripes chest logo size, with blue trim.

    No red shirt in my head either, sorry. hehe.


  • BeatleBall

    Any jersey looks great when your team starts to win consistently. The people behind this new design could have done worse. I don’t mind it that much. I think it’ll have to grow on me. Let’s face it, it is much better than the 1994 World Cup jersey.

    That being said, I’d prefer a white jersey with a small section in front with red and blue on it ( maybe a cluster of small white stars in a blue field with some red stripes…DUH ), and of course the US logo. Then add white shorts and white socks to complete the kit. Keep it simple and no Miss America sashes PLEASE!


  • TimN

    You may want to hold off on that conclusion. If you Google “leaked US soccer jerseys,” you pull up a site that has photos of a home, away, and third jersey. The home and away photos proved to be spot on. My guess is we’ll see the third jersey as a last minute unveiling before the Turkey match, our last home game before the WC. US Soccer pulled a similar manuever in 2006 with the red jerseys we wore against Latvia before heading to Germany.


  • Nick

    They’ll almost always wear white at home, and on the road unless the team we’re playing wears white or something white-ish. So we do wear it more than just for home games.


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