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My Fox Soccer take on Jozy Altidore

Jozy Altidore 4 (ISIphotos.com) 

Photo by ISIphotos.com

For those of you haven't seen it yet, here is my FoxSoccer.com piece on Jozy Altidore. The column started out as another take on the "What next for Jozy Altidore" theme, but ultimately turned into a piece on the current unsettled state of his career and what he can (and should) do to improve his position.

No, nobody's saying Altidore's future is in jeopardy or anything, but rather that he could be doing more to propel his career and become the top-flight player he has shown flashes of being.

Give the piece a read and feel free to share your own thoughts on Altidore and where he is four years into his professional career.

  • Lil' Zeke

    If you have to point months and years back to call “scoreboard” it kind of loses its oomph


  • patrick

    the same system that produced landon donovan michael bradley oguchi onyewu damarcus beasley stu holden maurice edu and so on and so on is to blame? Isn’t it FAR more likely that it’s an individual thing? I think Jozy needs a situation where he isn’t an easy option. Let him go to a team where he can fight for minutes. With hull he didnt have to give 100% because of the lack of options and his talent. Let him learn to fight for his spot and he’ll be fine.


  • madmax

    Bradley uses, or misuses Dempsey. He plays him as a winger who must defend back to the 6 yard box, same with Landon. Bad choice from Bradley, it kills these guys offensively.


  • ThaDeuce

    Well, besides a goal for Mexico or something, the Confederations cup was the last true bragging rights goals. Yes it was months away, but the NATS don’t play that kind of competition every month or even every three! When we do, he scores.

    don’t tread


  • ThaDeuce

    I agree. I mean, Phil Brown doesn’t exactly build a team’s togetherness or work ethic. A Xerez team that wants to prove they don’t need him was a bad loan too. I wish Villareal would get him someplace with an administration and coach that is worthwhile. Of course having your most recent coach call you out for bad training habits does not make better managers ala moyes want you…..aye ya ya


  • Nic D "The Texas 2 Stepper"

    If he had taken one of the six (6) penalties he won, he would have doubled his goal tally. If he had taken half he would have had at least 4 goals to his credit. But we all know Jimmy “the weird faced lion” Bullard would have none of that.


  • ThaDeuce

    true, and didn’t he end up having more of a work ethic than geovanni as well?


  • Polish Wonder

    I don’t see Nowak being soft on Adu during their DC days. I think this is precisely the reason Adu didn’t want to play for Nowak–he didn’t like being treated as an everyday pro.


  • Greg

    In Dan’s defense, have you seen Dempsey’s club form vs. his international form? Might want to take a look at some national team matches before opening your talk hole.

    Guy brings it for Fulham and is a fraction of the player with the Nats.


  • TimN

    I think Ives is correct in saying that a lot rides on this WC. A good showing, and I think you see Villareal possibly bringing him back in, or another good club buying his contract. A mediocre or poor showing, and Altidore’s options could be limited.

    I just don’t get these guys sometimes…I mean you’re over in England living the “Life of Riley,” and you have a hard time getting motivated to work hard??? There are so many good players out there that would give almost anything to play in the EPL, but simply aren’t good enough. Jozy needs to do some introspection…


  • Warren

    Agreed Jozy earned the team penalties; but 1 goal from the run of play just doesn’t cut it, be honest.

    Yeah he’s only 20 blah blah, but still.


  • ThaDeuce


    bronze boot.

    don’t tread


    don’t say that was too long ago, that was the last major tourney we were in as nats, which is still valid. very much valid. who else on the nats got the bronze boot? eat me.


  • Quakes fan

    Jozy should come do some training under Yallop before the World Cup. Or on some other team where it is all about the work ethic. Coddling talent never helps the player.

    The Quakes have let some great talent go to the great consternation of the fans. Not sure if work ethic was a reason, but having a team working their hardest makes a big difference. And not the least of the reasons is because the individual players reach their highest level under such demands


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