World Cup 2010

Afternoon Ticker: Robben to miss first game, Portugal wins and more

Arjen Robben 1 (Reuters)


Arjen Robben may have eluded a long-term injury that would have dashed his World Cup dreams, but he'll likely still miss the Dutch's Group E opener against Denmark on June 14.

Netherlands head coach Bert van Marwijk has all but ruled out Robben from the team's opener in Johannesburg, and still is not sure when Robben will recover from his hamstring injury. Robben picked up the nick in the Netherlands' 6-1 win over Hungary on Saturday when he attempted to hit a backheel pass. 

Even with Robben out, the Dutch still boast plenty in attack, with Robin van Persie, Wesley Sneijder and Rafael van der Vaart all available.

Here are more stories from Tuesday:

Portugal beats Mozambique, 3-0

Portugal may have received the news that Nani would be out for the World Cup earlier today, but that didn't stop it from winning its final warm-up match. Portugal defeated Mozambique, 3-0, courtesy of a goal from Danny and a brace from Hugo Almeida.

Nani's replacement, Ruben Amorim, was not with the squad for the win.

Fulham signs Senderos

In an effort to improve its defense, Fulham has signed defender Philippe Senderos from Arsenal. Although the fee was undisclosed, Senderos has agreed to a three-year deal with the Cottagers. Senderos is currently with Switzerland in South Africa for the World Cup.

Celtic to appoint Neil Lennon as manager

If Celtic is to stop Rangers' streak of Scottish League titles next season, then Neil Lennon will be the man in charge to help do so. Celtic is set to unveil Lennon as its new manager on Wednesday, making him the 17th head coach in the club's history. Lennon served as interim manager after Tony Mowbray was sacked in March, and he guided Celtic to an eight-game winning streak at the end of the season.


How much will the Netherlands miss Robben against Denmark? Does Portugal's victory impress you? Will Fulham's defense be better with Senderos? Think Lennon will make it through the season with Celtic?

Share your thoughts below.

  • Kev

    MLS will have 19 clubs by 2012.

    will the 20th team be Atlanta or Miami or St. Louis?

    The South/Southeast needs at least 1 team.


  • animorphs

    Kuyt and that Elia guy will benefit from Robben’s absence.

    Just like with Drogba, if he is injured rest him for a game or 2 and have the team pact defensively if need to. In his return he’ll go WILD and score, score.


  • MAX

    I’m curious but how much do Ching, Bornstein, Findley, Buddle, Kljestan make in their MLS clubs?


  • Brad

    kuyt is done, elia is awesome, and van persie is eager to show he’s one of the best strikers…


  • MAX

    Let’s go SPAIN. I hope Torres gets to play in the 2nd half and gets a goal to get his goal scoring ready for the World Cup.


  • aussierulesfootball

    Van Persie is a quality striker but has too many injuries but he’s very consistent. Never had a 20 plus season, maybe not even a 15 plus season but he’s sure to do it. Thing is he’s 27 and is at his peak.


  • americansneedtoplayineurope

    Findley will most likely be heading to Denmark and maybe will be a quality striker, can only hope so.

    Buddle well if he can score a goal may be heading to Europe. England, Germany, who knows?

    Gomez is heading to Pachuca.

    Bornstein going to a Mexican club.

    Donovan may be heading to Everton I hope.


  • Erik

    I would love to have a team in Atlanta, but the sports fans here suck and probably wouldn’t support it.


  • americansneedtoplayineurope

    Senderos may succeed at a lesser pressure club like Fulham but can he lodge Hangeland out of his job. Senderos is only an inch shorter and did quite well back at Arsenal in 07-08.


  • Erik

    I don’t think Gomez has signed anything…

    Bornstein will be a lifer in MLS and Findley is fast, that’s about it. Can’t really beat a defender and certainly can’t hit the barn door of an open net.


  • hmm

    Top scorer is David Vila with 9 goals. You heard it here 1st.

    Torres with 4 goals.


  • pate

    Can’t hit an open goal, eh?

    He might not be in the best form right now, but he can score, and he certainly seems to change games.


  • chabloque

    He’ll be a backup to Hangeland and Hughes. This is happening because of the Chris Smalling sale. Fulham sold Smalling, an unproven 20 year old defender to Man Utd for 11 million pounds. Smalling was terrible the rest of the season and Hodgson is probably laughing all the way to the bank. Now Fulham have taken Senderos on a free transfer, a very nice piece of business.


  • hmm

    what I find funny is that Bob Bradley converted Bornstein from forward to defender. anyone got clips of him actually scoring goals rather than conceding them?


  • hmm

    OT but can someone tell me why EJ gets like $2million a year from Fulham despite not even making the bench and doing decently well in the Greek league.

    in fact how was he making $850,000 in MLS for a few years straight. Sure a hat-trick in his debut for the MNT in qualifying is something special but does it warrant such a large salary when he wasn’t really anything special in MLS.


  • fubar

    Wake up Erik. Bornstein signing with Atlante in Mexico. Its been all over the blogs…


  • Hokie_Futbol

    It’s funny how long it took him to shoot and how much he turned towards goal.


  • Brad

    how’s that work? do they eat it or put it on their wounds? There is lamb placenta in some types of shampoo…


  • yikes

    what’s so lovely is that after the World Cup maybe all of our national team players will be playing outside MLS. That’s great.


  • Kev

    @RK, Relevant to me and whoever agrees I guess. I just thought it was interesting to note. 1 of those 3 will be named as the 20th team most likely. I doubt a 2nd team in New York would get it.

    St. Louis barely has the money for a USL 2nd division team and Miami seems to have little support so maybe Atlanta.


  • IreneisNotMyGod

    OT but has anyone seen the Prince of Persia? Jake Gyllenhaal is in it. You know the dude from Brokeback Mountain and Jarhead and The Day After Tomorrow.

    1 of the best actors of his generation with the likes of Colin Farrell, Heath Ledger, Ryan Gosling. those guys


  • paul lorinczi

    The pass Findley gave Donovan to set up Altidore’s goal was all luck. There was absolutely no skill to what he did.

    Findley’s speed is dangerous. His finishing will return too. We should be excited we have him on our team.


  • RK

    Ha! You said it, not me. Kev, this discussion comes up a lot, when there is usually news around it, and many people have a lot of opinions around it.


  • mcjones

    Bornstein, 90k
    Ching, 242k
    Findley, 72k
    Buddle, 179k
    Kljestan, 203k

    source: type in mls player salary on google, 3rd link down


  • Judging Amy

    Gomez has already signed for Pachuca and Bornstein has already signed for Atlante.


  • mikeandike

    Findley makes in a year a third of what Ronaldo and Messi make in a week…

    Bornstein is paid appropriately….


  • Sonicdeathmonkey

    Colin Farrell???? Seriously? He is what folks in the business call “box office poison”.


  • TBrodie

    “HP” is for external use only. Van Persie and a few others went to Serbia for some such treatment this past season. I thought RVP may have suggested it to Arjen.


  • Jay

    With the recent activity in St. Louis, it will be a long time before they get a team. They need a new ownership group. The current one does not have deep enough pockets. I would love to have one in St. Louis as it would finally give the Wizards a true rival.


  • MiamiAl

    Sendros is a good pickup for Fulham…
    if they keep Schwarzer, they could be in for an even bigger year than this past season…


  • wildchild

    Gomez has signed with Pachuca. I live in Puebla. Was going to every home game. but they kinda stink. so now with two gringos at Pachuca, go Tuzos!!!


  • ThaDeuce

    lots of hard work to make these deals go down, and that is why fulham is a mid table team or higher with championship funds!!! great managing and administrative efforts.


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