MLS- LA Galaxy

Arena to coach MLS All-Stars against Manchester United


Photo by Michael Janosz / ISIphotos.com


Major League Soccer announced Wednesday that Los Angeles Galaxy head coach Bruce Arena will manage the 2010 MLS All-Stars against English powerhouse Manchester United on July 28 at Houston's Reliant Stadium.

The responsibility of coaching the all-star team is given to the coach with the highest points per game average in league play through June 27. With a record of 10-1-3, for 33 points and an average of 2.6 points per game, the Galaxy earned the honor for Arena.

With the Galaxy hosting the Puerto Rico Islanders in the CONCACAF Champions League on July 27, Arena has asked Houston Dynamo head coach Dominic Kinnear to lead training sessions before the match and serve as the assistant coach on match day.

Excited to see Manchester United come to America? Think that the MLS All-Stars will defeat them? Intrigued by the Arena-Sir Alex Ferguson coaching matchup?

Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

  • BetaMale

    “With the Galaxy hosting the Puerto Rico Islanders in the CONCACAF Champions League on July 17”

    You mean they play on the 27th


  • How U Did That?

    The Bruce Arena – Sir Alex Ferguson coaching matchup…. ya thats a good one!


  • Goalscorer24

    He certainly deserves the honor, but having a game the day before seems kind of tight.


  • SBI Troll

    Speaking of coaches, looks like Aguirre resigned as Mexico’s coach. How about him for the USMNT post haha? Just kidding.


  • William the Terror

    Hey, maybe Manchester United insisted on this matchup because they are “scouting” Bruce as a potential replacement when Sir Alex retires. It could happen. (and, to quote Wayne Campbell: “yeah, and monkeys could fly out of my butt.”)

    sarcasm aside, i am a fan of Arena.


  • Llama

    Yay, we can see how well Bruce and play bunker ball with Man U. This game will be a snoozer.


  • The opposite

    Relax, its a friendly game, there will be plenty of attacking from the MLS Allstars and Manchester United’s lineup will not have any players returning from the World Cup. In addition, the game will be played in Houston where it is hot as blazes this time of year, so Man U will have its hands full with in form MLS Allstars I think.


  • SoccerInAtl

    I have a feeling that Bruce Arena would of gotten us into the quarterfinals. Anybody else feel the same?


  • rob

    helz no. You do recall we lost with him against Ghana in the same manner almost, starting with a Reyna-Clark lazy dispossession.


  • phil

    LAME. I’ll give him full marks for what he’s doing at LA, but I’m so over this guy…


  • Rowdie Drew

    is the Arena-Kinnear tandem getting some practice working together before taking over for the USMNT?


  • gmonsoon43

    Does that mean the Galaxy will be without their stars in the CONCACAF game or will their all-stars have to miss the All-star game?


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