Galaxy stroll past the Dynamo, 4-1

The Los Angeles Galaxy extended their undefeated streak to 12 games this season with a 4-1 victory over the Houston Dynamo on Saturday at the Home Depot Center. 

Jovan Kirovski added a pair of goals while Tristan Bowen and Alex Cazumba also scored for Los Angeles. Kirovski was the hero on the night as the veteran forward began the scoring in the 2nd minute with header that beat Pat Onstad. The former United States International put the Galaxy up for good when Sean Franklin slotted a cross into Kirovski which the forward coolly placed into the Houston net.

Houston's offense was unable to get going throughout the match as the club struggled in the face of the Galaxy's elite defense. The club was able to equalize in the 7th minute when Cam Weaver collided with Sean Franklin. The ball caught goalkeeper Donovan Ricketts unaware and dribbled into the Galaxy net tying the score at one goal a piece. 

The Galaxy would extend their lead in the 48th when Tristan Bowen continued his recent hot streak, shaking a Dynamo defender and placing it past Pat Onstad. Los Angeles would make it four when Alex Cazumba fired a fantastic shot that made the score 4-1. The goal was the first career MLS Goal for the Brazilian.

With the win, the Galaxy advance to 10-0-2 which is best in MLS. Meanwhile, the Dynamo's losing streak is extended to three games as the club falls to 5-7-1.

  • K-Town

    Is Sean Franklin the best crossing Fullback in the US? I have seen several inch perfect crosses from him this season. I really like what he brings when he gets forward. Wow my Gals have got some really good youth on the team. Franklin, Gonz, A.J., Bowen, Stephens all in the last couple of years, combined with some serious Vets. The D, Midfield, and Forwards all have a good mix of Vets and younblood. No wonder they are 10-0-2. Bruce has really brought this team up from the bottom of the barrel. He made some good personnel choices. I questioned some of his choices at first, not seeing the big picture, but man he has balanced and deep team.


  • dantheblue

    Agreed K-Town. I did NOT like the Mathis pickup. I have never liked that guy but apparently his presense in training is comparable to having Lewis and Berhoeffer in terms of getting into the ears of the kids…

    LAG plays a very nice game… Patient, advantageous, and MONSTER defence.

    A LONG ways from Ruud and Alexi!


  • marty

    lewis, berhalter, mathis, and cobi jones. now those are players that youngsters could learn from.


  • KungFuSoccer

    Was at the game as usual. The youth/depth on the team is insane. Franklin, DelaGarza, Stephens, Bowen. This team is getting better every week. Champions league? Could happen.

    Ching was crap. Thank GOD he isn’t in SA. The chant was “world cup ReJect” or “U S ReJect” and rightly so. One of the Dynamo players gave the Riot Squad the finger for it, but the truth hurts.

    Anyway. Buddle for World Cup Golden Boot. Not likely, but we can dream


  • Brian

    Adam was saying the chants aimed at Ching, were bad enough that he couldn’t print them out, so I imagine they were worse than “US Reject”


  • Brennan

    Good job Gals…

    Unfortunately i hate to the bearer of bad news, but your undefeated streak meets a swift and terrible death on Wednesday when Real comes off with a 2-1 win ;).


  • eric

    I’m so proud of the my boys right now. Keeping up the winning mentality after losing their best two scoring options. The one player that sticks out in my mind is Stephens. The kid can flat out play. He makes all the right decisions and doesn’t try to make that killer pass if its not there which some young midfielders would be tempted to do. He just has nose for the game and reads it beautifully. Even though he hasn’t been tested much this year, I think Ricketts will go down (if he stays healthy and we can keep him from being poached) as one of if not the greatest goalie in MLS history. He’s just a beast. Go G’s. Can’t wait for the sweet revenge on Wed.


  • BrianVT

    “The chant was ‘world cup ReJect’ or ‘U S ReJect'” = classless.


  • helmet

    I hate to be that nit-picking guy, but “Alex Cazumba fired a brace” is not right. A brace in soccer is scoring two goals.


  • Jim

    What a bunch of losers to chant that about Ching. The man gave his all to represent the US. So what if he couldn’t make it? Every other US player on that field last night could have the same thing said about their ability. The people who chanted that can go piss off.


  • Dave

    Totally agree about Stephens. His decision making and passing is outstanding. He looks like a superb prospect for the Galaxy and perhaps the US in the years to come.


  • BrianVT

    Couldn’t agree more, Jim. Such classless chanters, with their bloated sense of self-importance, haven’t done 0.000001% as much for U.S. Soccer as any U.S. player who sweats and bleeds on any MLS field on any night.


  • Nick_C

    yeah, I was totally going to mention this last night, but was feeling to lazy. 🙂

    And, also sorry for nitpicking a bit, but on Houston’s goal, the ball didn’t catch Ricketts unaware. His attempted clearance hit Weaver and the ball rolled into the night as all three of them collided.

    Really do appreciate all the match write-ups on the Galaxy, though. Thanks!


  • Brent McD.

    Yeah, they should just give ’em the MLS Cup trophy right now. Supporters Shield winner always takes the Cup, right?


  • aristotle

    Sorry, but I can’t resist.

    I think the really amazing thing is how the Galaxy are so good with such a terrible coach. 🙂


  • dantheblue

    The comments the LARS was chanting was US Reject… I’m not sure why Adam didn’t think it was ok to write that. I sit right to the right of LARS… I know they were seriously poking fun at Ching but it was pretty unneccesary. Like I said in the post game commentary before this analysis… Ching is a quality guy and a quality player…

    Didn’t deserve that chant…


  • PC

    Supporters supporting THEIR squad and getting in the ear of Ching is nothing more than sport.

    Think about the 3-4 weeks after Terry was stripped of his captaincy. Every supporter of every squad Chelsea played against boo’d him every time the ball was at his feet. Do you really believe those supporters won’t be cheering him on in SA? It’s part of the game, deal with it.


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