World Cup 2010

USA vs. Algeria: A Look Ahead (& Who should start for USA)

USAvsSlovenia (JoeTothISI)

Photo by Joe Toth/ISIphotos.com

Win and they are in.

It's really that simple for the U.S. men's national team as it faces Algeria on Wednesday in its final World Cup group match.

A draw could conceivably help the Americans qualify for the second round (if England loses or ties while not closing in on the two-goal edge the United States currently holds in goals scored), but all the Americans are thinking about going into the Algeria match is victory.

There is definitely a confidence in the USA camp heading into the match, no doubt sparked by the impressive rally to tie Slovenia. It is that attacking quality the Americans showed against Slovenia, coupled with Algeria's own desperate need to win, that has me believing the United States must attack from the start.

With that in mind, it's time to consider what starting lineup Bob Bradley will turn to in a match the Americans need to win. Here is the starting lineup I see taking the field at Loftus Versfeld Stadium on Wednesday.

USA Projected lineup vs. Algeria






The other variation I could see used today is:






Ricardo Clark is also a real possibility to start ahead of Maurice Edu, but I think Edu gets the nod.

What lineup would you like to see against the Algeria? Like the USA's chances of winning on Wednesday?

Share your thoughts below.

  • STL Norco

    If experience is all we need then might as well bring Harry Keough back instead of DMB. I did not see one legit comment for him to play tomorrow other than what he did before he was in his current form. Maybe one of the most overrated US players of all time. Although Reyna probably ahead of him. Either way no idea why he deserves to start and would surprise me. But if he comes on and contributes I will be #1 fan. Whoever is ont he field needs to just show up.


  • STL Norco

    Dwitty what are these guys thinking? Good fans tell it like it is and do not bow down to legacy guys that have not proved anything on the international level (if anywhere) for years or ever. I think Bruce Murray has the experience to contribute tomorrow. If he is not available maybe Joe Max Moore. How about Clint Mathis? Maybe Ricky Davis.


  • Paul Thomas

    The guy who got red-carded against Slovenia didn’t start that game. He came on as a sub 59 minutes in and got two yellows in 14 minutes, the second on a truly epic piece of stupidity (blatant handball in the OTHER TEAM’s penalty area).


  • vuvuzela horn

    I like the first option. Lets see what Buddle can do… around the 60th min if US does not have the lead put in feilhaber and gomez. Im not completely sold on Edu replacing clark. As stated above Clark does cover a lot of ground and besides the lost goal by edu he looked jittery at times.


  • Louis Z.

    I would rather see a formation that actually plays to our strength a 4-5-1 here is my lineup.


    dolo, DeMerit, Goodson, Boca

    Clark, Edu

    Donovan, MB, Dempsey



  • Mark Smith

    Hey give other teams a chance, they are also very good!

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  • tommy

    The confidence that the American team has always been there every time there is a FIFA World Cup being held. It is like they always know that they are going to win that event.

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  • Commando Lando

    Dude, you are prescient. Not many people would have called the Gooch non-start. Also, Beas got in, albeit late.

    I will follow your comments from now on.


  • Discount Louis Vuitton

    Altidore / Buddle would definitely be a handful for the Algerian defense. I like that combo to start, with the option of bringing a fresh Gomez to poach goals against tired defenders. I think Bradley likes having the option of moving Dempsey up top during the game if he sees the need. It gives him more to work with tactically. So what I’m really trying to say is that I hope to see option one start tomorrow.


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