MLS- Vancouver Whitecaps

Vancouver Whitecaps unveil new logo

Vancouver Whitecaps logo  

The Vancouver Whitecaps unveiled the logo they will enter MLS with in 2011 and here it is.

Fellow expansion club Portland Timbers are set to unveil their new logo on Saturday as part of the halftime festivities during a public viewing party of England-United States in downtown Portland.

What do you think of the logo? Like it? Starting to feel the excitement of the looming northwest rivalries that are coming to MLS?

Share your thoughts below.

  • Mason

    No, that would be too obvious. Don’t get me wrong – It’s a striking design and works well with the name. It just reminds me of Sugarloaf’s current logo, and tons of other equipment, ski team, and mountain logo designs from the past.


  • RK

    A few of those clubs that you mentioned sport their organization’s crest, not specific to their sport.


  • Michael Vann

    Chelsea has not one but two balls in the crest. Albeit they aren’t a dominate focal point.


  • Mason

    Except that I just did. Like I said, I’ve seen ski teams with very similar looking logos.

    A whitecap is a water thing anyway. Why do those look like mountains?


  • JeffM

    I like that this isn’t crest-shaped. If you’re founding a team in 1904, then sure: crest, lion, sword, etc. But in 2010, sometimes trying for a “classic” look can be a kind of lame attempt to create the illusion of history where there is none. Better to do something original.


  • g-dub

    I’m not a Timbers fan, but hope for their sake that they don’t change the logo much. It’s one of the best as is.

    Vancouver is going to be a great town to travel to. Was there for the Olympics. Great scene for hanging out in Yaletown, and super easy to take transit and walk.


  • Brian

    What does the 70’s to 80’s logo look like?

    These are the only older ones I’ve found


  • Neruda

    I think you mean to say that it reminded you of a ski resort or company logo not that you actually thought it was a ski logo. The thinking is to go with the looming mountain tops around Vancouver BC as the “whitecaps.” I understand that whitecaps can be both the waves and the mountains but why would you not represent whitecaps as the majestic rocky mnt peaks?


  • Second City

    I find it quite clever, to be honest.

    Additionally, I would rate most of the new crests/logos of newer franchises in MLS significantly higher than the first wave of the original clubs within MLS.

    Definitely more thought and meaning going into them and it’s apparent.


  • Second City

    Chivas is at the top of my list, followed closely by the Wizards.

    As for the Fire, well, yes I can see how it’s a bit tacky. However, I think the logo is quite catchy and most felt the great fire of Chicago was a “rebirth” and sign of “perseverance” on behalf of the city.

    Hence the nickname for Chicago: ” Second city “, since it was widely rebuilt.

    (not that you asked for that background)


  • Kevin_Amold


    My point is the same. You don’t NEED one. I’d say over half of the premier league’s logos don’t have one.


  • Second City

    Nope, you’re one of many that loves it.

    The only consistent argument I’ve read so far against it, is that it “lacks a soccer ball”, which I find incredibly lame & extremely unimaginative.


  • Chris

    I like it. It’s symmetrical and not “cartoony”. You have the mountains and the sea aspect as well as the “V” and “W” in there. Good choice.


  • globetrot

    Here’s the first two thoughts I had when I first had…


    2)Werder Bremen… ok, so that might be a bit of a stretch but still…

    It’s not too overwhelming which can be a good thing… I kind of like it.


  • john.q

    it’s not the later. yes i am a graphic designer. i work primarily with branding and packaging design. im positive a few of my friends and myself can bang out many options better than this.
    steve nash if you’re reading this hook me up!


  • john.q

    its horrible.
    the typography is the worst part. if you isolated the VW and knew nothing of the vancouver whitecaps would you read it as a VW? besides that its boring. monoweight, poorly spaced, lacks dimension, and the negative spaces look unconsidered.
    the “vancouver whitecaps fc” type itself is very generic. its the font “gotham bold” typed out. very creative. must have spent hours on it!

    im not saying that it needs a soccer ball, a crest shape, a landmark, or some kind of animal. the idea is good. not profound but good. it just needed the designers to look at it and say “how can we make it better?” it can be a lot better.


  • green


    To me, nothing about it says football, except for FC of course. That’s fine for Joe football, but for someone who doesn’t follow the game closely, they might not have the slightest clue what this represents. A logo has to get across what it represents, that’s the point. I think this falls a little short on doing that.

    Typography is really bland and monotonous as well.

    My critique anyway.


  • T.

    I love the Chicago badge. I just hate the name. It reaks of WNBA to me. Along with I don’t get naming yourself after a tragedy? The crest should stay and that would be enough of an homage to the rebuilding of the city. But the name should change. Your mention of Second City gives an idea. Chicago SC (Second City)


  • T.

    Yeah they totolly cut out the waves, which got rid of half of the reason for the name!


  • Enzo

    Yes I am excited about the team getting in the mls and also their new logo.


  • joseph

    It’s just more “Euro” wanna be crap. Vancouver FC. “Football Club”. No one in the US or Canada where the MLS exists, plays “football” we play SOCCER!

    FC is so much Euro snobbery it makes me want to vomit. FC Dallas, Toronto FC it’s all Euro Bullshit, it will keep Soccer in America a lower tier sport forever. Americans want their own version of the game, not a Euro replica!


  • Brit

    I would contest that replicating Europe has yielded much more success than trying to Americanize the game. Energized crowds in Toronto, the Northwest, and Philly all resemble the more European approach to fan-dome whereas efforts to attract soccer moms and more traditional passive and commercial American sports fans in Florida, Dallas, and KC have fallen flat.

    Of course I accept that Florida has problems with many sports, Dallas’ stadium is in east Egypt, and that KC has yet to play in their new stadium. But I don’t think anyone who knows enough to read Ives expects any of those markets to rival Seattle or Toronto if given better, even ideal, circumstances.

    The much maligned brands (on this thread at least) of the Revolution, SJ and co. represent the initial attempt by MLS to Americanize the game; they even tried to eliminate draws. Toronto, Seattle, Portland, and next Montreal all represent the league’s revelation they attract more young 20-somethings by keeping true to the sport’s Euro roots.


  • Euro Snob

    So you want our own version of the game… So, what you are saying is you want over-time until someone wins, which means it goes to pk’s, which means it’s a timed 1 v 1 race towards goal from half field. Yeah, America tried it’s own version of soccer and we were the laughing stock of the world. What American wants their own version of the game?! American’s want what the rest of the world has; Good football, futbol, calcio, voetball, soccer. Stop crying about the FC thing, just enjoy the game.. Oh, and PS Toronto is in Canada.


  • Ski Fast!

    Stinks that Portland will be changing their logo. Their current crest would put it near the top of the league, in my opinion.


  • Abumax

    If by rebranding you mean doing away with the Earthquakes name, then that would be a mistake. Too much history there.


  • Ian

    great crest, is it just me or do Vancouver and Seattle seem to be the only cities that have pride in their colors? (Vancouver with blue and white, Seattle green, blue and white (and sometimes yellow, RIP sonics))

    I’m sure I’m ignoring other cities, any other good ones?


  • mike

    Can’t say I love it but it’s fine. Compared to Philly’s logo/crest (which is absolutely beautiful and already one of the best in US sports) it’s pretty bland but it doesn’t do much to offend. I agree with the point that it’s best than most of the original MLS crests (though I like United’s and as corny as it is I do admit a fondness for the Crew’s as well).


  • Tony

    pittsburgh for sure with yellow and black (pirates, steelers, kinda penguins) and part of NY with blue and orange (islanders, knicks)


  • joseph

    No dipwad I don’t want overtime or any of the nonsense that you invented. I don’t want my own version of the “GAME” What I want is for American fans of Soccer to stop trying to be European.

    We don’t Play Football in America, we play SOCCER. And BTW idiot, Canada is in America, so is Mexico, Chile and Brazil. Look at a map sometime, America is not a country it is a continent. two in fact.


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