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Adu trialing with Swiss club Sion

Freddy Adu 4 (Reuters)  

If Freddy Adu is to find consistent playing time in Europe next season, it likely won't be with Aris Salonika.

While Aris departed for a Europa League qualifier on Tuesday, Adu was busy trialing for Swiss club FC Sion. The club, which finished seventh in the 10-team Swiss League last season, is looking to land Adu on loan for the entire upcoming season.

Having been deemed surplus to requirements by Aris manager Hector Cuper earlier this summer, Adu would join his fifth European club since moving across the pond in 2007 should he sign with Sion. 

The American international scored once last season in five league appearances for Aris. 

What do you think of Adu possibly joining FC Sion? Worried that he is being loaned out again? How would you rate his time with Aris?

Share your thoughts below.

  • papa bear

    Adu needs an ego reset. Everything negative I’ve heard about him in reports is that he is all about the glamor and not about the game. He needs to realize that with no game comes no lasting glamor.

    This is literally his last shot to make good in Europe. There really is not much lower than this save maybe the Eastern European leagues in Bulgaria etc where he will get MURDERED because they are as physical as it gets.

    He needs to tell himself: “If I don’t play well here, I won’t even play in a World Cup. I have to work 5 times harder than I have ever worked every day to even earn consideration for the bench on the USMNT at the World Cup in 2014” and maybe he’ll right the ship.

    He has the skills he just doesn’t have the heart or mindset yet.


  • paul lorinczi

    Don’t agree with you at all.

    Most players do not reach their full potential, until they are in their mid-20s. He is young is a valid statement. The soccer IQ piece is what he needs to develop. He has 2 years left to reach the potential. If at 25, he has not improved, we can call him a veteran in decline.

    One thing is for sure, Peter Nowak was right about him when he was at DC. He was doing the right things for him too. Teenagers can’t see the opportunity when everyone is calling him the next Pele.

    I am not giving up on him yet, but his time is running out. Maybe he needs to spend more time watching game tapes rather than movies.


  • Wm.

    Plus, Freddy used to say to the media, complaining about how he wasn’t put in often enough at DC United, “I can’t help the team if I’m not on the field.”

    Turns out he can’t help the team even if he IS on the field.


  • John

    Benfica doesn’t have a reserve team. They have a youth system that stops at the U19 team. After that, they make you a professional or let you go. Freddy has some skills, but he’s also got some significant holes. European soccer coaches are always a few bad games away from getting fired, and nobody wants to go to battle with Adu. If he was Portuguese, he’s be loaned out to a second division team right now, considering his age and deficiencies. His problem is that he always gets loaned to a side that can’t afford to play him. He’s got talent, but he’s a second division player at the moment. That’s OK for a 21 year old kid. Benfica may be loaning him to higher level teams that can afford to pay some of his salary, but he’s just not good enough yet to get PT for clubs of that dimension. He’s kind of trapped.


  • Uomo

    Was very young first time around…Could help an MLS club with his experience.

    Freddy, Come BacK!


  • sucram89

    Freddy it’s time you come back to the MLS. Take the pay cut and come. Atleast there will be a better chance of getting consistent playing time.


  • sucram89

    I think he could come back to the MLS and make $300,000 easily. It’s not millions but that’s still a lot for a 21 yr old. I think he should come back to the MLS and play for a team like Houston or Dallas. Or maybe even wait for Portland and Vancouver to enter the leauge and get drafted to one of them.


  • KevDC

    He won’t get $300K in MLS now, based on his showing in Europe. I could see sometime tossing him $125K on a one year deal.


  • KevDC

    I don’t love watching anyone fail…especially someone so young.

    The fact that you do speaks volume about you.


  • KevDC

    $300K “easily”? There are not 20 players making that much in MLS (sad but true, but that’s a different conversation).

    Do you think Freddy would “easily” be one of the 20 best in MLS?

    I don’t.


  • Matt

    At this rate he’ll be playing for RSL trying to get his career back on track by next season har har har.


  • James Nanakornpanom

    ADU should have went to Manchester when tehy wanted him when he ws 14 like most of the stars do, they grow up in the big clubs but no he didnt so he wasted his time inUSA and now is nothing going around to joke clubs around europe.


  • Bedoya

    “Most players do not reach their full potential, until they are in their mid-20s. He is young is a valid statement. The soccer IQ piece is what he needs to develop. He has 2 years left to reach the potential. If at 25, he has not improved, we can call him a veteran in decline.”

    I’ll assume you are an American and if we were talking about things in an American sporting context you’d be accurate. But we’re not. We’re evaluating Adu in a European context.

    C, Ronaldo is 25, Messi is 23. There are actually a fair number of people in Europe who think both those guys have already peaked.

    And you are assuming Adu has time to get better. Well in order to do that he has to play more and what I’m saying is a European coach will probably have less problematical, cheaper, younger alternatives to Adu.

    It may not seem like it but the soccer world is a small place and the word is out on this kid. And Adu won’t drop his price, so he is in a bad spot. Overpaid and underproductive.

    With an attitude.

    If you want to bet on him go ahead, I wouldn’t.


  • Kaiser

    He took a chance on that tub of lard Landin. Think Dom would welcome the chance and the challenge…and I think he could turn Adu’s career around.


  • W. Buffett

    If it was you or me we were talking about, then okay, 300K would be fine.

    But we’re talking about taking a guy who clearly has champagne taste and putting him on a beer budget.


  • thedude

    Except it actually makes sense b/c it happens in sports all the time… players from third world countries fudge their birth certificates to make themselves look like hot prospects…

    See Danny Almonte, Miguel Tejada, Santiago Casilla, Esmailyn Gonzalez…

    “One of the unexpected consequences of the increased diligence of national security agencies in the wake of the 9/11 attacks was the large number of baseball players whose visa documents were found to be fraudulent. Latin American players, it turned out, had been falsifying their ages, claiming that they were younger than was actually the case. More than 300 major and minor league players were fingered as frauds.”


  • seanie blue

    Why is this a surprise to anyone? It’s not even news. 7th in the Swiss League — all you guys who were writing two years ago that he should be starting for Monaco, there is only this to say: HA HA HA HA HAHAHAHAHAHA HA HA HA HA HA !!!!! He’ll be plagying in front of less people than the University of Maryland does. End of the road. Adieu!


  • seanie blue

    Well said. The only players who gave up the ball on turnovers more than Adu on the USMNT two years ago were Onyewu and Feilhaber. He will never be a crucial player on a good team and his skills are the same as any ordinary player in a high professional league. He has never been anything special, except young. I wonder what he thinks as he sits on a bus and travels two hours to a little alpine town to play in front of one thousand people? Where does he think it all went wrong? I’d love to make a movie about him with his headphones on, tweeting, thinking, looking out the train window at the snow. Beats showing up at an office for a job. But soon he will be making less than $50K, and in five years, nothing. Does he think about that future?


  • seanie blue

    Adu is not a creative midfielder. He is an andrenaline junkie who cannot make the fundamental decision in hot moments. He gives away the ball. He relies on speed and deception to make his moves, rather than intelligence and instinct. Why do you think he is “creative”? Because this is how the media described him when they wanted to sell you a story? Give me a break. He will play podunk villages in Switzerland because he is not creative ENOUGH.


  • seanie blue

    Dude. You’re dreaming. Maybe $80K, tops. Closer to $45K. He has to prove himself before he ever gets better than apprentice wages again, in MLS or anywhere else.


  • Cali in Adam

    “The league is constantly improving, and is a much better league than when he left a few years ago. ”

    It’s one thing to take in a has been from abroad with the resume of a Beckham, Henry, Schellotto Angel, Castillo, Blanco, Lundberg,,etc, etc.

    It’s another thing to take in a never-was or better yet a has-been Under-20 star like Adu.


  • Nova99

    This is my opinion: the absolute worst move he can make right now is to come back to MLS. There are too many off the field distractions because he is still Freddy Adu and will be the talk of the town wherever he ends up. Pressure and expectation will balloon more than at Aris or Sion or wherever he ends up in Europe. Adu will also likely to demand a high salary, which limits the teams that can afford him, teams usually sign a DP to help the other guys on the squad get better not the other way around.

    I think he is better off finding out first what his absolute weakness is from the various coaches and then really spend time to work on it. If the rumors are true and the european coaches feel he has limited tactical sense then he can take time to adjust that area of his game. Tactical limitations are a hell of a lot easier to improve on than technical limitations. If he sits for a year but puts his head down and learn the game he is better off then simply running around on the field for some mls team whose coach cannot sit him because he is a DP and he is Freddy Adu….


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