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Chivas USA wins Sal Zizzo lottery

Sal Zizzo (ISIphotos.com)

Photo by ISIphotos.com

Chivas USA hasn't had much go its way this MLS season. The Rojiblancos watched star midfielder head to Anderlecht this summer, and Jonathan Bornstein has made plans to depart after the season. All during a forgettable season that will see the Goats miss the playoffs.

Chivas USA finally saw some luck go its way today after winning the lottery to acquire former U.S. youth national team midfielder Sal Zizzo. The former Hannover 96 winger has signed with MLS and was allocated via lottery to Chivas USA, which beat out the likes of D.C. United, Kansas City and the New York Red Bulls for his services.

It remains unclear whether the team will keep Zizzo, a UCLA product and San Diego native, or trade him. He could slide in as a natural replacement for Sacha Kljestan, but he's also the target of interest from a handful of MLS teams, including the New York Red Bulls.

At least early on it sounds like Chivas USA plans on keeping the 23-year old midfielder.

“Zizzo is a player that our coaching staff knows well, and we’re very happy to have him join the club,” Chivas USA Head Coach Martín Vásquez said in a team press release. “He’s a young, exciting attacking player with both international experience and a great deal of potential, and we look forward to seeing him in action.”

What do you think about Chivas USA landing Zizzo? Think the Goats should keep him, or should they deal him for a package?

Share your thoughts below.

  • Dinho

    I bet he’s not that upset to be back near home. Big fish in a small pond…


  • wilyboy

    Seeing as all the worst teams are in the Eastern conference, and the lottery favored those teams, I find this hard to believe. Looks like a fix. Chivas looks to be the worst team that resides in California, which is where Sal wants to be. Thanks, MLS, you could just tell us that we’re being screwed.


  • ELAC

    What a bunch of whiners.

    Welcome Sal!


    Now, if we can keep him. That’s anpther story.


  • bill bucky

    And yet who gives the golden boys from LA the hardest time? Bad east coast teams.


  • wilyboy

    That it should actually be a lottery, not a “and what does this player want for christmas?”

    I would be all in favor of teams bidding for these players directly, but we’re not allowed to. What we have here is double stupidity.


  • Clayton

    Any team but Chivas ‘USA’ – not my pick for him

    Hope somebody trades for him. Good luck, Sal – great player


  • jessie

    Good for Chivas USA. I hope he’s fully recovered from injury, does well, and gets plenty of playing time.


  • Edwin

    If I’m not mistaken the 2 teams who had the 2 chances that were higher than Chivas USA dropped out of the lottery, then 3 more teams dropped off as well.

    It is based on the teams record the last 30 regular season games. Some teams may feel like bigger prospects might be coming back to MLS like DaMarcus Beasley or Freddy Adu for that matter?


  • Eric

    I don’t think Freddy Adu or Beasley would fall under a lottery system. Since they both have full national team caps, even though Zizzo did as well, they would probably go through the allocation system like McBride and Berhalter.


  • oh really

    Oh really a lottery. san diego hometown for a 17 year old gets taken “by luck” by a team that is in the same state”!


  • ben

    Maybe this will make up for “star midfielder _____” Good ole what’s-his-name. (I do hope Sacha does well in Europe, and gets back on form.)


  • DC Josh

    He’s close to home on a team that he could easily put on his shoulders and become their star… in LA. I don’t see him leaving unless the club wants to dump him for some draft picks.


  • Der_Amerikanische_Kaiser

    He’ll be injured again before you know it.

    Ives – How is his heart condition holding up? A loan from Hannover to Dusseldorf last season was held up by that incident.


  • Matt C in Tampa

    Isn’t Zizzo a Robbie Rogers-esk? Flashes of skill and guile…but just flashes. Both still young, and let’s hope we see more than just flashes.


  • JM

    Isn’t the MLS lottery system amazing? Just days after Bornstein, a fullback, announces he’s leaving the league, Chivas win Zizzo, a fullback, in the lottery.


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