Henry likely to debut against Tottenham, Red Bulls close to adding third DP

Henry likely to debut against Tottenham, Red Bulls close to adding third DP

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Henry likely to debut against Tottenham, Red Bulls close to adding third DP

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French star Thierry Henry is set to be introduced by the Red Bulls at Red Bull Arena on Thursday July 15th at 1:15pm, and while the club still isn't naming him due to unsigned contracts, Henry's first match should be against Tottenham on Thursday, July 22nd.

Red Bulls general manager Erik Soler would still not refer to Henry by name when he spoke to the media before Saturday's Red Bulls-D.C. United match because the contract has not been officially signed. Soler told the media that "most of it" has been signed but "not all of it".

Soler revealed that the Tottenham match could be Henry's debut. He was also adamant that Henry would not play in the MLS match two days later against the Crew in Columbus.

"We want the player to be able to fit in and have some training sessions. We don't want to throw him out in an away game against Columbus totally unprepared. That would be unfair to him and unfair to the team. And I think it's better to wait and get him into the squad."

However, the real news came with Soler telling the media a 3rd DP could join the team soon after Henry.

"There's one player coming first, but I said before the World Cup that I think it's going to be two."

The negotiations are going along well with this mysterious 3rd DP. 

"I think it's more than a 50-50 chance. We have gone far into the negotiations. We are more or less ready to sign."

There isn't a ton known about the identity of this additional DP. But, he is a midfielder and Soler said he can "play various positions." Soler also added that the player is still in a contract with his current team. Therefore he will have to negotiate out of his current deal to play with the Red Bulls, just as Henry did about a month ago.

This midfielder could join Henry very soon after the former Arsenal star is introduced in New York. The Red Bulls are hoping this third DP could even make his NYRB debut agains Tottenham.

"We hope the first one will play against Tottenham, I'm quite sure of that," Soler said. "The second one I wouldn't rule it out but I'm not for sure yet."

Soler had "no comments" on various other inquiries on the identity of this midfielder from whether he has played with Henry before or if he has ever played under Hans Backe.


What do you think of the Henry debuting against Tottenham? Who could this midfielder be? Think that's the position NYRB needed to fill? Shocked at how quickly the 3rd DP would join the team?

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