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Report: Donovan weighing European offers


Will he stay or will he go? That question is following Landon Donovan around wherever he goes.

Donovan, who signed a new contract with MLS last year, told Reuters at Wednesday night's All-Star game that he is considering offers from overseas. The 28-year-old has attracted interest during what has arguably been the most successful year of his professional career. Rumors have linked Donovan from a range of clubs from England to Italy.

Whether or not MLS will receive the right offer remains the biggest obstacle, as a bid will be required in order for Donovan to go anywhere. And it would have to meet both the Galaxy and MLS' ideal range.

What do you think? Will Donovan leave? Should he stay in MLS? Where do you want to see him go?

Share your thoughts below.

  • K-Town

    COYB! Pony up some money and bring him back. Gotta say that Villa wouldn’t be too bad either. I could see him there. If not EPL, then La Liga. But for the love of all things sacred, DO NOT GO BACK TO THE BUNDESLIGA! I love the Bundesliga, but LD, it just hasn’t worked out for you there.


  • Alex G

    God I wish he goes somewhere else, MLS is not up to his standards, anywhere but MLS, I am so dissapointed in yesterdays result.


  • Nicole

    You could always not read it…or better yet, skip the part where you chime in.


  • Mingjai

    I only want him reproducing like mad if it’s with someone with soccer in their genes. I wonder if Landon’s future club-mates have sisters they could introduce to him…


  • adam

    Call me skeptical but I don’t believe any team will pay the silly money LA and MLS are looking for and Donovan will be an MLSer for life.

    I hope otherwise and would love to see him go to Everton but they surely won’t pay the kind of money MLS are asking.


  • Mingjai

    Although, it should be noted that when it was all on the line, Donovan scored more against Slovenia in 90 minutes than Arshavin did in 180.


  • Brett

    It doesn’t matter what he is considering. The league and his club own his rights. They are the ones weighing offers, not Donovan.


  • Raymon

    Anyone know what the rumored Serie A (I hope it’s Serie A) Italy clubs are that are interested?


  • kfly

    I’ve actually heard there’s interest in an Estonian team; they have a sweet flag so I wouldn’t mind seeing him go there. I’ve also heard Armenia, but I don’t think that’s likely. It’d be cool, though- I’m of Armenian descent.


  • Villain-from-Texas

    Donovan couldn’t replace Milner. They’re different players. Milner excelled for as a central midfielder; Donovan wouldn’t play there.

    That said, I would love to have Donovan on Villa. He would be an improvement over Downing. A wing tandem of Young and Donovan would be fantastic.


  • A Guest

    He has considerable personal means by now. He likes an offer, he can kick in some of his own dough for the buyout. So you’re about 2/3 correct.


  • Other Paul

    You have tarnished the good name of all the Pauls from around the world. Nice work.


  • Nicole

    Word has it that some of his Galaxy teammates are saying this Sunday’s game vs. Chicago could be his last home game.


  • BetaMale

    He’s not going anywhere, at least no where permanently. I bet he’ll go to Everton on loan and return to the MLS like he did last season.

    That’s the best scenario. MLS wins, Landon wins, Everton wins, Euro snob fans win.


  • Johnny B

    Are you sure about that or is she just a star effer so she could be on his arm at the espys?


  • war

    We could just give Ashley Cole free VIP cards to LA clubs. Any kids Ronaldo has he’ll keep.


  • Mike

    I really go both ways with this one.

    Before I was firmly in the “if you’re good enough to play in Europe, you must leave” camp. But now I’m not so sure.

    He’s 28 yrs old and is a big draw in the MLS. His name recognition might bring more value in ticket sales and other promotional material than the 10MM he can bring back in a transfer.

    If he was 25 yrs old it’s a no brainer, you must move on to bigger and better things.

    I also wonder why everyone just assumes he’s going to get a lot of playing time with Everton. Yes he did very well last year but at the time Everton was decimated with injuries and in search of something fresh.

    That is a damm good side when everyone is fit. Probably not enough to crack the top 4, but they are very, very solid. They were killed with injuries last year.


  • MattinMemphis

    Point taken. Milner does play a true center mid, whereas Lando seems just attacking when he’s in mid. He also can get lost there, and Milner’s read on the game in that spot is superb. I obviously like Donovan as a winger as well. He just seems natural there.

    As a casual Villa fan, him going over there would get me to commit fully to an EPL team. I’ve always loved Carew too. ESPN showed a decent amount of Villa games last season, and I really came to enjoy their style of play. The whole team seems to play with heart, and it made Milner’s request to leave have me shaking my head in confusion. Seems like he wants a guarantee in playing CL.

    Everton would do the trick as well, but I’ve given up the ghost on that hope considering Moyes has been an open book about it.


  • Gene

    I think he should go to Everton. I don’t know what competing $$ offers the league has for him, but from his football perspective, he seems to be the guy who strives best when he is in a comfortable environment. He did pretty decently at Everton, the fans and teammates liked him, and he would get playing time there.

    And MLS should attempt to get fair value for Donovan, but they should forget the ridiculous demands. Donovan is a very good player, but his value to MLS is higher than to Everton or to any other suitor. They need to recognize that, note the fact that Donovan had been a good company men for them for years, and make a good-faith attempt to accomodate his desire to go to Europe.


  • DC Josh

    Wish I could remember. It was one of the many articles I read online when they were in the World Cup camp. But I remember it saying him and Michael Bradley both can run sub-5 minutes miles because it blew my mind. It also said Sacha Kjlestian was one of the fittest players. They all ran in the same group together during the first week of camp.


  • Raymon

    Since we dont know what the Italy clubs are, this is a purely hypothetical question:

    Everton over any of Inter, ACM, or Juve?


  • Javi

    Tired of these stories…Slap in the face to LA and MLS…Bring on Ronaldinho!!!


  • mark from la

    Arshavin does not make his teammates better, and his form dropped towards the end of last season. Donovan is a true playmaker, who can hit amazing passes and crosses 97% as good as Beckham in his prime.

    Arshavin’s technical skills are better, yes, but the two players are closer in overall effectiveness than you think.


  • mark from la

    He should go to Europe if he can. There’s more money and better games. Period. He can always come back if it doesn’t work out. Who gives a s*** about how it impacts his Q rating or whatnot?

    What is the matter with you people who think otherwise?


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